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„Неужели это последний звук, – Наи опустилась на колени перед подругой и разразилась слезами, что вообще крайне трудно. Теперь по черному небу Рамы ползли еще желтое и зеленое кольца, пожалуйста.

– Нет, – сказал .


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The only other World Cup that featured multiple hosts was the event, in which South Korea and Japan shared the honors. The World Cup also will be the first time 48 teams will participate in the tournament. It is expected to be held in June and July of that year. So, the U. Soccer president Carlos Cordeiro, co-chair of the United Bid. Our vision is of a world of opportunity for our candidate host cities and for the global football community. Such criticism might provoke defensiveness, but such a reaction is exactly why it is important to have these conversations.

White women often loudly denounce racism, declaring their love for everyone regardless of race. To eliminate racial inequality, we must use our privilege to criticize and oppose facets of American life that engender and perpetuate racial inequality, such as capitalism, the growth of Fox News and the myth of American exceptionalism. White women must learn about the complex history behind American institutions, norms and political movements, then use that information to educate each other.

Taking a careful, nuanced view of where we came from and how we got here will give us a roadmap for how to get out. Holding each other accountable is the absolute least white women can do.

With all the social and political events that have occured in , it seems that we are constantly consuming some regular form of news. While many understand that internet sources are often inaccurate due to the limited regulation of content, people are unaware of the faulty nature of established news sources.

Although it may not be explicit to most viewers or readers, news sources almost always have a biased agenda that is swayed by the people funding the station.

However, very few news stations actually have this revenue model, which makes news biases more common than we may assume. So how can we, as college students, approach the biases that occur throughout different types of media sources? Although we cannot change the innate prejudices that a source contains, we can take action to discern the credibility of a source. One helpful way of doing this is by remembering the acronym CRAAP, which stands for currency, relevance, authority, accuracy and purpose.

The first step is to look at the currency of the article or news story. Recent articles are more reliable because older information is often proven wrong. Secondly, the relevance of the article should be taken into account.

Instead of just accepting the article at face value, it is necessary to see whether the article could be of use to you. Some articles might be visually appealing but ultimately provide no relevant content. The third step is authority, which forces you to evaluate the author and their knowledge.

Have they written other articles on this topic? Are they well-known within their field? For this step, you should do some further research on the author in order to understand their biases and perceptions. The fourth step is accuracy. The best and most valid sources are often verified by other sources, making articles that appear in only one web search a cause for concern. This is because content is more likely to be factual if several different news sources are reporting the same information.

Lastly, the purpose of the article should be questioned. Often, news sources add in emotional appeals to engage readers. However, this may misconstrue the information. If you experience a strong reaction to an article, such as sadness or intense happiness, then it is possible that the information is overly dramatized.

Checking your sources by utilizing CRAAP will automatically be useful in understanding their credibility. In addition to looking for flaws in the media, it is also important to recognize trustworthy qualities within a news source. One of the clearest signs that a news source has fair and accurate coverage is when it is transparent to consum-. For example, the news source should clearly indicate where and how it obtains its verified information; a news source that does not disclose this information should be questioned further.

It is also important to examine the expertise of the news reporters. While education level is certainly not all that should be considered, good news sources often hire reporters and writers who have an education in ethical journalism. You can find the education and credentials of reliable journalists through an internet search. Some news companies train new hires themselves, which can lead employees to develop biased techniques and standpoints. Similar to how the news contains prejudices, it is important to recognize our own biases while consuming media.

Confirmation bias is the tendency for us to seek out information that confirms our preconceived notions, while also rejecting information that challenges our beliefs.

In many ways, confirmation bias allows us to feel secure and confident in our way of thinking. While one might assume that higher education levels lead to less confirmation bias, a study by Klein and Buturovic in Econ Journal Watch and reported in the Atlantic found that college students and professors are still victims of confirmation bias and groupthink.

The article argues that the best way to overcome preconceived notions is by seeking out discourse and sources that challenge your natural beliefs. Many news sources tend to in-. The best way to evaluate your own biases is to challenge the narrative of the news and media you are consuming. Through the pursuit of discourse and repeatedly encouraging yourself to strip the.

Although the process of discovering reputable and reliable news sources will never be perfect, actively educating ourselves to be aware consumers can help combat news biases and inaccuracies. It is important to approach every potential source with a skeptical mind and a motivated attitude that allow us to dig deeper into the information.

Now more than ever, we must evaluate the credibility of our sources in order to hear the real and full story. It is important to recognize biases in the sources we consume news from and to question the narratives they present. Trigger warning: violence against trans people, trans murder The year has been the deadliest one on record for transgender people in the United States.

We have already lost 44 trans siblings and most mainstream news outlets have not covered this epidemic. Yuni Carey was stabbed 36 times on Nov.

She was well known for being an active member of her community as an entertainer. She was found unresponsive in Miami, Florida, and the suspect has not yet been identified. During Trans Awareness Week, and all weeks in the future, it is imperative that we center the trans community so that their needs can be heard and represented. Understanding the intersection of race, class and gender when talking about these issues is important, as Black trans women constitute the majority of people who are victims of transphobic violence.

They are victims of violence from cisgendered people, heterosexual people and even queer people. According to a study conducted by the Inter-American Commission of Human Rights, Black trans women in the United States have a life expectancy of 35 years. It is news like this that em-. It is simply not enough to be saddened by these statistics — we must push ourselves as a community to do better.

Doing better means holding ourselves accountable, it means making mistakes and it means taking action moving forward. These women carry on the legacy of the Stonewall riots and have protested for 23 weeks straight for Black liberation. Rivera is just 19 years old and started this movement on June Through going to Stonewall protests, I learned that Rivera and many other Black trans women. Do we know about their lives?

Angel Haynes was a beautiful Black woman who was fatally shot in the head in Memphis, Tennessee, on Oct She worked as a cosmetologist and was a friend and loved one to many. Brooklyn Deshuna was a year-old Black trans woman who was killed in Shreveport, Louisiana, on Oct 7. She was a student at Bossier Parish Community College studying to become a.

We must acknowledge the lives that have been lost in Puerto Rico, a United States territory that seems to gain little-to-no coverage in the U. Six of the trans people who died in were from Puerto Rico, and many were trans people of color. How can we, as a community, do better? We can listen to and not assume the needs of others.

We can get educated, and we can educate our friends and families. Especially for cisgendered people, now is the time to educate yourself so that even after this week has ended, the work that needs to be done can continue. Start looking up the names of these beautiful lives that have been taken due to transphobic violence.

Learn their stories and. Qween Jean, activist and co-organizer of the Stonewall protests, speaks at one of the events. These protests are led by a group of Black trans women and focus on Black liberation. When we see a trans person in a situation in which they are in danger, we must stand up for them. We must fight back for them. It is our duty as a community to make sure that our trans family members get to their places of living at the end of the night.

That their needs are met. That they get to indulge in some of the luxuries that many of us take for granted, like going out to a nice dinner. For many trans people, their place of living is not a home, nor is it safe or comforting. Many trans folks go back to their spaces of living and are met with the same transphobic violence that they experience on the streets. That is why it is so important for us to be donating to organizations that house trans folks. Organizations like For the Gworls are actively helping pay the rent and medical bills of Black trans people.

S , recently purchased a housing complex for the trans community in Queens. Donating to these two organizations alone will help trans people live their truth in comfort.

Everything that I mentioned above is a product of the hard work of Black trans organizers, especially the ones at the Stonewall protests.

Listening to them has equipped me to stand in solidarity with my Black trans family. Understanding our own identities and how they give us privilege or hinder us is the key component to educating ourselves. On Tuesday, Nov. Every single year, the nominations seem to get worse and worse as the Academy continues to fail to fully reflect popular or high-quality songs. The rules of eligibility for a nomination seem to change on a whim so that the Academy can insert whomever it wants in whatever category it wants.

The ceremony will be on Jan. Unlike the film industry, which was hit very hard by the pandemic, the music industry has not been affected nearly as much. Many artists seemed to actually flourish with their additional free time to write and record music.

This category is usually dominated by whatever was commercially popular, so I am less upset with this category than others. The song is funky, infectious and easy to dance to.

My criticism of the nomination has nothing to do with the quality of the song but rather with the fact that it was released in April of The Grammy eligibility period is between Sept.

His album was creative and imaginative and Collier has more musical talent in his pinky finger than most of the other nominees. This is not meant to be an insult to the other nominees, but rather a testament to the incredibly gifted, multi-instrument musician that Collier is.

The Weeknd was ignored not only in this category but also frankly in the entire competition. The Weeknd should probably have the most nominations of any artist, and, instead, was left with none. You owe me, my fans and the industry transparency. I have always been bothered by this category because the only eligibility requirement for this category is that the nominee has never received a nomination before.

People were excited to point out that all of the nominations are women for the first time ever, but none of the nominations are rock songs! If I could add any nominee to the list, I would suggest Flo Milli. All the nominees are incredibly strong, and I would not be upset with any of them winning. Also, the. I think this is just a reflection of the fact that rock, at least how we know it, is dying. This became painfully obvious to me when the top three rock songs of the decade were by Imagine Dragons.

I think we need to step back and question what the genre of rock really is. If every rock performance nominee is going to be from an alternative album, should there even be a category for Best Alternative Album? Three rappers from three generations of British hip-hop came together to create the best trap album of the year. Unfortunately, nine out of 10 music videos are meaningless, thrown-together productions that the labels use to get more money out of songs.

However, a good music video can enhance a song instead of diluting it. Though I am not at all familiar with the work of Woodkid or Yoann Lemoine, this video is incredible.

And second, how the hell did they actually film this? While snubs are inevitable, the fact that The Weeknd received absolutely zero nominations should be alarming to fans of the Grammys. If commercial and critical success is not enough to even get an artist nominated for a Grammy, that begs the question, what does it actually take? The Academy voting body is made up of music creators, including artists, engineers, producers and songwriters. This year, there were lip-syncs, instrumental performances, performances of original music and lots of dancing.

The History of Drag The act of drag has a long history, and though it has evolved from a simple theater term to a pop culture necessity, its purpose has always remained the same — to give people the chance to play around with gender and performance in a world that otherwise demands they stick to the rigid rules of the binary.

Filmed in the mids, the documentary is a time capsule of the culture that bloomed in that era. Now, in queer communities, the film is considered historic and provides an extensive background of queer and transgender history. Ballroom emerged as a place where the community could come together and support each other regardless of their race, class, gender or sexuality.

Drag emerged out of a want for luxury and access. People of all genders would act as though they were part of a glamorous lifestyle that was realistically out of reach. It is important to note that drag culture emerged out of the need for safe spaces for Black and brown queer and trans people. Not every category entailed playing around with gender: Some envisioned a world without the barriers of class and race. For Black gay men, for example, having access to an executive corporate space is not common.

By participating in a category like executive realness, where one would dress in corporate masculine attire, they could create a fantasy that felt real even if it was just for one night. The Fordham Drag Show, although virtual this year, lived up to its goal of creating an encouraging place for anyone to perform how they wish.

Elements of a Drag Show For the students at Fordham, the same magic art of inclusion occurs during the annual drag show. As Katz. For students, that could mean becoming their favorite artists or embodying a totally different persona. Rainbow Alliance hosted its third annual drag show on Nov. I remember stressing out about every detail of my performance James utilized the space that he had in his home to make the performance more interesting and interactive. Compared to being on a stage last year, he found more ways that he could get creative with his space.

I used to do it at parties and random events for fun, so doing it this year for the drag show was really special. Fantulin described the stark differences of performing drag online versus in person, emphasizing that access to materials became much harder while socially distanced.

They used what their McMahon room had to offer — a whisk and their roommate to film the performance. The drag community has found a way to foster a space where people can work through their differences through art. Babineaux seconded this with his belief in the healing powers of drag within the Fordham community. Being virtual has only allowed for the community to grow stronger while farther apart; the Zoom chat was full of words of encouragement from friends and family.

Rainbow Alliance has now created a community where alumni like Babineaux can come back and still maintain a close presence with club members and Fordham as a whole. Even though traditional balls are no longer taking place, the Fordham body and larger NYC area continue to find ways to express themselves freely.

The virtual setting encouraged him to get more creative with using the space around him. Since the university has moved fully online for the remainder of the semester following Thanksgiving break, students gathered on the plaza a. Fifty in-person attendees got to make snowflakes and treat themselves to cocoa and cookies. The tree lighting ceremony was also livestreamed on the USG Instagram account for virtual viewers. The two clubs collaborated to host the event and promoted it on social media in the days prior.

Hot chocolate was served and paper snowflake-making kits were handed out. Masks were required, and hula hoops were used to designate social distanced viewing spots on the plaza. As a color that symbolizes peace, tranquility and stability, the shifting currents of blue designs contrast the tumultuous tides of change outside the boiler room walls.

The twisting and pulsing designs of the exhibit encompass the entirety of the room and project over the visitors, uniting them under cool blue tones.

It first opened in September , and artists like Shohei Fujimoto and Refik Anadol have showcased their work there in the past year. It is part of the ongoing Submerge series that began in February Once the video is completed and guidelines have been explained, guests are welcomed into the two-story immersive exhibit. The current installation will be up until Jan. The ever-changing display moves around visitors, fully integrating them into the projected designs.

Music is synced with each sequence to build a unique story and experience. The street-level entrance usually opens into a balcony space containing a sitting area, mocktail bar, and mini exhibit explaining how the installation was developed and how it works in the space. Now, in light of COVID restrictions, the mocktail bar has been replaced by a dynamic, shifting version of the. In a truly timeless exhibit sans clocks , the exhibit encourages participants to embrace the feeling and color of the year: Classic Blue.

Down the stairs, every surface of the boiler room except the ceiling is fully integrated into the exhibit. Guests spread throughout the room, taking pictures and sitting on the floor and benches as. The exhibit creates a liminal space where the passage of time seems less obvious and relevant. This installation is a combination of brief visual sequences composed of different shapes and structures that are united by the use of Classic Blue and played in a looping cycle.

Each series has a set range and style of motion that is carried out by tides of vibrant lines, shapes or a combination of the two. They blend together so that the room is rarely bare, and the dizzying movements keep the cycle from feeling repetitive.

During the event, three panelists spoke about their experiences in fashion and shared valuable advice for people interested in the industry. At the event, Mangosing detailed her journey of rediscovering her connection with Filipino culture at the Emily Carr University of Art and Design in Vancouver.

This led her to start her own production company in Toronto, Canada, creating exclusively Filipino film and television content. She eventually left and founded a Filipino arts center before finally deciding to become a designer.

Being able to share Filipino culture is central to her work, as her goal is to expand the ideas that people have when they think of Filipino style. FLOW hosted a virtual fashion event on Nov. The second speaker, Rona Navales, is a Bay Area-based creative activist, teacher, journalist and fashion producer with a focus on ethical fashion and decolonial education.

She commented on the importance of events and stated that they are a great way for the Filipino community to connect through their love of fashion.

Navales explained that while fashion started off as a hobby for her, she soon realized that it kept organically coming back into her life when she needed it most. When she got the opportunity to produce a charity fashion show in the summer of , she reached out to her Instagram community. Within a month, she successfully put together a team of models and photographers for the show.

Navales believes she. The third panelist was Bibingka Mama, a Pinay drag queen, baker, songwriter and entertainer. After moving to New York, they were embraced by a community that made them feel comfortable experimenting with fashion. After being asked to perform a drag routine, they came up with the name Bibingka Mama — an ode to their favorite dessert, a Filipino rice cake dessert called bibingka — and performed in drag for the first time.

They began performing regularly and realized that many people did not know what Bibingka was. Attempting to educate people on their culture, they started baking Bibingka and other Filipino foods and selling it to the audience during their shows.

Mama stated that drag taught them that they could do the unthinkable. They now have bigger dreams to open their own restaurant: a drag brunch place in New York. Bibingka Mama recently moved back to Los Angeles from New York during the pandemic and has used the time inside to learn how to edit videos. They are hoping to come back after the pandemic with more skills than before. Mangosing also took time during the pandemic to reflect. She realized the importance of expanding her reach into the Filipino community to let more people know about the business.

She has spent this time working on her own personal healing by going to therapy and educating herself on various social justice issues.

When asked about the cultural challenges the panelists have faced, Mangosing talked about the pressure of having to speak for all Filipinos. The panelists offered some words of advice, speaking on their experiences and what they have learned from them. Navales talked about making vision boards and highlighted the importance of reaching out to people and building a community.

To close off the exciting event, Bibingka Mama played a fun video of their drag performance and Navales played a video of her fashion show from last year, showcasing a diverse group of people in beautiful outfits. One of the guests in attendance, Lea Salonganisa, a drag queen from LA whose name is also food-inspired, said that they are a huge fan of Bibingka Mama and was glad to attend a conference featuring an influential group of Filipinos in fashion.

Then, in July, something confusingly dark happened. After weeks of speculation, Megan published a statement on her Instagram account that confirmed that she was indeed shot. Despite all of the recent vitriol thrown her way as a result of some people not be-.

The beat and the diss track format reference The Notorious B. Her strong delivery reminds me of her many Twitter-viral freestyles over the years, often featuring her in her car, having fun while spitting clever and provocative lyrics over an accompanying beat. Some of the other collaborations end up being forgettable and add unnecessary weight to an album that Megan carries well on her own.

As an album end track. As it has been for everyone, has been a tumultuous year for Megan Thee Stallion. As successful project releases have happened, so have tragic events, the shooting situation being one that led to harassment and distasteful jokes being hurled at Megan as she recovered. With this album, Megan is able to let her feelings out — her happiness, her sadness and everything in between, and she does a fantastic job at it.

Jennifer has also grown her team to 4 employees in just 9 months. She has also grown her services beyond recruitment to include HR services based on the need she saw in the community. Nupur Khandelwal is a dynamic speaker, thought leader and an experienced Human Resources professional that consistently exceeds expectations. Nupur demonstrates exemplary leadership at the LCBO where she is the Manager of Learning and Talent Development and leads enterprise-wide learning as well as diversity and inclusion initiatives to enhance the employee experience.

Nupur is the co-founder of SheRocks! As an elected parent council executive with the Toronto District School Board, Nupur has spearheaded numerous educational initiatives for parents and teachers. Olivia is one incredible year-old female.

She is a member of the Banff Alpine Racers and was ranked 3rd in Slalom and 7th in Super-G for all females born across Canada in She takes training seriously for all disciplines and still finds time to mentor younger students as a Senpai assistant Karate coach. In the winter Oliva is up at am to train and when there is no snow, you will find her at the dojo 5 days a week.

Her sports demand strength and resilience, 2 key qualities for whichever profession she decides on. Never losing sight of the need to keep studying hard, she applied for and was accepted into the National Sport School starting September With this support, Olivia believes she can achieve goals to be the best she can be in sport and her chosen profession.

Though undecided she is considering pursuing either law, kinesiology, or engineering. Her exceptional leadership skills are well recognized at CMHC, where she quickly rose up the ranks and recently won the prestigious excellence award for being an extraordinary people leader one of two handed out corporate-wide.

Eartha is leading change and is a driving force behind CMHC’s aspiration to improve housing affordability for all Canadians. Sophia Wajdie has magnetic energy to continuously raise the bar and drive with accountability, upmost humility while inspiring peers and future leaders. She stretches herself to achieve beyond expectations, influences and executes new ideas – taking empowerment to a new level! Sophia extends infectious energy by expanding reach into DEI initiatives, such as Women in Technology, and offers the gift of time to help others.

She is passionate in engaging and developing future talent. Sophia has been featured as an emerging leader talent showcase, received numerous accolades and testaments displaying her excellence. Sophia has become a role model, seizes opportunities by building relationships and engagement while amplifying her own brand and one of the organization.

Sophia not only shines in her professional self but is also equally committed to community service. If you know Sophia, you will want to stay connected and she will push you to new heights! Nora Cassidy is a role model to youth and girls. Nora is an active volunteer with SheRocks! Demonstrating her passion to support girls in her community, Nora took the initiative to coordinate a research-based focus group session to uncover learning needs of girls and challenges that inhibit their confidence levels.

The session was attended by 14 students and provided valuable input in program development on building confidence. Furthermore, Nora spearheaded web design and development of SheRocks. Nora is also deeply involved in her high school. She has held leadership roles promoting healthy living, guiding sports activities and planning events and programs to help her larger community.

Bhanvi Sachdeva is a university student who has a deep interest in working with marginalized populations to contribute to building healthier, resilient, and more equitable communities worldwide. She was successful in hosting a global conference that invited artists and youth advocates to speak up on their experiences as well as engage other youth in participating in global change.

Born in Brazil, she overcame poverty and domestic violence to become a well known global health researcher. Trained at Johns Hopkins University, her interventions to decrease gender based violence were implemented in several low and middle income countries, reaching more than 10, persons so far, mostly female-identified persons.

In Brazil, her studies contributed to the Supreme Court decision to make homophobia and transphobia federal crimes similar to racism. For two decades, she has championed a similar transformation for our national tech industry as an advocate for elevating both the position of women in STEM industries and of Canadian innovation globally. Over the last 20 years, Jaime has demonstrated her ability to effectively lead and transform organizations at pivotal moments through roles at IBM, Bell, BlackBerry, National Bank of Canada, and Cogeco Peer 1, all culminating in her current role at Hut 8 Mining.

Christine Dagenais is an authentic and powerful leader who is the definition of inspiration. The most inspiring and influential people challenge us to aim higher, to seek different perspectives and demand the best of ourselves. This is Christine. As the Founder and CEO of Bright Wire Leadership, Christine leads and inspires through example with integrity, courage, and an unwavering passion to develop others.

Her tireless work ethic and commitment to excellence has attracted a team of dynamic experts equally committed to her vision and creating a new model for consultancy firms built on the strength of team, rather than individuals.

Fatima is a strategic, inspiring and visionary leader who is unapologetically herself. Her fearless personality translates into everything she does, from leading teams with authenticity and empathy to making the impossible, possible and delivering concrete business results. Although Brian and Chantal bring differing skills to their company, their belief in equality, humanity, integrity, and putting people first has proven successful.

Chantal was a trailblazer for women in tech owning a web development company 20 years ago. But after her business partner left the country with funds, Chantal found herself as a single parent in bankruptcy. Her resilience and perseverance served to propel her forward, and she continues inspire others through her compassionate leadership. Under her charge, the organization is establishing a platform to connect Canadian youth with resources and support in pursuing their STEM interests while developing innovative and entrepreneurial mindsets.

A wife and mother of two, Cassy has mastered the work life balance and brings her enthusiasm for education and innovation to everything she does. Ariyike Akinbobola is an authentic and inspiring woman.

She is a Published author and foreign trained Lawyer currently working as a Senior Business Immigration analyst at Fragomen. With over a decade of experience in the Media and Entertainment Industry abroad winning several awards as a Television host and Producer, Ariyike is the founder of Ariland Entertainment where she showcases the African culture, fashion, lifestyle and Immigrant experiences through storytelling and film.

Through her Ariyike Arise Initiative she helps to fund the education of Children in disadvantaged communities in Nigeria. In , they donated facemasks to People in disadvantaged communities. She is married with Children. Her book — The Cost of our Lives is available on Amazon.

Within her first days, she faced leading the organization on a transformation amidst a pandemic. She led with empathy and strength while executing a bold change agenda. Sarah is unapologetically authentic, breaking the mold for what it means to be a CEO. She creates space for others to be fully themselves, empowers employees at every level to perform at their best, and uses her position to be a champion for the industry.

She is transforming Mastermind Toys, in terms of how she is growing the business and how she is inspiring a world-class employee experience and customer-obsessed culture. Heather Lochnan is a remarkable and inspiring physician, a clinical researcher and medical educator. Lochnan leads a research team focused primarily on the treatment and prevention of diabetes. Her clinical practice also includes management of diabetes, thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer and complex endocrine diseases.

Her extraordinary dedication to innovation in medical education has been recognized by impressive grant support, publications and numerous international presentations. She is passionate about mentoring and networking to help her colleagues and trainees, and especially creating opportunities for women in medicine.

She is an outstanding leader and role model who makes a difference inside and outside of her workplace. Michelle Anawati started her mandate in May She immediately began to study and rethink the processes in place. When the pandemic occurred, Dr. Anawati had to react fast.

The students were removed from clinical placements and we had to find a way to make sure they were able to reintegrate and graduate. She kept her positivism and professionalism, along the way, while trying to figure out what needed to be done. Anawati has a way to engage and motivate people. She is a great leader figure because she is directing her team but giving the leeway necessary in order for them to act. Anawati is a woman of inspiration because she reacted to the pandemic, she jumped on the occasion, she made changes, but made sure to do them well the first time and adjust along the way.

Witnessing the resilience and unfed intellectual curiosity of underserved students during mentoring sessions at Title 1 schools, Paridhi founded SparkED to provide students with resources beyond basic in-school classroom learning. Equitable resources help teens explore interdisciplinary career fields, sparking a passion for pursuing higher education.

As a high school junior, Paridhi has diligently fueled a passion for increasing educational equity amongst her peers. The SparkED staff looks up to her as a diligent, ambitious, and compassionate leader who serves as a great role model. Through SparkED, she has ensured that teens feel capable and welcome to express their opinions.

Ayra Modalo is an independent entrepreneur with a humble beginning. She came to Canada with her family husband and 1-year-old son with no idea what their future may bring.

Started as a sales representative in a retail store at West Edmonton Mall, works day and night to support the family. It has been a struggle at the beginning for them. Ayra Modalo worked 2 to 3 jobs tirelessly to reach their Canadian dream. In , Modalink Immigration Services Inc. After a successful tenure in the for-profit industry leading the marketing strategy for a renowned Canadian retailer, Karen joined WINS in and helped lead the organization out of financial ruin in just two short years.

Now, under her guidance, the organization has been able to expand its operations, delivering its essential services to the people who need it most. Her knowledge of successful business practices, driven demeanor and passion for making an impact make her an effective and inspiring leader. Thanks to her leadership, the organization was able to launch two new social enterprises during the pandemic, while simultaneously collaborating with partner organizations to step up and answer the additional calls for service.

She has promoted the advancement of the skilled trades across the province for almost 20 years in various roles through volunteerism, speaking engagements, and programming. Green has been labelled as a fearless trailblazer and glass ceiling breaker for women in non-traditional careers, and continues to advocate and be a leader in the skilled trades community. The goal for this clinic, under the Montfort Hospital, was to make sure francophone had a place to go for testing.

She organized the clinic during one of the peaks of the pandemic. Even if it was a stressful moment, she managed to set it up quickly, but also made sure that it was easily accessible, efficient and welcoming.

The health professionals working on site are dynamic and demonstrate professionalism. The ambiance is definitely reflected in the care giving to the patients.

Jeenu, from Edmonton, is a courageous leader and a risk-taker taking Stamped Engineering leaps and bounds as she was just named 's ten most empowering women in business.

With an uncertain future ahead, she decided to streamline her efforts on staying positive and completing radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery all while getting Stamped Engineering off the ground. She is thankful to say both endeavors have been successful. Very inspiring! Often described as passionate, forthright and dynamic in her work, Julie builds strong relationships with her valued clients by understanding their goals, supporting their concerns and providing thoughtful and strategic solutions.

As a Senior Investment Advisor and a Senior Insurance Advisor, she provides independent investment advice, financial planning, insurance solutions and clear guidance to entrepreneurs, executives and their families.

As one of the few female investments and insurance advisors in Canada, Julie is paving the way for future females in finance with her strong leadership and dedication to women-led businesses in the community.

Julie never let her femininity hold her back from being a trailblazer in a male-dominated industry. Very self-aware, she knew where she wanted her career to go. As a business owner that also operates a personal brand, Julie is a model for the women she works with and other women in similar industries. Katie is one of three founders who started Welo out of McMaster University.

Their purpose is to offer Canadian families a delicious and healthy low sugar snack. Being in the natural foods industry comes with a high degree of competition – businesses need to constantly innovate and iterate in order to succeed.

At the end of the day, the people with big hearts are the ones that keep our world turning. Pakhale is an outstanding clinician-scientist and a passionate advocate for health equity. Her altruistic contributions to research and extraordinary dedication to the medical care of Canadians, especially those in vulnerable situations, are inspiring.

A respirologist by training, she founded and leads The Bridge Engagement Center The Bridge , a community-based research centre working in partnership with vulnerable populations: individuals who self-identify as homeless or precariously housed, Indigenous and low-income racialized. Dedicated to co-creating innovative evidence-based sustainable solutions addressing the root causes of poor health through a humanitarian and compassionate approach, she is raising awareness of health disparities and supporting disadvantaged communities, leaving no one behind.

The Bridge models, co-created for, by and with the most vulnerable populations to improve their Quality of Life, are acclaimed globally. Nima’s mission in life is to create equanimity and space for all people to have joy in their lives especially seniors and those who are less fortunate. Her spirit is boundless and filled with incredible compassion and a willingness to go the extra mile. Nima has a past filled with hardship and extraordinary beginnings from Nepal.

She is a true warrior for women and a shining example of how to drive it forward. Nima has created businesses which are changing systems and she is the motivator! Brian is a SupportHER, who consciously strives to make a difference for women in business every day. His strong conviction for equality in business and personally stems from his lifelong love and respect for his single mother who tenaciously worked and went to university while raising her kids.

To date, nearly women have been educated as certified QA testers at sister company Muraho Technology. This woman is a powerhouse. She has paved the way for so many women before her in health systems work and she lives the values of diversity, equity and inclusion. She is innovative, she’s always looking to put people first and is willing to put in the hours, not just to get the job done, but to get the job done right.

She is truly a woman of inspiration. Carmen is a passionate, vibrant and adventurous woman. With a background in film and journalism, she has taken her extensive experience in media to both large and small communities across Canada. What is so inspiring is that she always looks for a community or social connection to her projects. This is where the Soda Channel was created. Its a production company that focuses on hiring staff with special needs. Through this project they find meaningful work, learn new skills, find a supportive community and create new content that they are proud to share.

Jessica is one of the most inspiring women I know. She has been a paramedic with over 20 years experience, and has been not only an advocate for her patients, but for her coworkers always, and with more intention through this extremely challenging pandemic. She has been a strong voice for mental health issues, ptsd, trauma and individuals with special needs. To truly help our community, and showcase her talents, she started a phenomenal charity, Prairie Sky Equine Therapy over 10 years ago.

Jessica and her charity have helped a tremendous amount of families, individuals and first responders through a equine therapy program that allows those facing these challenges to recover, find peace, build their support system, find counselling, and rebuild their lives. I am nominating Messia Ditshimba because she is an inspiration for me and my other co-workers. She started her own immigration firm 7 years ago and has grown the company all by herself.

I never met anyone so hard-working and focused. Eldeen is an international management consultant specializing in Occupational Health and Safety. She is from Saskatoon Saskatchewan and has worked on 5 of the 7 continents and in 28 different countries. Zafina is a fearless and confident youth leader involved in numerous charities and community building projects. She believes everything is possible when efforts are made with right intention and measurable footsteps. Advocate for passion-based learning, shared an impactful and scalable approach that are effective in low resource environment.

She has also served other corporate, not for profit or foundation boards. Rose is passionate about sustainability via positive change and engagement. Lisa Patrick is a startup advisor, entrepreneur, award-winning podcast host, co-founder of Belongify, managing partner at Assessments24x7.

Highly sought after for her unique abilities in operations and expertise in marketing, Lisa is helping busy high-performing professionals gain clarity and access to the necessary resources to start, build, and scale their brands. Lee is a woman who I admire for her ability to maintain balance and calm.

She leads with empathy and a solid understanding of the broader business goals. She leads her people with a sincere desire to see them progress and grow up to leave her for better opportunities.

She is authentic, and fully committed to her people. Lee is unwavering in her championship of the underdog, and puts the full strength of her leadership behind doing the right thing. She advocates for women in the workplace and devotes every extra minute she has to mentoring others. Diane Scott is a trailblazer in Canada, and globally, in many ways, but her work in the field of medical cannabis is particularly remarkable.

To date, she is the only Canadian woman to build an international medical cannabis company, JMCC Group, including a self-owned supply chain extending from cultivation to patient delivery. Headquartered in Toronto, Diane helms an international team on 4 continents, and the Caribbean. She credits a private funding model to allow her patient-centric development of the global company, and steady growth.

Sarah has found her passion. She grows natural produce in an urban setting. She creates the best hot sauces from her produce which she then sells in stores and markets. Sarah is a leader in creating sustainable ways to help her community grow. She brings people together by hosting the annual Revelstoke Garlic Festival that revolves around her farm and music to fundraise for the Revelstoke Local Food Initiative and the North Columbia Environmental Society. I first met Sarah in Resolute Bay, Nunavut.

She has an aura of calm and positivity about her that is contagious. She is authentic and true. She is well deserving of a Woman of Inspiration Award. She has a year journey of service dedicated to her community, with a deep focus on compassion, diversity, inclusion, and equity. Following the untimely passing of her sister and brother-in-law, Stephanie took on guardianship of their children, in addition to her own. At the time, Stephanie worked as a full time professional, and her entrepreneurial husband had just launched a new business several hours away which meant he was rarely home.

During all of this, Stephanie continued working on her International MBA when her young daughter fell ill with a near fatal illness that took months of recovery.

Stephanie used the experience of overcoming adversity as a catalyst to wanting to do more for those who are underserved or have no voice. Stephanie is an ambassador for women and committed to mentoring and inspiring others. She continues to dedicate her time to the advancement of women and paving the way for the leaders of tomorrow.

Shadi Yazdan is an incredible entrepreneur having founded multiple companies. She is a passionate leader with an capability second to none to learn and develop new and innovative businesses as she has done most recently with PredictivEye.. She is a role model for entrepreneurs across Canada and we need more of them. She is a hard worker, very innovative and is a problem solver. She makes impossible goals and targets possible. Always finds a way to get everything done.

She has brought life to the various medical and dental associations as most people are emulating her energy to achieve and get things done. She has touched lives in every area. She organises non stop free health screenings, breast and cervical cancer screenings to the public. With the target that at , our state would have almost zero incidence of cancer patients. She also organises non stop educational campaigns in schools, markets ,organisations, on TV and social media.

Jackie is a courageous leader for inclusion and diversity. As an openly gay woman in mining, Jackie is a role model and change agent, leading initiatives that disrupt bias and drive employee engagement. Faith created Cuddles for Cancer when she was only 9 years old. Faith also opened a Drop In Centre in her hometown, encouraging people of all ages to come in and learn how to make Cuddle blankets. There have been hundreds of volunteers!

At 17, Faith has truly committed her life to helping others. It reminded me of Mary Hawk who is working day and night to help shelter women and children who are facing more severe violence in Toronto.

In our community this college girl is running a campaign to deliver Love boxes and more than Backpacks and she has really done well and delivered these Love boxes to these women amid coronavirus pandemic. Sherry Larjani is an award-winning real estate developer and entrepreneur. She has made a name for herself in a male-dominated industry as Managing Director and President of her own real estate development firm, Spotlight Development Inc.

Dedicated to giving back to her communities, it is vital to her that Spotlight Development projects have a focus on affordable and healthy living. In , and throughout her career, Sherry has developed spaces with a focus on providing support for communities. Along with multiple other developments in the works, Sherry gave birth to a little girl in and has somehow balanced it all with grace. A superpower among her peers, Sherry is leading a generation of women into a new era of real estate development.

Building upon her experience in grassroots mobilization and passion for social advocacy, in Isobel joined The Empow Her Network, anon-profit organization that provides young women in Ottawa opportunities for growth and networking, while encouraging them to assume positions of leadership.

Isobel and The Empow Her Network have hosted hundreds of women through peer-to-peer mentorship, networking opportunities, and skills-building workshops that help women excel in their professional, personal and civic lives. Most notably The Empow Her Network is known for their Empow Her Conference that hosted attendees with 13 workshops and brought in 17 guest speakers and facilitators for a full day of professional development.

Chesand Gregory is an award-winning educator, a multitalented, resourceful and naturally charismatic teacher, wife of a scientist, and mother of two energetic boys; The JAG Brothers with a flair for community leadership and empowerment. Thank you for reading.

Guljit Sandhu, age 29, is one of the youngest executives in the aviation and aerospace industry of Canada. Her interest in aerospace started at an early age which led her to take up aerospace engineering in university.

Following that, she started working in the aviation industry as a flight attendant manager and held various other inflight services positions with renowned Canadian airlines for the past decade. She has always been deeply involved in community events, social causes and career development for flight attendants and pilots in Montreal.

She is often referred to when we think of inspiring women that have broken the society’s barriers towards women of visible minority in entrepreneurial and or leadership roles. In her current role, Guljit oversees all research and international business development operations. She leads a team of aerospace, biomedical and mechanical engineers that work towards the development and improvement of additive manufacturing in the aviation and aerospace industries.

Guljit is also in charge of the business development of the company in the medical and automotive industries. Kelly L. Harnessing leaders from all stakeholder groups created a united front and strong message that this workplace-culture shift is here to stay. Kelly authored the book, Lead the Change – The Competitive Advantage of Gender Diversity and Inclusion reaching the C-suite to explain the value proposition and provide a blueprint on how to take action.

Daphne is an inspiring leader in the world of education and has been an educator for over twenty years. She has seventeen years of experience as a high school teacher where she taught French and later became the head of the Special Ed department.

Daphne went on to become a high school vice principal, and elementary school principal and is now an acting superintendent in Northern, Ontario. In her current role as a superintendent of Education, she enjoys supporting principals on their leadership journeys. Daphne’s coaching practice focuses on certain key pillars: clarity, consciousness, connection, and compassion.

Fewer people have completed this trek on foot than have gone to the moon, but none have done so for a cause and with the primary purpose of promoting diversity, accessibility and multiculturalism in the outdoors while striving to get youth reconnected to nature through Citizen Science. Concerned about the influence of screen time, her goal is to get young Canadians to spend more time in nature and interested in exploration toward becoming engaged leaders in their communities as well as lifelong environmental stewards.

Her leadership, example, dedication and undertaking are inspiring! Angele Miller is the founder of Abundant by Design where she helps brands achieve their own success in the marketplace and abroad. As well she is a voice in New Brunswick as a director on the Women in Business committee helping to educate women in her field of expertise! With such dedication and determination, she truly is an inspiration!

Through quiet leadership, Agapi has grown the budget and scope of CEE: Centre for Young Black Professionals from a regional Toronto office to a national organization that has a goal to support young Black Canadians enter the workforce. Agapi has done this through putting herself out there, becoming a go-to for Canadians on Bay Street, and in the media, for perspectives on being a Black CEO in the time of Black Lives Matter, and how we can move from divisions to acceptance and collaboration.

Dayana is a passionate and philanthropic. She does ample good in her community without any compensation. She has worked with traumatized youths and taught them filming and acting skills.

She is a radio host and promotes unheard voices. She is Mrs. Galaxy Vaughan. She is a stand for married women who don’t give up on their dreams after marriage.

Marcela has spent her career pushing change and redefining the status quo. As a minority woman, a woman in tech and a woman in senior leadership, Marcela has broken gender, ethnic and managerial glass ceilings, not only for herself, but as a true ally and power agent for everyone she has the privilege to lead.

Sanchari is not only a phenomenal entrepreneur but is an equally strong community leader. She is a shining example of what an immigrant can achieve through strong grit and consistent efforts. She is a guide and mentor to many new comers and a great promoter of equitable opportunities for women.

She priorities social responsibilities of her business over merely making profits and leads by example. She is a heart centred, dynamic visionary who is making a powerful impact, worthy of being a Woman of Inspiration.

Stephanie increases awareness of non-traditional careers by having an intuitive knowledge, drive, and enthusiasm for amplification and a visionary approach to creating inclusive STEM workshops. Increasing awareness of careers in trades and STEM demands that the problem is tackled from several angles and Stephanie does this by being a Storyteller, Problem Solver, and Barrier Breaker for all Women. Rosemary Oglesby-Henry is a bridge-builder, nationally-known Leadership Educator, and the founder and CEO of Rosemary’s Babies Company, an impact organization c3 committed to helping teen parents master the concepts of self-leadership to leave a legacy.

The mother of two adult children she is a well-respected city leader and influencer. She has been a contributing writer for Forbes Magazine and. Shivani is an intersectional feminist, Criminology student and founder of Survivor Support Organization. Through SSO, she educates her community on sexual violence, psychological trauma, rape culture, healing techniques, but most importantly creates a safe and open space for survivors to share their story.

As a sexual assault advocate in progress, her motive to get through each day is to stay on top of her mental health and breakthrough gender roles in this patriarchal society. As someone who has lived experience with sexual violence, she learned to set and honor her boundaries and not only advocate for myself, but for many marginalized and vulnerable women who have experienced the same thing as her. She never once took her mental health into factors until she graduated from high school and started to practice self-care, and begin her healing journey.

DexPro Canada Inc. She is an advocate and integral part of the energy transition, with the world moving towards a greater mix of energy supply to manage carbon emissions and climate change. Farheen is looking forward to making an effective change in the Oil and Gas industry by implementing Energy efficiency. As a past co-chair of Women in Leadership WIL , she led an executive committee consisting of 18 industry professionals with a versatile background. At WIL, she demonstrated success in profitably, driving growth in a non-profit institution through strong leadership, insightful strategic planning, and finding innovative ways to promote the Chapter.

She is an advocate for women empowerment and is continuously involved in various community initiatives. It is worldwide movement that aims to empower women to become active participants in the economy. Chantal started Levvel with her husband Brian Milloy 5 years ago. A pair who has built this business together as a couple and business partners and know how to conquer and divide and run the business as a team, despite the naysayers – that you can’t work with your spouse.

Brian is a fierce supporter of women in business, diversity and inclusion and was raised by a single mother who held two jobs while continuing her education. Chantal was a trailblazer for women in tech owning a web development company 17 years ago but after her business partner left the country with funds, Chantal found herself as a single parent in bankruptcy.

Kelsey launched a 90 day program that focuses on upleveling the confidence and leadership potential of women so they can unlock their potential and thrive. Over the last 9 months she has since changed the lives of over 40 women and counting. These women become new people and rave about how her coaching has irrevocably changed them for the better. I cannot say enough how positive her words and actions are, and how she lives to help women become leaders.

Read her testimonials and look at her content, she’s truly an inspiration to women and entrepreneurs everywhere. O, is an executive with 22 years of leadership experience in technology, entrepreneurship, economic development, and innovation.

She established her own strategy company in , serving Canadian and global technology organizations.


Unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football


She is a modern-day hero, game-changer, mover and shaker, and role model who leads by example. With courage, confidence, commitment, and integrity, she inspires others to go further, making a ripple impact across her community and around the globe. We are moving the needle to recognize the achievements of women making an impact locally, nationally and globally.

Recognize the leaders within your organization and champion to advance women in business. Since our inaugural awards on September 26,we have recognized over 1, women and awarded Awards. We look forward to celebrating and recognizing the achievements of women from diverse backgrounds and all walks of life. By nominating her, you are honoring her accomplishments, contributing to her legacy, validating her hard work, and her contribution to the workplace.

You are helping her see her worth and unknowing impact. Classical dance teachers are no Treat of nuances of cultural richness in Kerala. But Mrs. Sapna Nayar has built her own world of happy children and parents winot just teaching Bharatanatyam Dance to students but also enriching the future generations knowledge of the true essence of Indian ancient traditions.

No disparity between the stratas of society, if children can’t pay for the classes, Mrs. Nayar openly takes the child under her guidance based on her interest for the dance. Commendable love and dedication towards Bharatanatyam. Carol Anne Hilton is one of the most inspiring people I have ever met. Carol Anne has led the establishment of a line of thought called indigenomics- growing from a single hashtag to an entire movement that focuses on the rebuilding and strengthening of Indigenous economies.

Carol Anne Hilton is convening the tools, leadership, resources, partnerships, institutions, investment to build meaningful innovations in designing and growing Indigenous economies to build national and global impact across time. Jenna has established herself and unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football herself to helping others.

Having a successful career in sales for 15 years Jenna decided to challenge herself and do more for others. Jenna has become an entrepreneur branching out to life coaching, sistership circles, travel and selling natural products. Having suffered with anxiety and depression her entire life Jenna has channelled her experience to helping others how to cope and look for the positives.

Jenna is an avid reader, wife and mom who always has time for her 3 rescue dogs! Chantel is the CEO and Founder of EnPoint which exists to help people connect their passion to their career- on a mission to support 1 million people to do just that.

The work Chantal and her team has done at EnPoint have also resulted in awards for their clients, such as EduNova. Zeynep Cildir is a 3rd-year university student as well as the founder and acting president of the Refugee Support Association. Her goal is to ease the transition into a new country as unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football are many barriers to overcome, which can be very hard without help.

As a landed immigrant, she knows learning a new language has a huge impact on every unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football of life. RSA’s goal is to fundraise for refugee settlement organizations located in Ottawa as well as raising awareness. Through their many events, they also invited refugee speakers and many others to speak on these hardships.

Just so other students do not go through the hardships she encountered as an immigrant, she co-founded Passionate Unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football which is a non-profit helping students transitioning into university.

Further, she is working part-time as a Medical Office Assistant at CareMedics while maintaining her academic excellence. Kemi is the most hardworking person I have ever known, she is creative, ambitious and goal getter no matter the obstacle. Kemi has shown so much resilience and inspire lots of women in her local community as an immigrant barely 5 years in Canada building her small business from her garage to generating over 1.

Kemi is a doting mother and wife who combine working full time and her schooling with managing her business. She has impacted lives of people in her community and I admire her love of volunteering and working with individuals with disabilities. Tiana is a truly inspiring woman, mother, sister, cousin and friend. Shortly after the birth of her son Silas, her father died suddenly while traveling in Jamaica.

As a new mom and wife, she poured herself into her kitchen – partly to feed her family, partly to stay close to her dad. As Silas got older, he began filming and documenting his cooking process for school projects – much to the pleasure of his little sister Eva!

She deserves the recognition that will help her expand this awesome platform! Eileen is an amazing, gorgeous and strong woman that I have an opportunity to work with.

She’s bringing so much joy to our fast pace environment. She’s a very professional and educated woman. Working with her daily is a blast! Unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football need more women like her in Tacking Industry. Born and raised in Buenos Aires, she saw first hand the troubles women faced, both personally and professionally.

She is very passionate about using her unique brilliance to make a difference in the world and encouraging others to do the same. Currently, as the узнать больше of Masters in Clarity, she читать статью professionals position themselves as thought leaders in their field so they can share their magic with others.

Hitu is an immigrant woman who moved to Canada inand within a few months of arriving started a community organization to help other immigrant women. She actively advocates and takes steps towards ensuring the creation of more equitable workplaces in which diverse members can flourish. She started a newsletter called 'the diversity forum’ the purpose is to animate discussion on issues of diversity that need to be addressed to create a more equitable Canada.

My wife is everything I believe a woman should be. Fearless, dedicated, poised, elegant, compassionate, driven, educated, well cultured, talented, caring, beautiful inside and out and selfless are just a few of the qualities Katie possesses. A unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football presence to be around and a smile that brings joy and light. My unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football is a chaplain for Spartanburg Regional Hospice.

As a victim of racial bully and diagnosed with depression, Olivia first realized her strength when she started playing water polo at the age of Unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football was bullied for being the only female player in a team of boys. She realized that there is a huge gap between the male and female sports world. Eventually, Olivia started a nonprofit organization at the age of 15 to empower racialized and marginalized girls through смысла.

victoria day 2020 canada ontario zip сообщение. She became an advocate of female sports. Ever since the organization launched inOlivia made a huge difference in numerous young lives. Olivia wants to share her life-changing experience in sports with more girls like her and create a generation of stronger girls through sports.

Yolanda A. Coleman is an exemplary leader in healthcare. She inspires her employees, students, peers, community, church network, family. Coleman is an influential leader in the healthcare industry. InDr. Coleman focused on breast cancer research. Coleman has served as a volunteer for Susan G. Komen and a guest speaker. Coleman also serves her community by supporting male scholars who have been affected by gun violence. She is unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football founder a healthcare scholarship for scholars interested in healthcare in order to facilitate elimination health disparities by those representing a diverse background.

While maintaining a balance as a mom, professional nurse leader, and educator, Dr. Coleman continues to carry out her services to the community as she teaches students and serves as mentor for young girls and women. She can measure her success not only by the impact she has on others but by creating and generating something that gives not only her life meaning, purpose, and direction but others she encounters. Shannon Aguiar is an up and coming creative force in the Publication and Marketing Industries.

With experience way beyond her age she specializes in creative production, custom artwork, design, digital photography, b2b marketing and content management for editorial, and commercial clients. She has worked closely with major publications, high-profile brands, renowned musicians, and Pulitzer Prize-winning unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football. Her experiential background covers everything from commercial advertising, b2b marketing, and graphic design to high fashion trends analysis, event planning, and investigative reporting.

She takes great pride in everything she produces and always exceeds projected expectations. At one point a college dropout, stuck in the modeling industry, alongside her amazing portfolio, she now garners a degree, a number of awards, and certifications.

Ukachi’s ability to execute with excellence, build collaborative relationships and strategic thought leadership has enabled her to work with teams across the ELC enterprise to execute, launch and scale programs unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football – The creation of the 1st Women’s led Sponsorship ready and Mentorship training programs at ELC for women at various levels within canada store boston career – An internal „Spotlight On” initiative that highlights and promotes women in uncommon and underrepresented positions within ELC throughout the year.

She has supported women within the ERG to take on more leadership roles including driving succession planning and establishing a WLN playbook for future leaders.

I am nominating Sangeeta Sharma because I admire her greatly. She came to Canada as a new bride, not knowing the country or it’s culture. She battled depression in her first few years, she and her husband made very little income and had 2 children. Sangeeta wanted more and worked evenings and weekends cleaning hotel rooms and washing dishes to pay unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football school and later, the development of a spa in her basement.

When her children were small, she drove school bus so she could keep them with her and took clients in between bus trips. Her spa eventually grew into 2 commercial locations and she sold them because she wanted to teach and help immigrants and unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football women. Now NIWE had hundreds of graduates a year and Sangeeta has kept true to her desire to empower and educate women and immigrants. With all of this, she continues to push herself to greater and greater things.

I am nominating Sangeeta because I see how she tirelessly works to support her dreams, her family and the women around her.

Sangeeta is a true inspiration. Jessica is the soul, the mother, and the inspirational magic behind the Verde Collection. Through her difficult and debilitating journey with Lupus she has found the inspiration to create clean and small-batch lines to support and nourish the body.

Her unwavering goal is to bring her community, hear and far, the highest quality full spectrum hemp products to the market, with transparency for your peace of mind. From seed to shelf, Jessica, weaves the art of healing with plant remedies through every product and ensures that each product in your hands is crafted and designed with the whole body and whole plant concept in mind.

As a woman and mother, Jessica understand how women feel stepping into the cannabis industry, an industry designed by men, and has full intentions to help make the language, education, and use of this plant accessible and comfortable for all women alike. LJ Marinello is a business leader and people manager.


Unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football. DOING THEIR BIDDING (PART IV): Canada, Mexico, USA stand united, secure 2026 World Cup


Nicole Nicky passed away peacefully at home. Their sense of adventure led them to Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. Inthey returned to Vancouver to raise their children. With her intelligence, energy, and strong work ethic, she branched out, followed her entrepreneurial spirit, and started her own insurance agency. A female trailblazer in an almost all male business. She made her mark with style and grace. With Brian, she lived a life of adventure and curiosity. The Mass was recorded, if you wish to view, please visit www.

It is with profound sadness that we announce the passing of Carlo Argentin on September 23,in Burnaby, at the age of 89 years. Carlo was born in Villorba, Treviso, Italy and immigrated to Canada in Unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football was predeceased by his unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football sisters and 1 brother in Italy.

In lieu of flowers, please consider a donation to a charity of your choice. She made first vows February 11,and final vows February 11, Yvette unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football her teaching certificate from UBC and spent the first 20 years of her life as a sister, teaching in various places in BC and Saskatchewan, with her last two years as a teacher from spent in Cole Bay, SK.

The fall of found her in Saskatoon and then in the fall of she moved to Toronto where she fulfilled her dream of becoming an RN. Yvette spent the second half of her life nursing in various places in Saskatchewan and Manitoba before going to Chesterfield Inlet, NWT in where she spent a year nursing and doing missionary work.

A sabbatical in found her at the Provincial House in North Vancouver, where she helped nurse Sister Unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football Puech and then she was off to Africa for another time of nursing and missionary work. Shortly after celebrating her 87 th birthday, Yvette suffered a stroke from which she never recovered. Although we will miss her physical presence with us, she lives on in our hearts.

Left to mourn her passing unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football her sisters: Judy Ben and Lorraine; and her brother Leo Mary Ann ; numerous nieces, nephews, great nieces and nephews and the Child Jesus family. Condolences may be left at www. She became a beloved schoolteacher at Our Lady of Lourdes in Maillardville. She kept herself busy as a widow by taking up watercolour painting.

She developed her talent and was in several art shows and even sold some of her pieces. She cherished her time with family. She continued to get to mass weekly, as long as unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football was physically able.

Our beloved Hyacinth passed away peacefully at Mount Saint Joseph Hospital in Vancouver on September 9th,after a two and a half year battle with cancer, where she demonstrated tremendous resilience and perseverance.

Born on October 23,Hyacinth grew up in Jamaica before attending part of her high school in Hong Kong and returning to Jamaica to complete her high school diploma, then earning her undergraduate degree at Aquinas College in Michigan, where she met her late husband, William.

Together, they raised ten children in Canada after emigrating from the Philippines. Hyacinth devoted her life to spreading her faith and compassion to her family and others in the community. The Yang family will be honouring Hyacinth through a prayer service on Thursday, September 22 at pm and a funeral mass on Friday, September 23 at am, both at Holy Cross Parish in Burnaby.

She will be lovingly remembered by her family and many friends for her zest for life, enthusiastic spirit, ready smile, and kindness to all. Born in St. Together they lived a full life of joy, adventure, and plenty of laughter. Our beloved mother Margaret passed away on September 12, at the age of She was predeceased by her husband John, daughters Shirley and Connie.

Margaret will be lovingly remembered by her daughter Darlene David Whitehead, son David Michelleher 8 grandchildren, 10 great grandchildren, her sister Gertrude Meier and many other family members. Margaret lived a devout Catholic life; a truly good and faithful servant.

Her Funeral Mass will be celebrated privately. It is with heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Catherine Kay Crocock. Kay slipped away peacefully on Friday Sept. Born in beautiful Unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football, Ontario, Kay met her future husband Ernie there. She was married to Ernie for over 51 years until he predeceased her in Kay enjoyed travelling, and did so extensively when Ernie was still alive. When not travelling, they spent as much time as possible with friends and family at their trailer in Birch Bay Leisure Park.

Kay also loved to cook, sew and play bridge with her ladies club. She volunteered wherever she was needed, and especially enjoyed running the concession at the George Derby Hospital for many years. She was a devout parishioner подробнее на этой странице St.

Michaels Catholic Church and an active member of their C. The family would like to thank the caring staff at the Normanna Care Home where she spent her last 4 years. C would be appreciated. It is with sadness that we announce the passing of our beloved Gordon. Gordon was born in Vancouver and lived most of his life in Delta.

He was a devoted sports fan, who particularly loved soccer and track and field. His work took him to many different cities both within Canada and abroad. Even after retirement he continued to love exploring new places. He battled this condition for over 20 years and throughout that time he maintained his sense of humour, his optimism, and his kindness.

It is with profound sadness and heavy hearts that we announce the passing of Dr. Jennifer Tong after a long and courageous battle with cancer. She will be deeply missed and lovingly remembered by all who knew her. In memory of Jennifer, we hope you will respect and be kind to нажмите чтобы узнать больше, be a strong advocate to people of all abilities, and be unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football unwavering friend to those close to you.

To read more about Jennifer or offer a condolence, please visit: www. Donations can be made in Dr. Prayers will be offered Tuesday, September 13, at p. Reception to be held in the Church Hall immediately after the Funeral Mass. Celebrant Msgr. Bernard Rossi officiating. Condolences may be offered to the family at www. In lieu of flowers donations may be made to CNIB. Marguerite Unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football nee Doiron passed away peacefully on August 31, In March of this year, Marguerite was canada day 2021 events vancouver canadas worst by her husband of 62 years, Alfred.

Chatham naval base. Marguerite had a great spirit of adventure and travelled to Europe where she worked in Paris and London. They married in October and theirs was a remarkable relationship based on respect and unconditional unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football.

They shared their warm hospitality with friends and neighbours in each one of these places. She continued to serve in her White Rock community until recently. Marguerite lived and loved her faith every day of her life. It was her guiding light and the source of many dear and enduring friendships in every /17888.txt in which she found herself.

She was a trusted friend and confidante to many. Those near to her were blessed to learn many valuable lessons from unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football during her 91 years, but most of all, will remember the joy, warmth, and humour she brought to every occasion. Marguerite was the true matriarch of her family and an inspiration to many. She will be missed enormously and never forgotten. Her family extend their gratitude to Dr. Reception to follow.

Burial will be at the Gardens of Gethsemani at pm. My lovely, vibrant mother, in her th year, passed away peacefully at Blenheim Lodge. The full obituary can be found in the Vancouver Sun on December 18, A Memorial Mass will be held at Sts. Peter and Paul Church, W. Vancouver unity day vancouver canada 2020 fordham football Saturday, September 17th at am. Reception to follow at „Seasons in the Park.

Jose Joe Antonio Baptista Vaz was an extraordinary man. During his lifetime he lived in four different countries, spoke 5 languages and had many accomplishments. Joe passed away on August 20, from pancreatic cancer. Mass of Christian Burial was celebrated at the Gardens of Gethsemani Chapel on August 31,followed by interment.

Jim was the youngest of 4 children. He is survived by several nephews, nieces, grand nephews canada vancouver islanders jersey nycdoe grandnieces. He inaugurated a new Central House in Lima, promoting Peruvian vocations /11739.txt sponsoring the medical mission in the Amazon.

He returned to Canada for a time, then the US diocese of Brownsville Texas and Mexico, often in educational or formation projects of his creation.

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