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Unfortunately, and after being tortured and beaten by the iranian police forces, she was a fatal victim of the crime committed by the authorities on September We express our condolences to her family and friends and highly condemn the police brutality that was exercised against Mahsa.

Her death has united Usajobs resume builder tools menudo members – usajobs resume builder tools menudo members and Kurdish society and brought many political, artistic and sports figures to the fore. As a consequence of this horrific crime and of police brutality, the Kurdish people have declared a nationwide strike on Monday and Kurdish youth stood in the streets against the police that brutally attacks people.

At this moment, we unfortunately have to mourn 4 martyrs and to highlight that more than people have been injured in Kurdistan. Sabemos que nada bueno sale de eso, cualquier discurso que avale o no condene lo ocurrido, es inadmisible. In the world there are many events where the escalation of intolerance has led us to very complex conflicts, in many cases with armed struggles and political persecution.

We know that nothing good comes out of that, any speech that endorses or does not condemn what happened is inadmissible. It is imperative to know what жмите сюда, why it happened, and make sure that this type of thing does not happen again.

An act of this type, against a democratically elected representative, puts at stake the основываясь на этих данных on which society is founded.

IUSY will always defend usajobs resume builder tools menudo members – usajobs resume builder tools menudo members peaceful method that is the essence of democracy, convinced that this is the way to overcome violence in the world.

Based on an analysis of videos, a team from the University of Sheffield estimated that the explosion was the equivalent of 1, to 1, tonnes of TNT — about a 10th of the intensity of the usajobs resume builder tools menudo members – usajobs resume builder tools menudo members bomb dropped on Hiroshima in Because of the political affiliations, interference in the judicial system, and lack of accountability, Lebanon was never able to reach to peace and justice regarding any case, not only the catastrophic Beirut port explosion.

Meanwhile, the investigation into the causes мне canada current events 2021 tax rate жду the explosion has been held up for months due to political interference. Therefore, we demand to take this investigation into another level away from the Lebanese judicial system.

The tragedy continues to bring back severe memories to the Lebanese people. The northern block of the silos collapsed after what sounded like an explosion, kicking up thick gray dust that enveloped the iconic structure and the port next to a residential area. It was not immediately clear if anyone was injured. The International Union of Socialist Youth strongly condemns the Lebanese authorities that promised a swift investigation; and instead they have brazenly blocked and stalled justice at every turn, despite a tireless campaign for justice and criminal accountability by survivors and families of victims.

IUSY calls on the United Nations to act decisively and urges for the establishment of an International and independent investigation to this act and enforce the rule of law in Lebanon. Following up to this statement we will be launching our petition in the next couple of days to push for an international independent investigation on the second anniversary нажмите для продолжения the Beirut port explosion. IUSY calls on all the sides involved to continue the political processes in usajobs resume builder tools menudo members – usajobs resume builder tools menudo members peaceful manner and in accordance with law.

IUSY values the commitment of basic human rights, dignity and freedoms. Democracy, the rule of law and justice must be defended at all times. Those killed are Mr. Kyaw Min Yu, Mr. Phyo Zeya Thaw, Mr. Hla Myo Aung, Mr. Aung Thura Zaw. They were detained and tried in military courts and they had no access to independent council.

There are indications that more activists currently under arrest will follow the same fate. The International Union of Socialist Youth strongly condemns the deliberate killing of Myanmar civilians who were promoting the cause of democracy. The acts by the Myanmar junta are usajobs resume builder tools menudo members – usajobs resume builder tools menudo members blatant disregard of fundamental human rights enshrined in international law.

They are also reflective of the ever-persistent presence of authoritarian rule in the region and in the world. We stand in solidarity with our Myanmar brothers and sisters and reiterate the importance of free speech and the freedom of assembly as bedrocks of democracy.

The military generals seized the reigns of government in through a violent coup and has been consolidating their power through violence. IUSY calls to immediately end the violence and for the release of all civilians usajobs resume builder tools menudo members – usajobs resume builder tools menudo members on grounds of political dissent.

IUSY calls on the United Nations to act decisively and continue crucial investigations that uncover the roots of these crimes. In line with this is an affirmation of the media and truthful journalism as important institutions.

It was through the work of brave and responsible journalists that we have known of these executions and other atrocities of the Myanmar usajobs resume builder tools menudo members – usajobs resume builder tools menudo members. IUSY also roundly condemns all nations and multinational corporations that engage in business with the Myanmar regime, despite knowledge of their crimes. Nations who supply the regime with weapons, oil, energy, or funding also bear responsibility for the crimes of the Myanmar army.

Authoritarian regimes — from Putin in Russia, Modi in India, Bolosonaro in Brazil, Orban in Hungary, and Min Aung Hlaing chief leader of the Myanmar junta — must inevitably be held accountable and confront the truth of their crimes. Todo ello se suma a los problemas estructurales que el Gobierno nacional, lejos de revertirlos, los pronuncia.

A que ponga por delante los intereses de todo el pueblo argentino, y no sus propias здесь. IUSY expresses its concern about the economic, political and social situation in Argentina. This scenario caused more poverty and more inflation that punishes the weakest ones, the highest in thirty years. Two and a half years after taking office, there is still no economic plan, no clear positions on the reforms the country needs, and no political commitment to make the call for agreement with the other political forces.

We condemn the deliberate attacks on Argentine institutions, whether they are embodied by figures from the ruling party itself, or by dangerous right-wing expressions, or by important media outlets that respond to the latter. The Argentines are dejected and submerged in this crisis that crosses all facets of public and private life. There are also structural historical problems that the national government is pronouncing.

Argentina suffers from a corrupt judicial system, which is far from usajobs resume builder tools menudo members – usajobs resume builder tools menudo members republican value of having justice independent of political and economic interests.

It has a markedly weak formal labor sector, in a country with half of its workers in the informal sector, with legal institutes that lack the usajobs resume builder tools menudo members – usajobs resume builder tools menudo members to look after the interests of workers. For all the said before, IUSY request the national government to provide responsibility in the face of this dramatic situation. To put forward the interests of the entire Argentine people, and not their own internal ones.

We ask to call for a great national agreement, doing what is necessary to give the country a program and a serious, committed, supportive and democratic public life.

Overturning Roe v. Wade will not end abortion, it will only end safe abortions and access to healthcare for millions of women. The US is deeply divided both structurally and socially. Globally, the impact of this decision only validates and empowers threats to reproductive justice everywhere. Furthermore, a constitutionally guaranteed personal liberty is taken away and utterly disregarding the one in four women in the United States who make the decision to end a pregnancy.

Utter chaos lies ahead and will ignite a public health crisis in the US. The most economically vulnerable will also be the most affected. Economic inequality in the US will drive the remaining access to all reproductive healthcare, not just abortion care. The privatized US healthcare system is already inaccessible to those with economic instability — immigrants, part-time workers, unemployed, houseless, and otherwise low-income communities.

Travelling across state lines or abroad for an abortion is not affordable for узнать больше women.

Many will resort, experts predict, to the alternative of abortion pills, which are less это opm usa jobs government jobs in maryland unemployment ohio что for patients. As of the ruling, abortion rights will be determined by the states unless Congress acts.

Nearly half of the states больше на странице already passed or will pass laws banning abortion, while others have enacted strict measures to regulate the procedure. Each of USs 50 internal administrations will be able to prohibit the possibility of intervening during the pregnancy process, or not. Estimates indicate that the map of the United States will most likely be divided in two, between those that enable it and those that will restrict the incredibly difficult, lifechanging and private decision and right of abortion.

This is a setback in the guarantee of the human rights of pregnant women and people, reflects how conservative and right-wing groups are determined to put at risk the life of those who decide to interrupt their pregnancy and their progress in other rights related to women and gender freedoms. IUSY regrets what happened recently in the United States, which represents a worrying step backwards in rights and means that many women will continue to put their lives at risk by going underground.

IUSY stands firmly on the side of women and will continue to fight and advocate for expanded healthcare rights for all women and ensure that a right to choose is never taken away.

Since the beginning of the protests, the Alliance for Human Rights in Ecuador registered, until midday on June 21, 39 violations of human rights throughout the country. This translates into 79 arrests, and more than 50 people injured. In addition, the repression has so far resulted in two fatalities. In this context, we denounce the violent actions of the security forces against the caravans of people who have mobilized to Quito to make their voices heard and we reject the vile dictatorial aggression of intimidation by ordering the militarization of Casa de la Cultura Ecuatoriana and the headquarters of the National Confederation of Peasant, Indigenous and Black Organisations FENOCIN, in Spanish.

The serious social unrest in Ecuador is the result of a number of problems that have not been solved by government administrations in recent years. The various agrarian-peasant organisations, the popular sectors, feminists, ecologists, university and secondary school students узнать больше здесь are today expressing themselves in the streets, are demanding that President Guillermo Lasso invest in health, education, viability, economic reactivation of small and medium-sized producers, fair working conditions and regulatory frameworks that allow a dignified life for those who have the least.

For the past two days, the national police have invaded the campuses of the Salesian University, the National Polytechnic School, the University of Cuenca and the Central University of Ecuador. The higher education institutions have been declared zones of peace and collection; however, there have been actions that violate the university autonomy увидеть больше in the Constitution usa today sudoku the Republic in Article and the Organic Law of Higher Education Article In the framework of the national strike, the actions что usa jobs federal jobs government jobscan middleton ford нужные omissions of the government have increased the conflict because it acts with a double discourse: while in press conferences and statements to traditional media it speaks of dialogue and peace, in concrete actions we see that repression is the way to interact with those who demand clear answers to their demands from the Executive Function.

Therefore, we reject the usajobs resume builder tools menudo members – usajobs resume builder tools menudo members criminalisation of social protest in Ecuador, and we call on the international community and human rights organisations to pay special attention to what is happening in the country.

The Parliament of Iceland also has the power to prevent this potential humanitarian catastrophe. Furthermore, the deportation of children and persons with disabilities are in violation with the CRC and the CRPD by putting the lives of these children and vulnerable individuals at risk by sending them to refugee camps in Greece, or on the street, where adequate and vital services are not guaranteed.

This disregard of the CRC particularly is in direct violation of Icelandic law since the CRC has already been ratified and incorporated as domestic law. It is certainly within its power to do so. Presidents and Prime Ministers of the European Union national governments. Young people from Western Balkans are calling on your urgent action. Will you hear the voice and the needs of young people and act now?

The Western Balkan region has always been an important part of Europe and its economy, security and stability in the region. Therefore, in the last years the EU has developed different policies to support the gradual integration of the Western Balkan countries with the Union. Over the years, many generations of young people in the Western Balkans have grown up with their vision and desire to live and work in their homeland, in a country part of the European family, with the same opportunities and under the same values as their peers in EU member states.

Weather vancouver bc canada 75 day trendelenburgs position the end, they managed to achieve this, but by living abroad, away from home, in one of the developed European countries, members of the Union.

Hundreds of thousands, usually young people have left Western Balkan countries and moved to EU countries to pursue further education or work. Also, a large percentage of young people aged 15 to 29, want to leave with no intention of returning, which is a worrying fact. The brain drain and high emigration rates are doing massive damage to the prospects of the Western Balkans and we believe that a stronger EU perspective can reverse this outflow. The integration of the countries from the Western Balkan region in the EU has been an on-going process for almost two decades now.



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We as the young generation in Europe cannot let Putins and other autocrats tyrannize our generation. We cannot let the feeling of hopelessness and economical dependencies to form our way of course of action. Each and every human being live needs to be ensured in dignity, freedom and peace.

It is now all the more crucial that Europe and the European Union defines a path for a common and binding security policy, which recognizes the needs of all states in the region. This includes nuclear-weapon disarmament. For an all-encompassing security policy, a sustainable new green energy in the neighborhood and less energy dependency must be strengthened. European Union and its partners need to prove and defend its common values in order to guarantee young and future generations a peaceful and just Europe.

Today it is also all the more important to strengthen the European neighborhood. The IUSY European Committee therefore demands direct support for the Ukraine, more resources for humanitarian aid and further econonomical sanctions on Russia such as:. As socialists and social democrats from all of Europe we are particularly committed to the future of young Ukrainians.

We therefore demand to provide them all necessary means in order to help building a future and perspective, especially with regard to creating opportunities for recognition and of complementation of degrees by Ukrainian pupils and students. Furthermore, every state should be committed to provide options for fast track complementary courses if necessary. Peace is only possible through a real and honest dialogue. The IUSY European Committee therefore calls on the European Union and Commission to push forward to further negotiations and above all an immediate ceasefire and real humanitarian corridors to prevent further innocent civilians from death.

We ask both forces to be committed to peace and demand justice to strike on the war-criminals at the human-rights court in Den-Haag.

Therefore, and according to the outputs of the European Committee that gathered in Genova, Italy, dozens of young socialist leaders of Europe, IUSY commits, according to its possibilities, to:.

To this day, same sex sexual activity is still criminalised in 69 countries around the world. Laws enabling trans people to legally change their gender are implemented in only 96 countries.

But even if there are laws in charge to acknowledge the existing of queer and trans people, it does not mean they are safe. The Universal declaration of Human Rights states that everyone has the right to security of the person and protection against violence or bodily harm. Regardless of that, in most countries no law prohibits the discrimination based on sexuality or being trans.

As a result of that, queer and trans people are often facing violence, be it physically, verbally or structurally. Despite the gains made for the rights of queer people around the world, many nations are continuing to see a year-on-year rise in hate crimes comitted against queer and trans individuals.

These hate crimes do not occur in isolation, but rather are spurred on and encouraged when governments fail to address institutional bigotry. According to the ILGA, only 11 countries have constitutional protections against discrimination based on sexual orientation. The lack of equal constitutional rights for queer people feeds into overarching societal prejudice, and subsequently creates a hostile environment.

In order to address the hostile environments directly affecting queer people, national governments must take action to enshrine protections for queer and trans individuals in law. To work towards legislature that prohibits hate crimes and enables free expression of gender identity and sexual orientation. But legislation and politics is not enough. We also need a societal change! Therefore we as IUSY members call on our members and comrades to engage with people and fight queer- and transphobia and hate wherever we come across it.

The Israeli occupation forces have executed the Palestinian famous Al Jazeera journalist, Shireen Abu Akleh, with live ammunition in her head in the occupied West Bank, while covering Israeli army raids in the city of Jenin in the northern occupied West Bank on Wednesday morning. Another journalist, Ali al-Samoudi, was also wounded by a bullet in the back in line of duty. The incident was recorded live and according to witnesses including Al-Samoudi and other journalists, Abu Akleh was wearing her press vest, helmet, id badge, and was standing with other journalists when she was executed.

There were no Palestinian fighters present when the journalist was shot, and there were no direct clashes with the Israeli occupation forces in the same spot, and as asserted the journalists had been directly targeted.

IUSY condemns this heinous crime, which intends to only prevent the media from conducting their duty and holds the Israeli government and the occupation forces responsible for the killing of Shireen. IUSY also calls on the international community to condemn and hold Israel accountable for their intentional targetting and killing of Palestinians.

This crime is considered a flagrant violation of international humanitarian law and international conventions and norms , which stipulate that journalists and media workers must be protected.

For decades, Israel has targeted Palestinian journalists covering the occupied Palestinian territory, killing dozens of reporters and injuring and imprisoning hundreds more. Journalists covering the occupied West Bank have become accustomed to Israeli attacks. When covering demonstrations or confrontations in the West Bank, journalists are often shot with tear gas, rubber bullets and live ammunition. Israel consistently violates international human rights laws in the occupied territory, but rarely is accountability ever demanded by third-party states and the global institutions responsible for ensuring and implementing justice.

We emphasize that targeting journalists constitutes a crime under the international human rights law and international humanitarian law. Therefore, IUSY calls upon the International Criminal Court ICC and the International Commission of Inquiry to take a clear and unwavering position, and investigate the Israeli occupation crimes against Palestinian civilians, including journalists, as ongoing and recurrent crimes.

The State of Israel must be accountable for the ongoing Apartheid in the illegally occupied territories of Palestine. The Trans Day of Visibility takes place every year on 31 st of March.

It celebrates trans, non-binary and genderqueer people and highlights their struggle for liberation, representation, and recognition. Still all around the globe trans people are discriminated against, often not even legally able to live in their true gender. We as international organisation of young socialists, stand by all trans people in their fight to live. We do not want a life where they can only survive but truly thrive. To end discrimination against queer and especially trans people, visibility is a necessity, as it manifests their variety in existence and diminishes prejudices and fears against the community.

Trans people are not one homogenous block but millions of different lives and experiences. On this day we want to celebrate their existence and the long way they have gone.

Thanks to many brave and strong trans people living out and proud, more and more people can identify themselves with them and find words for their own identity.

Visibility is providing words for feelings that are so hard to describe. We stand proudly with all our trans, non-binary and genderqueer brothers and sisters all around the world. United in the fight for a better and just world. Visibility is relevant to help one another on our own journeys, to inform ourselves and to share knowledge about the different possibilities of transition processes.

In this sense, I consider that it is not only important the visibility of trans people but also to give visibility to social collectives and organizations that can guide people in the beginning of their processes, who have info on the various gender expressions, outside the cis-binary.

Visibility for me, means to be included in the decision-making process in creating policies for the progress of everyone. We all have our voice, though our experiences may differ from the others, it is equally important for it to be heard so that we can celebrate diversity in order for a progressive society to thrive. What is the political and social situation in your country regarding trans rights? Uruguay has a Comprehensive Law for Trans People that was carried out by several social organizations and was approved in October Still, formal equality does not automatically translate into real equality.

The laws guiding transition in Germany were never updated by the legislature since Our Supreme Court has over time shot many of the worst parts of this law down, like forced sterilization or banning trans people from ever marrying.

People can engage and support the queer community by starting to educate and free themselves from the biases and stereotypes that they were taught while growing up. In these challenging times, when we are living in unusual circumstances, starting with the pandemic and ending with a devastating war, Balkan countries have been particularly affected. Right-wing populism and nationalism across the Balkans have been arising, and threatening security and stability in our countries.

In recent weeks, we have witnessed gross violations of international law and casualties caused by the Russian military actions in Ukraine. Also, many Russian peace activists have been imprisoned, apart from already having a lot of setbacks in exercising their human right to public gathering. Even before the war in Ukraine started, tensions in the Balkan region, supported by sowing nationalism and nationalist rhetoric, were present and put the stability of the region into question.

Furthermore, the fear of rising gas, energy and food prices resulting from the war in Ukraine are also very strong in the Balkan countries, where the standard of living is much lower than those in the more prosperous EU countries. Current events show that keeping Balkan countries on the European path, and maintaining peace, prosperity and stability in the region, has never been as important as it is now. During the BRT Committee meeting in March in Belgrade, we discussed the challenges that our countries have been facing during these worrying circumstances.

As young socialists and social democrats, we defend our shared values, including democracy, respect of human rights, global peace and stability. We must act, and we therefore call on all the responsible political actors to support all demands mentioned below and to stand by our side:.

As a socialist, social democratic and labour organization we are called to address the issues that affect our generation today, but also the issues of the future, thus reaffirming our agenda for a more egalitarian and just world. In recent times, we have seen the fragility of the world in the face of a pandemic that acts regardless of borders, ideology or social status, having a dominant impact on the youth.

Nevertheless, young people still raise the flags of hope in the face of the different challenges that affect everyone. Given that there are less than ten years left to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals, from IUSY we are called to contribute to progress throughout the world without leaving anyone behind; and that is why this council is planned to discuss, from the perspective of the youth, the challenges and also the contributions that we can make to the world from our organization.

Together we will make an equal world possible for everyone. Please note that we urge all member organizations to register by April 1, or latest by April 22, IUSY expresses dismay at the return of the war in Europe and strongly condemns the invasion of Ukraine by the Russian Federation, which it considers a severe threat to global security.

Furthermore, pain and bewilderment are expressed for the news relating to the first victims of the conflict. IUSY calls for an end to all violence and military actions against Ukraine, convokes diplomatic negotiations and reiters that President Putin and the Russian political and military leadership will have to answer to the international community for the violation of international law and any violence against Ukrainian citizens.

IUSY appeals to regional and international partners and countries to support every possible diplomatic effort for peace and disarmament, guaranteeing the respect for humanitarian law, protecting refugees in border areas and safeguarding civilians, such as children. To all interested service providers: IUSY is looking forward to fully digitalize its services of communication with Member Organisations through a new website, platform and communication plan.

For this reason, we are launching an open call to all service providers and possible partners who could help us designing a new IUSY Digital Platform, with fully integrated digital solutions, as a new approach to post-pandemic communication with all IUSY Member Organisations.

The call will be open until the 6th of March and all the requests might be available in the following folder. Please do not hesitate to contribute and to make any necessary questions to iusy iusy. Together we will look at the connection between Queer movements and socialism and why we need both in our struggle for a just and equal society. A special programme will be organised for members of IUSY member organisations together with the IUSY Queer Working Group with a combination of own sessions as well as shared sessions with leftist queer activists from all over the world.

The training will be about:. For selected participants IUSY will cover the participation fee costs. Travel costs for selected participants will be covered. No tickets should be covered without the confirmation from the organisers side. NOTE: In order for the registration to be complete interested applicants also need to email project manager Diana Ghafour on diana.

Otherwise we will not be able to identify. This is mandatory! Visas Participants needing a visa invitation, please apply as early as possible. You will receive a visa application if your application is selected. Should you have any question to hesitate to contact the Secretariat at diana. Jandl iusy. Along the Ukrainian-Russian border, Russia has carried out a significant military build-up, including the deployment of offensive weapons and undertaking reinforced trainings and military exercises.

According to reports, Russia has continued to concentrate more intelligence units, special operations and marine forces along both the border, and in the occupied Crimea and Donbas.

Finally, we have witnessed the propagation of intensified extensive and virulent disinformation campaigns against Ukraine and NATO, and the perpetration of cyber-attacks upon Ukrainian governmental websites. Considering these worrying circumstances, we conclude that the current aggressions from Russia and the corresponding uncertainty arising from this render impossible peace in the region of the Donbas and Ukraine, and endanger it for the rest of Europe.

We believe that the current threat against the Ukrainian people feeds the vicious circle of the post-Soviet power-struggle for hegemony in Eastern Europe; Russia willingly risks a violent escalation in this pursuit.

Therefore, as an immediate first step to prevent escalation and minimise conflict, we demand the halt of any Russian military manoeuvres in the region, an end to the deployment of offensive weapons, and the withdrawal of any irregular Russian troops from the Eastern-Ukrainian border. As young socialists, we firmly believe that peace can be secured through dialogue and negotiations.

We express our solidarity with the Ukrainian people and our comrades, support every means of international dialogue to secure peace and stability in the region and especially reinforce the reinstallation of the Trilateral Contact Group and the Normandy Format. In the IUSY family we believe in the right to freedom of speech and freedom of assembly which Maseko was exercising, and such should not lead to an arrest. Our member organisation SWAYOCO and students have been central in demanding a democratic political system that would fight to address the glaring socio economic conditions, ranging from poverty, access to education, health care and importantly jobs for the majority of young people.

Fighting for justice, equality and dignity should never be a crime. The people of Swaziland have been denied their freedom for too long since political parties were banned in by the monarchy. The absolute monarchy run by King Mswati does not espouse the values of freedom, human rights which the world cherishes so much.

IUSY calls for the immediate release of Maseko and the hundreds of prisoners languishing in Swazi prisons. Further escalating the ongoing political crisis, and tensions among communities throughout the country, must be prevented. The situation in Bosnia and Herzegovina is critical, and the current political crisis is the worst since the war To stop the negative political developments in Bosnia and Herzegovina the rest of the world must act and put political pressure on relevant institutions, political parties and individual politicians and public officials in Republika Srpska and the federal level of the Bosnian-Herzegovinian state.

After a long period of peace and stability, Bosnian-Serb president of Bosnia and Hercegovina, Milorad Dodik, and his nationalist party, which rules in Republika Srpska, has decided to intensely work on the destabilization of Bosnia and Herzegovina thus turning against the Dayton Peace Accords and the constitution of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Their aim is clear: Secession from Bosnia and Hercegovina and independence for Republika Srpska in a union with the Republic of Serbia. In connection with these demands, nationalist forces have been given considerable space in the form of demonstrations and unrest in general. Republika Srpska is an entity within the state of Bosnia and Herzegovina which must be respected. IUSY condemns the riots that have taken place in the country and caused great unrest among the people of the country.

The terrible values that increase cynicism and hatred must be overcome with solidarity and hope. Bosnia and Herzegovina is a country known for its diversity, openness and tolerance. Therefore, nationalist forces must be stopped. The rest of the world must act, and we therefore call on every political actors to support actions demanding that:. This is the most important event between the IUSY Congresses and a great moment for our Member Organisations from all over the world to gather and discuss the future of our organisation and our generation.

We strongly feel that the uncertain times we are currently living in, from the COVID pandemic to the growing inequalities, call for common actions in the face of the challenges we are bound to face ahead. This year, exceptionally, we will also mark the World Environment Day on the last day of our Council the 5th June Contact us at iusy iusy. In solidarity,. From IUSY we have closely followed the political events in Chile, from the October revolt with an alarming situation of human rights violations, to the launch of the Constitutional Convention to draft a new Constitution in parity and with the participation of the native peoples.

Today the conquests achieved by the people of Chile face a debacle that will define their democratic future and the possibility of giving an effective response to the needs that afflict the country. Therefore, we are hopeful and express our support for the candidacy of Gabriel Boric, as he is a young progressive man who will contribute to the democratic future in the Latin American country.

We are attentive to the electoral process that they will go through, with the certainty that democracy will advance, with respect for human rights and in defense of the most deprived.

Apelamos a la solidaridad de nuestras organizaciones hermanas para poder alzar la voz en contra de los gobiernos con aspiraciones autoritarias. Respetaremos las normas de bioseguridad, pero no admitiremos que se atropellen las libertades. Rechazamos de manera radical las propuestas de ley que limitan y reducen el acceso a este derecho.

The aim of the meeting is to learn on the implications of crisis situations on students rights, forms of education and enhance student international solidarity. The Covid pandemic has not only affected student rights and education but the work of the IUSY student working group causing 1 year of inactivity for the working group. The meeting will offer a platform to discuss how the situation has affected student life in the regions, give space to engage in a dialogue on common struggles and obstacles, and work together to come up with ideas for how we can make the Student working Group in IUSY active again.

Please note that the event must be gender-balanced and therefore the selection criteria will follow this premise in order to ensure such balance. Participants must be able to attend the entire programme of the seminar and should be interested in continuing being active in the working group after the seminar. This is due so that we can get the working group back on track according to the IUSY activity plan for and continue the struggle for student rights everywhere in the world.

No former experience is required but it is preferable that participnats are interested in students issues and human rights. Participants must apply by filling out the registration form before deadline 25th of November The meeting will take place online, through the online platform Zoom. Participants once confirmed their participation, will receive a link and an entry code to the meeting room. During the event, we would like to discuss the current situation in Afghanistan with the focus on women and children and other minority groups for example, queer community with invited speakers.

We envision to conclude the discussion on how we as global community can support and what are the actual needs and expectations from the international community by engaging in group work and discussion. The event will consist of two parts: panel discussion with speakers and groups work, sharing and exchange with the participants. We will send the information on the speakers and facilitators as soon as we have all the confirmations.

As an employee of IUSY you are engaged in all our activities and will get very broad and intercultural coordination and management experience. You will also get a unique chance to study the world from a political and social perspective. The job is full-time, which might include frequent travel and work during activities that take place during the weekend or in the evenings.

The Secretariat is located in Vienna, Austria and normally it is required that you are ready to move here. In cooperation with the Secretary-General and the rest of the Secretariat, the employee assists in the management, preparation, and implementation of seminars, statutory meetings, study visits as well as other political initiatives. The employee will be assisting project managers in preparing funding applications, reporting activities, and assisting in coordination.

In addition to the previously mentioned tasks, the employee will assist in the daily running of the Secretariat, such as answering emails and phones, updating the website and other administrative tasks that support the running of the office. Fluent in written and spoken English. Good knowledge of Spanish or French is desirable, but not a requirement.

German and other language skills can be an asset. IUSY operates a month salary system. The salary is 2. The candidate should have a work permit for Austria or EU citizenship.

IUSY is an international NGO made up of about socialist, social democratic and labour youth organisations from over countries all over the world. Our international organisation has over years of experience in running activities for promotion of our principles and ideas of young people for political solutions to issues and challenges of pressing concern in their societies.

Our activities include short and long term programs aiming at strengthening youth organisations through education and cooperation, empowering young people for active participation in social and political life through seminars, conferences and debates, increasing equal participation of underrepresented groups of young people and providing a global platform for cooperation and exchange of ideas of young people through world youth festivals, global campaigns and global communication platforms.

We believe in a world based on equality, sustainability and solidarity. We want young people to be able to shape their own future. Therefore, the struggle for democracy and human rights comes first for us! Interviews will be held either in Vienna, Austria, or online via video conference.

After the interviews, all candidates will be informed of the results. Only pre-selected candidates will be contracted for interviews. The employee is expected to join the office right after acceptancy preferably in the first half of November to help IUSY Secretariat with IUSY upcoming fundraising, reporting process, with ongoing and new activities.

Email: iusy iusy. Recomendamos encarecidamente que todas las organizaciones reserven sus vuelos inmediatamente por tal de conseguir el mejor precio posible. Tengan en cuenta que IUSY solo puede reembolsar el coste de los viajes que sean certificados con los documentos originales. During the meeting participants will get to know each other, share their organisational and country reports. They will also have the time to share their expectations from the meeting and from the Committee.

We will also have group work together focusing on specific topics that are relevant for the Committee. More details on the programme will come soon and all registered participants will be informed of the technicalities and the content of the meeting. The meeting will be held online on the Zoom platform. It will be in English and without any participation fee.

It is important to remember that our events are safe spaces and that we are mindful and respectful towards each other. Contact information Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the IUSY Secretariat at iusy iusy.

During this three days meeting we will focus on the teambuilding and organistaional updates of member organisations from the region, go deeper into the topic of the year from different perspectives and we will plan and draft the committee roadmap for the upcoming years.

We will get together for 3 days about ,5 hours per day in an informal and formal settings. We will share with you the Code of Conduct together with the programme and technicalities.

Please note that it is required that the participants participate for the whole duration of the activity. Should you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact the coordinator of the project at the IUSY Secretariat:.

We are looking forward to receiving your registration and meeting you online! The Global Seminar will gather together IUSY member organisations from all over the world to meet and share challenges young people and youth organisations have been facing since the beginning of the pandemic.

The two day seminar will be a space for sharing out realities from different thematic perspectives based on the topic of Political Youth Participation. Deadline for registration is on the 30th of September CET. Participants requiring visa may want to register even further in advance to be safe. Keep in mind that there is a limited amount of spots. Thus, thought out answers to the questions are required as part of the selection process.

We want to give our participants the opportunity to share how they are doing in this situation of still ongoing pandemic and what is happening in their realities from local and regional perspective.

This means we will have a space to talk, to share, to support and to act. We will start the Committee meeting with getting to know each other and teambuilding activities followed by organisational updates. Later on we will go deeper on presenting and discussing the political situation in the region focusing on youth vision for transformation.

The last day, we will work together on Committee road map which will support our ideas and work in the upcoming months. The military furthermore released opposition party members that were imprisoned by President Conde during his 3 terms as the democratically elected president of Guinea Conakry. IUSY acknowledges the glaring inconsistencies with regard to democracy and the limitations with regard to freedom of political association that existed in the country prior to the coup.

IUSY condemns the utilization of armed forces and the violent takeover of the state outside of a democratic process. IUSY echoes the calls for the restoration of democratic rule, peace, and stability in Guinea Conakry and furthermore advocates for the release of President Conde. The organization pledges its unwavering support and solidarity with the youth of Guinea Conakry.

The IUSY furthermore would like to entrench and lobby for the following forms of interventions from the Army:. The IUSY furthermore reaffirms its commitment to democracy and self-determination of African countries, whilst ensuring that a conducive environment that embraces freedom and economic development is attained. In various seminars like Winter-school, Summer-school, Queer Easter and other seminars we discuss, dream and make plans how to contribute to social change.

For us it is important that these seminars and trainings are run by an international team to share different approaches and experiences, and to learn more about different realities we live in. The international team is composed of active members from various organisations from all over Europe, Israel and Palestine. They meet regularly, receive trainings and develop ideas for seminars in these meetings. Despite many difficulties and restrictions of travel and physical meetings, we emphasise the importance of finding ways of learning, engaging, supporting each other, demanding and driving for change.

For selected participants IUSY will cover the costs. Travel cost reimbursement Travel costs for selected participants will be covered.

No tickets should be purchased without the confirmation from organisers side. Participants needing Visa invitations, please apply as early as possible.

You will receive a visa invitation of your application is selected. Please make sure to contact the Embassy of Germany I your country in order to find out about the current procedure for applying for visa.

Currently our house operates under some restrictions due to health prevention. We follow special rules of hygiene sorry, only available in German , such as covering mouse and nose in the corridors and dining hall, washing and disinfecting hands on a regular basis and separation of different groups in the house.

So far, we have successfully organized several seminars under these conditions. We are confident, that the seminar will be possible. IUSY expresses its concern about the situation lived in Tunisia over the last days after the suspension of the parliament and the dismissal of the government.

We are aware that the country has been facing a permanent political crisis since the election of and that the divisions in the sense of the main constitutional institutions have harmed the economy and the management of the Covid health crisis. As democratic socialists, we are conscious of what the revolution meant and how it is important to achieve a democratic transition and establish the Rule of Law.

Furthermore, it is our understanding that the parliamentary majority and the former government should bear its share of responsibility for the current political situation in Tunisia when it comes to discussing the economic and health crisis which pushed the country towards an increase of social tension and the blockage of any stable political horizon.

Despite the disagreement of many national and international actors with the President of the Republic regarding the interpretation of Article 80 of the Constitution, IUSY considers that the parliamentary majority did not leave a solution except for those decisions and we insist on the importance of deploying a road map to returning quickly to the stability by establishing a new government to deal with the main challenges. We strongly support the initiative of maintaining dialogue with all political actors and civil society organizations to discuss the possibility of early legislative elections, as well as the revision of electoral law.

Since , Nicaragua has experienced a political and human rights crisis. Today, all Nicaraguans live in complete and absolute lack of protection and are at the mercy of the operators of the repression. Since , the Daniel Ortega regime has murdered more than people for demonstrating and prosecuted more than 1, people.

The authorities have tortured, beaten, harassed, and systematically and widely persecuted men and women for thinking differently, for demanding freedom, democracy, and justice. Currently, more than political prisoners are in the jails of the regime. The kidnapping of members of the Unamos Party leadership, between Saturday 12 and Sunday 13 June , is part of these persecution acts in a clear attempt to neutralize the opposition. Furthermore, many of those victims are considered as missing since they are not present to the respective authorities as legally demanded by the constitution.

IUSY rejects the arbitrary and inhumane way the police have operated, as well as the implausible arguments used by the regime invoking laws that have no other objective than to try to justify the kidnappings of 17 Nicaraguan citizens of different social backgrounds and ideological identities that were executed in the last three weeks. Finally, and most importantly, IUSY calls for an end to the constant persecution of the opposition and for all political prisoners to be released.

It is essential the Human Rights are guaranteed and unconditionally protected under any circumstances. We call on the International Community to act now and prevent further perpetrations of Human Rights violations. IUSY expresses its concern about the situation lived in Cuba over the last days. We are aware of what the revolution meant for the Cuban people, but today we should be willing to reflect on the state in which the country is plunged.

As democratic socialists, we condemn the repression of the protestants who reflect the discomfort of the population. IUSY believes that the right to protest is fundamental in any democracy. Furthermore, IUSY is concerned about the escalation of tension felt in the region, due to internal and external factors, and reaffirms its commitment to a plural democracy and unconditional respect for human rights.

Bearing the current complex scenario in mind, IUSY once again reiterates its demand for the lifting of the economic blockade that has contributed to the impoverishment of the Cuban people.

The rescission of the embargo measures adopted by the previous U. Today, the coronavirus crisis has deepened the island into its worst economic situation in 30 years. To add to this reality and the previously mentioned restrictions are the effects of monetary unification and the paralysis of tourism which constitute a concerning obstacle to the dignity and well-being of the Cuban people.

Because there cannot be a true revolutionary process without democracy, IUSY stands side by side with the Cuban people in the fight for a peaceful, democratic, and prosperous future. We follow with great concern the current situation of Swaziland and condemn all forms of violence used by the Swaziland Government supported by the King Mswati III. In our last IUSY Congress, held in Panama on the last 18 and 19 of June, the organization approved a resolution that highlights the need for democracy in Swaziland.

The absolute monarchy run by King Mswati does not espouse to the values of freedom, human rights which the world cherishes so much. Swaziland remains the only state ruled by an absolute monarchy with the king having total control over all the three arms of government.

Swaziland also has a very high unemployment rate, and more than orphans and vulnerable children are forced to head their families as there are no adult care givers in their families. The vicious cycle of poverty, hunger and sickness, has seen the life expectancy drop to 48 years, according to the World Health Organization WHO. The people of Swaziland are fully committed to a peaceful transition in societies facing political, social and economic challenges.

With the current form of government, the inequalities, violations of fundamental human rights, poverty and disease are continually rising. Student members are currently facing arrests, torture and detainment for protesting the lack of democracy.

The number of people brutally injured and killed at the hands of the military increases every day and the violence does not seem to stop;. Our comrade, Bekhinkhosi Dlamini, from Swige, was killed by the army on the 28 th June during a peaceful protest, adding his life to the number of victims, as Thabani Nkomonye, who died fighting for a democratic country;. Internet has been shut down in Swaziland after government ordered Internet operators to stop providing it, therefore hampering the communication between Swazis and the international community;.

Publicly announces the unbanning of political parties, repealing the Decree and suppressing the Terrorist Act of ;. Releases all political prisoners and unconditionally provides the conditions for the return of all political exiles;. This is the time to stand in solidarity with the millions of Swazis whose hope cannot fall in vain.

We, as agents of a democratic change towards a peaceful world, must act now to prevent more lives from being taken. For Swaziland, for Democracy, for Bekhinkhosi Dlamini and the dozens of victims, we ask you to unequivocally stand on the side of human rights.

Over the past days, tensions and violence have increased in Gaza, Israel, and the occupied West Bank. It started with Palestinian protesters speaking out against the expulsion of the Palestinian families from Sheikh Jarrah, who have met with brutality and violence from Israeli settlers backed by the government, the Israeli army, and the police.

We believe the Israeli army invasion of al aqsa compound and al aqsa mosque while worshipers were praying during the holiest days of Ramadan and attacking the worshipers with stun grenades, rubber bullets and tear gas is violation of human rights. Furthermore, we see the act towards the families in Sheikh Jarrah in the context of cutting off East Jerusalem from Bethlehem and severely undermine future negotiations towards a two-state solution in line with the internationally agreed parameters and our stand to support the two states solution We, as movements that seek peace, adhere to the principles of peaceful co-existence based upon justice and the respect of rights and universal well-being.

We are apprehensive about the right-wing and interest groups in each society that profit from this conflict and from nationalism and racism expanding in these societies. We believe that violence only breeds violence, and, consequently, no one wins. Such a cycle of conflict only brings deeper and more prolonged suffering to all those living in Palestine and Israel.

We are shocked, heartbroken, and infuriating to see the civilians that were murdered during these attacks especially the children. We unequivocally condemn the military strikes by the Israeli authorities on Gaza, and call on those missiles sent from Gaza onto Israel to desist. As Israel is the occupying force and the state that wields unparalleled military power, Israel must bear most responsibility for de-escalating this situation.

El dialogo es el camino para dirimir el conflicto. As a result of the demonstration, abuse of force was committed against the civilian population exercising their right to protest.

The different social and economic sectors mobilized against the governmental injustices at a critical moment for the country that was heavily affected after the pandemic. Although the government withdrew the tax reform last Sunday, the demonstrations continued to defend human rights that were atrociously violated during the march.

The call of the people to generate substantial changes has not ceased because the reform is not the only scary scenario for the most vulnerable classes of the country. Where protest has been delegitimized, and government decisions have been made that threaten social justice, freedom of expression, democracy and peace.

Therefore, we urge the government to clarify the facts, to take urgent measures against the abuse of public force. It cannot continue to ignore the cases of police abuse, homicides, arbitrary detentions and multiple violence by the security forces. We condemn the violation of human rights and the lack of guarantees of the rule of law.

We call for dialogue between the government and the different social sectors, especially with the National Committee of the strike, economic and political sectors, to reach consensus for peace and well-being. Dialogue is the way to resolve the conflict. We condemn state violence as a mechanism to dissuade the legitimate protest of a people that has seen poverty grow well above the average growth of Latin America. And reject, especially, the strict instruction of former President Alvaro Uribe to members of the state forces to use weapons against protesters.

We stand in solidarity with the victims and relatives of the young people killed, disappeared and wounded during the days while demanding justice for them. Finally, we request international human rights organizations to pay special attention to what is happening in Colombia.

The massive denunciations of citizens against the State and the silence of local authorities about what is happening there should alert us about events that allegedly violate democratic standards in the region. IUSY Queer working group annual meeting aims to provide young activists from member organisations with knowledge on the theme of queer issues and rights aswell as develop, skills and competences to identify and counter homophobic and transphobic attitudes in their political activismand within their organisations.

Among these many issues that queer persons and communities continue facing there is also a huge problem connected with mental health. This is one of the topics that is not widely discussed in our societies and within our organisations. This year, we want to bring our focus on the theme of queer activism and mental health. This activity is aimed towards the activists of IUSY member organisations.

Please note that it is required that the participants stay for the whole duration of the activity and also to contribute to the working group after the meeting. Participants once confirmed their participation, will receive the programme, more detailed technical information and the link and an entry code to the meeting room. Exact time of the meeting will be confirmed as soon as possible.

Age: years. Every year, IUSY Feminist Working Group brings together young activists of IUSY member organisations to engage in a dialogue on common struggles and obstacles, and work together to come up with strategies to enact political and social change within our organisations and beyond. Young feminist activists continue organising across movements in an intersectional way, locally, nationally, regionally and globally even in these difficult times of pandemic.

Regardless of the work and continuous fight by many feminist organisations and networks, we continue facing discrimination in our organisational structures, lack of support in political and economic empowerment and in participatory decision making processes.

By deconstructing old narratives, being critical, sharing good practices and highlighting topics such as intersectionality and gender discrimination within organsations, this meeting will give participants the tools and skills:.

We will get together for 2 days about 2. The time will be confirmed as soon as it is possible taking into account the different time zones. We believe that the youth, women and working people of Myanmar will suffer most from this undemocratic move.

It must be remembered that justice is still not served from the genocidal attacks by the military against ethnic groups in different states. There are reports on the ground that the military have already occupied several thousand of lands around the area of the RCEP and BRI pathways mostly in Kachin state and Rakhine state. Their embarrassing loss in the parliamentary elections in November against the National League for Democracy was a threat to their capitalistic plans.

We demand for the release of the detained politicians and government officials. We demand for the military to stand down, reverse its actions, and restore the civilian government. The trading partners of Myanmar will have blood on their hands if they profit off this political crisis and refuse to take action. We call on the international community to pressure the Myanmar military to put a stop to its adventurism and uphold the results of the elections.

Desde IUSY buscamos la igualdad, defendemos los derechos humanos y luchamos por empoderar a las mujeres en todos los aspectos que atraviesan su vida. Otra barrera importante, es conforme nos alejamos de las grandes urbes. We seek and defend equality, human rights and fight to empower women in all aspects of their lives. We believe that it is essential to recognize women as subjects of rights, as citizens and moral agents capable of deciding whether or not they want to be mothers guaranteeing their right to health and safety by the state.

Women are subjects capable of exercising their sexual and reproductive rights, where the State ensures to provide access to comprehensive sexual education and reproductive health services, including abortion.

For more than 15 years, the Campaign for Sexual Education to decide, Contraceptives not to abort, and Safe and Free Legal Abortion not to die, has promoted this debate and continued fighting for reproductive rights and freedom of pregnant bodies.

In Argentina, approximately , abortions are performed per year, and the death rate from clandestine abortions is 43 representing Women who suffer the most from illegality are the poor. They die because they cannot afford the costs of accessing safe forms of abortion. Another major obstacle is when we move away from big cities. In countries where abortion has been decriminalized, maternal deaths from abortions no longer exist and the number of abortions performed has dropped.

During the progressive governments in the city of Rosario, Argentina, mortality from abortions has been reduced to zero and the production of Misoprostol in public laboratories have been promoted in the Province of Santa Fe. Understanding abortion as a public health policy is unavoidable given these figures and evidences.

Al mismo tiempo, hacemos el llamado al respeto irrestricto de los derechos humanos en todo momento y lugar. Tenemos que ser la voz que canalice las nuevas y crecientes demandas sociales que emergen en nuestro continente. The Commission’s role in these programmes is to act on behalf of the euro area Member States, including when negotiating a memorandum of understanding. Programme reviews that take place every three months allow checking both the implementation of reforms and their effect of the economy.

As warranted, changes are decided by the euro area Member States, including the country concerned. In — , it financed the creation of networks to promote preventative measures in amateur sport, sport for all and physical exercise.

An assessment of these measures would seem premature at this stage. However, these projects have already contributed to the development of joint EU initiatives in the field of sport. In fact, the Council Conclusions of 10 May on combating doping in recreational sport refer explicitly to the evidence provided by these projects and in this context, the Council has invited the Expert Group on Anti-Doping, established under the EU Work Plan for Sport , to present a set of recommendations on combating doping in recreational sport that can be applied at both EU and national level.

The Commission has supported this work logistically and financially and the draft recommendations of the Experts will be ready for adoption by the Council before the end of Funds will be spent according to rules and procedures still to be adopted for the programme in general.

For historical and cultural reasons and because of ethnic and political affinities, shared values and common civilisation references, Canada is an important and reliable partner of the European Union.

There are obstacles in this relationship, specifically in fishing, security and immigration. However, compared to other countries, EU-Canada relations are stable and fruitful for both partners.

When concluded, these two agreements will take our relations with Canada to another level and promote a deepening of ties across the board. The CETA will be a ground-breaking agreement, which seeks an ambitious liberalisation of trade and investment relations. The aim of the SPA is to advance EU-Canada foreign policy and sectoral cooperation beyond the Framework Agreement and the Partnership Agenda, and to provide a platform for joint action in the international arena.

The EU and Canada have shared interests and cooperate, inter alia , in foreign and security policy, in the field of justice and home affairs, in reinvigorating global economic growth, and in tackling global challenges including climate change and poverty in developing countries.

The next EU-Canada summit, to be hosted by Canada, has not yet been scheduled. The conflict between Russia and Georgia, a country which has stated its desire to join the European Union and to adhere to its values, has underlined the urgency for a European strategy for the South Caucasus. Under the Eastern Partnership, the European Union offers political association and economic integration to the countries of the South Caucasus.

The EU believes that the third Eastern Partnership Summit, which will take place in Vilnius in November , will represent an important step forward in its relations with the countries of the South Caucasus. After the Protocol came into force in March , the Parties to the Barcelona Convention continued working to put it into effect. An initial important milestone was the adoption by the Conference of the Parties in February of the action plan 6 for the Implementation of the Protocol This sets out the roadmap for achieving the Protocol’s aims, including the establishment of regional and national strategies.

It is too early to make any sort of assessment about the implementation of the Protocol. The action plan will be subject to a mid-term review and evaluation in De que modo? Has its application brought about a collective response that is stronger and more capable of facing the challenges that terrorism and cross-border crime place on our legal systems and police forces? In what way has it done this? The entry into force of the Agreement is still pending failing the declarations by Iceland and Norway required according to Article 8 thereof.

The Commission is not aware of activities in the two countries regarding the preparation of the implementation of the provisions of the Agreement. The participation of the Swiss Confederation and the Principality of Liechtenstein in the Frontex agency has increased the resources at its disposal and its ability to respond jointly to the issue of illegal immigration by involving Member States located at the edges of the EU which suffer problems similar to those experienced internally in relation to controlling migration flows and combating illegal immigration.

Which ones? The participation of the Swiss Confederation and the Principality of Liechtenstein in the work of the Frontex Agency is based on specific Arrangements concluded to that effect between each of the Schengen Associated Countries Iceland, Norway, Switzerland, and Liechtenstein and the European Union. The Commission values the level of participation of the four Schengen Associated Countries in the work of the Frontex Agency, and expects the Associated Countries to continue to support the coordination work undertaken by the Agency at the external borders of the European Union.

The European Union cooperates in many fields with Switzerland and Liechtenstein respectively. Any cooperation going beyond the existing policy fields would need to be assessed on a needs basis taking into account the general relations between the European Union and these two countries. Que perspetivas futuras oferece? What future prospects does it offer?

Has the bilateral protection clause been applied? The full impact of the FTA will only be known once all the tariffs have been eliminated, but so far this has proven to be a good deal for the EU. EU exports to Korea are up by As a consequence, by the first quarter of the EU now has a trade surplus with Korea for the first time in 15 years. The prospects are therefore bright and EU exporters are also making increasing use of the preferential tariffs.

The creation of a European public sphere was met with indifference by the people of Europe and disinterest by national public opinion. This does not seem to justify the massive investment made in information and promotion by the institutions, which previously distanced themselves from the European project in a worrying manner. The European Commission’s communication activities are driven by the desire to involve citizens and listen to their concerns — and thereby strengthen a European Public Space as highlighted in last year’s State of the European Union speech by President Barroso.

One of the central aims is to discuss European affairs from European point of view. This is work in progress, nor something which is already created as the question implies. The European Year of Citizens which will be evaluated at the end of the project has been designed, together with the European Parliament, as the vehicle for stronger engagement.

Members of the Commission, Members of the European Parliament as well as national and regional politicians take part. The dialogues with citizens will continue in the run-up to the European elections in The Commission’s Recommendation for the next election of the European Parliament also supports a European Public Space by suggesting European candidates for the post of President of the Commission, by highlighting the role of European party families and advocating to vote on a single day in all Member States.

Of course the Commission will also support the European Parliament’s communication campaign. In a report conducted by the European Transport Safety Council, it is emphasised that fatigue can be exacerbated by three key elements:. Sleep-related component the amount and quality of sleep, time since the last period of sleep and sleep inertia ;. Task-related component time-on-task, i. Each of these needs has to be considered as part of a fatigue management process. How will the Commission ensure that its proposal will take all these three elements into account when proposing new FTLs?

The same report underlines that sleep taken when on standby is always for shorter periods and of poorer quality. Moreover, there have been no studies into the effects of standby with regard to fatigue. How will the Commission take the issue of standby into account when evaluating the new FTLs, and will standby if it interferes with normal sleep patterns be counted towards flight duty periods?

The three key elements mentioned by the Honorable Member constitute universally recognised aircrew fatigue principles which were already applied in the current EU FTL rules 8 , applicable since The Commission’s intention is to put in place even stricter safety rules with a view to implement those principles. It has therefore launched a corresponding amendment. This concerns for example stricter more protective rules concernig nigh duties or the rules on in-flight rest or standby duties.

The Honourable Member is right in pointing out that there are no studies concerning the effects of standby with regard to aircrew fatigue. For this reason, the Commission has based itself on best national practices, on operational experience and on aircrew fatigue principles. According to the Commission, standby periods interfering with normal sleep patterns should be counted as duty periods under certain circumstances.

In data 29 maggio, numerosi poliziotti hanno fatto irruzione nella villa a Casal Palocco in periferia di Roma, dove viveva Alma Shalabayeva con la figlia Aula di 6 anni, alla ricerca del marito, il dissidente politico kazako Muktar Ablyazov che ha ottenuto asilo politico dalla Gran Bretagna, e le hanno prelevate portandole al CIE.

L’ultimo rapporto di Amnesty International riferisce che in Kazakistan «pratiche di tortura sono regolarmente perpetrate nei confronti di oppositori e dissidenti da parte delle forze di polizia e di sicurezza». Pur stabilendo norme comuni sulle condizioni e procedure di concessione dello status di rifugiato, il diritto dell’UE in materia di asilo attualmente non prevede il mutuo riconoscimento, da parte degli Stati membri, dello status di rifugiato concesso da altri Stati membri.

The normal practice in such cases is for people to be kept in the detention centre for some months prior to expulsion and for scheduled flights or special flights arranged by the Frontex agency to be used for that purpose. In its latest report, Amnesty International states that the Kazakh police and security forces regularly use torture against political opponents and dissidents. Would it agree that the Italian authorities acted in breach of EC law, under which refugee status granted in one Member State is valid throughout the EU?

The issues set out by the Honourable Member raise questions as regards the compatibility of the actions taken by the Italian authorities with the EU’s return and asylum acquis. Following the publication on 16 July of the results of internal investigations conducted by the head of the Italian police and pending the results of ongoing investigations by the prosecutor of Rome, the Commission contacted the Italian authorities in order to better understand how the return procedure set out in the Return Directive is usually conducted in Italy and how it was implemented in the present case of Alma Shalabayeva and her daughter.

The Commission also requested information regarding access to the asylum procedure and the respect of the principle of non-refoulement, in view of ensuring inter alia that Articles 18 right to asylum and 19 protection in the event of removal, expulsion or extradition of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights were fully respected by the Italian authorities.

The Commission, in close contact with the European External Action Service, will examine carefully the reply from the Italian authorities and closely monitor any further developments. Although EU asylum law establishes common rules concerning the conditions and procedure for granting refugee status, it does not currently provide for mutual recognition by Member States of refugee status granted by other Member States.

The recently approved general guidelines on transport in Europe stress the Atlantic corridor as an investment priority with a view to constructing infrastructure with European added value. This would mean a project to resolve one of the long-standing bottlenecks hindering rail transport Spain and France. The report states that the high-speed link between Bordeaux and Toulouse is a priority and that the construction of the new line between Bordeaux and Hendaye — part of the Atlantic corridor and a source of bottlenecks — is to be postponed until after These criteria encourage the development of infrastructure projects providing cross-border connections, promoting intermodality, providing links to at least one main sea port and increasing the capacity of saturated routes.

Does the Commission think that the new plans are consistent with the commitments made by France during the negotiation and approval of the trans-European transport routes? As the Honourable Member pointed out, some of the conclusions of this report may appear not to be fully in line with the objectives of the proposed Trans-European Transport Network TEN-T such as the completion of a new high speed line between Bordeaux and Hendaye after , whereas the Bordeaux — Toulouse high speed line is proposed to be completed by Both sections are part of the Core Network and could receive funding from the Connecting Europe Facility, with higher co-funding rates for the cross-border sections than for the national ones.

In the context of the future Atlantic Core Network Corridor, the Commission intends to pursue the dialogue with the French and Spanish authorities on the details of the projects in order to ensure interoperable and efficient transport connections in the Core Network, in line with the results of the negotiations on the new TEN-T guidelines Regulation Ist die Kommission der Auffassung, dass Gebiete, die der Kommission als EU-Vogelschutzgebiete gemeldet, aber noch nicht nach nationalem Recht ausgewiesen wurden, als faktische Vogelschutzgebiete anzusehen sind?

Wenn Frage 3 mit nein beantwortet wird: Wie ist die Rechtsauffassung der Kommission? Die Kommission ist der Aufassung, dass jedes Gebiet, das von einem Mitgliedstaat als besonderes Schutzgebiet im Sinne der Vogelschutzrichtlinie 13 notifiziert wurde, aber im nationalen Recht nicht als solches ausgewiesen ist, de facto ein besonderes Schutzgebiet darstellt.

The German army is planning to construct a new mock town covering an area of around 6. The project will have a considerable negative impact on the conservation objectives of the FFH area and the registered bird protection area. Dietmar Weihrich, a member of the Saxony-Anhalt regional parliament, has submitted a complaint against the project for breach of EC law registered under CHAP What stage has the complaint reached, and how long is the procedure expected to take?

Does the Commission think that areas which have been registered with it as EU bird protection areas but which have not yet been designated as such under national law do in fact constitute bird protection areas? If so, does the Commission consider that plans and projects in bird protection areas which might damage or disturb their birdlife should be evaluated under Article 4 4 of the Birds Directive? What can the Commission do to put a stop to a project such as that described above if it has been authorised under Article 6 4 of the Habitats Directive, even if it should have been evaluated under Article 4 4 of the Birds Directive?

What requirements are there in the case of the above project to provide proof that there is no other solution under Article 6 4 of the Habitats Directive? Does the Commission believe that a proper evaluation of a project under Article 4 4 of the Birds Directive or Article 6 3 and 4 of the Habitats Directive is possible without a full investigation of the areas involved?

The Commission will endeavour to take a decision on the substance either to open infringement proceedings or to close the case within twelve months of registration of the complaint. The Commission considers that any site notified by a Member State as a special protection area under the Birds Directive 16 but not designated as such under national law constitutes a de facto special protection area. It is primarily for national courts and administrative bodies to ensure compliance with EC law.

If the Commission becomes aware that national authorities do not comply with EC law,. The Commission decides from case to case which steps are to be taken. Wann wird die EU-Kommission konkrete Leitlinien bzw. Many local authorities in Germany — particularly in Bavaria — also have such models, under which local residents can purchase building land in their place of residence at a discount. The Commission has opened infringement proceedings against Germany on this matter, and these are currently pending.

Many local authorities are now uncertain as to whether the practice is permissible under EC law. The aim is for rural areas especially to remain attractive as places to live. In its ruling, the Court stated that certain social criteria aimed at helping local residents with limited financial resources to fund housing construction were expressly permitted under EC law, provided the reductions to the purchase price were appropriate and proportionate.

When will the Commission publish specific guidelines or a detailed list of criteria for the permissibility of local models so that local authorities can be sure of legal certainty in this matter? Is it true that local models are permitted if they take the following criteria into account, at least to a reasonable degree: residence locally; income level; number of children; employment in the district; voluntary activities; family members in the district in need of care?

When does the Commission expect to complete the infringement proceedings against Germany? As mentioned by the Honourable Member, the Court of Justice has confirmed that the purpose of responding to the housing needs of low-income or other disadvantaged sections of the local population can constitute an overriding reason in the public interest justifying restrictions on fundamental freedoms, provided that the measures are appropriate and proportionate to the objective pursued.

The Commission does not intend to publish guidelines or detailed criteria for this assessment. Several hundred workers could be affected in this sector. The workers believe that they should be entitled to receive some financial compensation. I am aware that the delicate situation of these workers has been raised in the dialogue between the relevant services of the Commission and the responsible Croatian authorities.

Is the Commission considering taking appropriate measures e. Could supportive measures be implemented through the funding from the European Social Fund or by using any other available EU instrument that might contribute to the solution of this problem? The Commission is fully aware of and takes into account the challenges that Croatia’s labour market is going to face following the accession to the European Union and in view of global economic trends.

Funding from the European Social Fund ESF is available to help undertake the necessary adaptation not only in the labour market but also in the education system, as well as to improve social inclusion and strengthen institutional capacities.

The Commission and Croatia are now commencing discussions for programming investments to be supported by the ESF in the period for The issue of the forwarding agents will also be tackled. There will be a possibility for persons employed as forwarding agents to use training and retraining measures offered through active employment measures by the Croatian Employment Service CES which will be co-financed by the ESF.

At the beginning of March all the CES regional offices started organising meetings and conducting visits to employers performing forwarding agency business activity. Through individual counselling the redundant workers have been offered several possibilities of support whose details can be obtained from the Ministry of Labour and Pension System which is the Managing Authority responsible for the ESF operational programme in Croatia.

Regional CES offices will continue with visits to the employers and with mobile team activities in order to establish possible redundancies of forwarding agents and in order to provide services to workers based on established plans. Angesichts dieses Urteils:. Welchen Standpunkt vertritt die Kommission in Bezug auf Systeme, die Dienstleistungserbringer verpflichten, sich vor der zeitweiligen Erbringung von Dienstleistungen in anderen Mitgliedstaaten zu melden?

Belgien hat am Oggetto: Libera prestazione di servizi e obbligo di registrazione prima della prestazione di servizi. Alla luce della sentenza:. Come valuta la Commissione la misura proposta dal governo belga per rispettare la decisione? Inoltre, ha stabilito che la legislazione belga in questione richiede informazioni di natura dettagliata dai prestatori dei servizi prima della prestazione, senza una giustificazione sufficiente per quanto riguarda sotto qual profilo la comunicazione di tali informazioni risulti necessaria per conseguire gli obiettivi di interesse generale da esso invocati e sotto qual profilo l’obbligo di previa comunicazione di tali informazioni non vada oltre i limiti di quanto necessario ai fini del conseguimento degli obiettivi medesimi.

Il 19 marzo il Belgio ha adottato un regio decreto che modifica il sistema Limosa. Betreft: Vrijheid van dienstverlening, verplichte registratie voor het begin van de dienstverlening. In het licht van dit arrest wilde ik de Commissie het volgende vragen:. Wat is de mening van de Commissie over de maatregel die de Belgische regering heeft voorgesteld? Wat denkt de Commissie over regelingen die dienstverleners verplichten zich te laten registreren voor het begin van het tijdelijk verrichten van diensten in een andere lidstaat?

Het Hof oordeelde ook dat de in het geding zijnde Belgische wetgeving vereiste dat de dienstverleners voorafgaand aan de dienstverlening zeer gedetailleerde informatie verstrekken, zonder voldoende rechtvaardiging van het feit op welke wijze de verstrekking van die informatie noodzakelijk is om de doelstellingen van algemeen belang waarop de wetgeving berust te bereiken en op welke wijze de verplichting om die informatie vooraf te verstrekken niet verder gaat dan hetgeen noodzakelijk is om die doelstellingen te bereiken.

Het Hof besliste dan ook, in lijn met de argumenten van de Commissie, dat de verplichting om zich vooraf aan te melden onevenredig was en als zodanig onverenigbaar met artikel 56 VWEU. Die conclusies kunnen gelden voor andere soortgelijke systemen op grond waarvan zelfstandige dienstverleners in het algemeen verplicht zijn vooraf mededeling te doen van de aanvang van hun activiteiten. Jakie jest stanowisko Komisji nt. W dniu 19 marca r. In view of this judgment:. Is the Commission aware of the existence of the similar systems in other Member States?

It also found that the Belgian legislation at stake required very detailed information from service providers in advance of the service provision, without sufficient justification as to how the provision of that information is necessary in order to achieve the objectives of public interest on which it relies and how the obligation to give that information in advance does not go beyond what is necessary to achieve those objectives.

The Court therefore ruled, in line with the arguments of the Commission, that the prior declaration obligation was disproportionate and, as such, incompatible with Article 56 TFEU.

These conclusions could apply to other similar systems obliging self-employed service providers in general to notify the commencement of their activities in advance. The financial and economic crisis is, at the moment, spilling over to become a social crisis, too.

Youth work, in particular detached youth work, is a very effective tool to enhance the skills, development and social inclusion of young people in times of high youth unemployment.

In addition, in the context of the crisis, the Commission has proposed the Youth Opportunities Initiative in an effort to enhance the employability of young people. However, youth work is very developed in certain Member States, but under-developed in others. In times of financial crisis, it is very important that youth work does not lose ground, and it should focus particularly on marginalised and disadvantaged young people with fewer opportunities.

In line with this, is the Commission planning on launching any initiatives to address this imbalance between different Member States?

The Commission shares the opinion expressed by the Member as to the effectiveness of youth work in the development of skills and competences of young people; the non-formal learning approach implemented by youth work is a useful way to enhance the employability of young people as well as their active participation in society, thus contributing to their social inclusion. The Commission promotes youth work in various ways, all of which should help, over time, to encourage more balanced progress across the European Union:.

Objet: Le bon fonctionnement de la libre circulation des capitaux. Is national legislation compatible with EC law, in particular with regard to the free movement of capital, when it only allows confiscated property to be returned once a Member State has joined the Union, in a process that provides for property to be returned only to EU citizens and excludes non-EU nationals, even where they are the legal heirs?

Restitution of property is considered a capital movement. Furthermore, it follows from the annex to Council Directive of 24 June 22 that capital movements include inheritances as a category of personal capital movements. The Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union prohibits all restrictions on the movement of capital between Member States and between Member States and third countries The Treaty, as further specified in case law by the European Court of Justice, allows for certain exceptions to the free movement of capital, provided that these restrictions are justified on the grounds set out in the Treaty 24 or by overriding reasons in the general interest.

Any restriction also have to observe the principle of proportionality, requiring that the measures are appropriate to attain the objectives which they pursue and do not go beyond what is necessary in order to attain them, and have to be non-discriminatory. When implementing EC law, Member States should also respect the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union, including the right to property and the principle of non-discrimination.

However, in that context, discrimination on the grounds of nationality refers only to the nationality in the context of the EU Member States. Based on the limited amount of information available to the Commission, it is not possible to give a more detailed answer regarding the situation referred to by the Honourable Member. They have been responsible for crushing dissent inside Iran, and are accused of funding numerous terrorist activities outside the country.

In particular, they have allegedly funded and armed the Taliban, Hamas and Hezbollah, assassinated Iranian dissidents abroad, and assisted the planning of multiple plots to commit atrocities, particularly in Israel, a country which the IRG have stated they wish to destroy. Indeed, some analysts have argued that the combined threat of Hezbollah and the Quds force, the special operations branch of the IRG, outweighs that of even Al-Qaeda; between May and July , 20 terrorist attacks by Hezbollah or Quds were thwarted worldwide.

The United States and Canada have already proscribed Quds as a terrorist organisation. The IRGC has been listed by the EU since July , under the Iran nuclear sanctions regime, for its responsibility in relation to the nuclear programme.

In addition, a number of members of IRGC and other entities owned or controlled by IRGC are also listed under the nuclear sanctions regime because of their involvement in the Iranian nuclear programme.

A number of members of the IRGC also appear on the EU list of people responsible for serious human rights violations in Iran, under the EU’s sanctions regime addressing the human rights situation in Iran. I have been contacted by a constituent who is concerned about the recently leaked report that the US Government is spying on foreign nationals including EU citizens by accessing and intercepting online customer data from companies such as Facebook and Hotmail.

My constituent is also concerned that this surveillance programme has been used to uncover and steal business secrets which could further damage the EU economy. Whether it plans to request that citizens of EU Member States who have been illegally spied on should be given access to the information held on them by the US Government? Il meccanismo di assistenza tecnica JASPERS stabilito per i nuovi paesi che hanno aderito all’UE nel e nel fornisce agli Stati membri interessati un sostegno e una competenza specializzata mirata relativamente ai principali progetti finanziati dall’UE.

Non ritiene la Commissione che, date le persistenti avverse condizioni economiche, l’accesso a detto meccanismo debba essere consentito a ogni Stato membro che lo richieda? Prevede la Commissione di estendere a nuovi paesi la partecipazione a detto meccanismo? In caso contrario, per quali motivi? The Jaspers technical assistance facility established for the new countries which joined the EU in and has been providing the Member States concerned with support and targeted specialist expertise on major EU-funded projects.

Since it began operating in the partnership has completed more than assignments for a total volume of almost EUR 64 billion, of which the investment volume of projects approved by the Commission totalled almost EUR 30 billion. More recently the tool has been extended to Croatia and to Greece, showing the effectiveness of the instrument in enhancing and accelerating the absorption of the available funds in the EU Member States by increasing the quantity and quality of projects applying for financing under the Structural and Cohesion Funds.

Does the Commission not take the view that, owing to the persistent adverse economic conditions, access to this facility should be granted to any requesting Member State? Is the Commission considering including more countries in the list of eligible participants? Is the Commission planning to extend participation in this tool to new countries? If so, which ones? If not, why not? What are the conditions that need to be met in order for a country to be included? This was justified by the need to ensure support to those Member States in the preparation of large infrastructure projects for financing under the European Regional Development Fund and the Cohesion Fund, particularly in areas where those Member States lacked the necessary knowledge and experience.

More recently, the Commission agreed to extend some support under JASPERS to Greece, to boost the capacity of the Greek authorities to prepare sound projects for urgent implementation in the context of the current economic crisis. Die Tabakerzeugung wird dabei neutral behandelt. It will probably again be possible during the forthcoming aid period to apply for European aid funds for growing and processing raw tobacco as an agricultural product.

At the same time, even the European Commission considers that the directive on tobacco products should be substantially tightened up, in order to limit the consumption of tobacco products within the EU by regulating the production of and trade in such products more strictly. What interactions does the Commission anticipate from the interplay of these two approaches? Does the Commission consider that subsidising tobacco farming, while at the same time applying trade restrictions in a bid to limit tobacco consumption, adds up to a coherent policy?

What grounds can the Commission cite for the need for uniform pan-European regulation of tobacco products? Why is this a task for the European Union?

Special financial support for the raw tobacco production was phased out in according to the reform of the common agricultural policy CAP of The production of raw tobacco is fully integrated into the general agricultural policy instruments. Tobacco production is treated in a neutral way. However, until Member States may decide to use a limited percentage of their national ceiling for SPS or SAPS for granting specific support in clearly defined cases for targeted products including tobacco.

However, the tobacco sector is not included in the list of products eligible to the voluntary coupled support scheme applicable from onwards. The aim of this new scheme is to grant a support in regions or sectors undergoing certain difficulties.

The objective is not increasing the production. The aid to the Canary Islands for several products is guided by the same objective. Furthermore, the Rural Development RD programmes of the CAP, offer numerous possibilities to help farmers who decide structural changes in production. Only a harmonised approach at EU-level can remove obstacles to cross-border trade and avoid fragmentation resulting from different regulations in Member States, while ensuring a comparable high level of health protection across the EU.

Oggetto: Aumenti tariffari ingiustificati dei prodotti omeopatici. Il decreto legge italiano del 13 settembre n. La Commissione non ha potere per intervenire nella definizione di tali tariffe a livello nazionale. Article 13 of Italian Decree-Law No of 13 September provides for the registration of homoeopathic products by means of simplified procedures, something that was recently reaffirmed by the Commission in answer to a question from Italian MEPs. These measures clearly stand at odds with the procedures in various other EU Member States e.

France and Germany and irreversibly damage the competitiveness of Italian businesses, which are forced to withdraw products from the market because of high registration fees, as well as that of foreign companies operating in Italy, the third biggest market in Europe after France and Germany. Does the Commission believe that such an increase dramatically alters the balance of the market?

Does it have the authority to encourage Italy, the third biggest market in Europe in terms of turnover, to bring itself in line with the legislation in force in Germany and France for homoeopathic medicines? Rules, such as those of the Italian Decree-Law mentioned by the Honourable Members in their question, setting fees for the national registration of homeopathic medicines are the exclusive responsibility of Member State authorities.

The Commission is not empowered to intervene in the setting of these fees at national level. L’organizzazione di elezioni rientra nelle competenze degli Stati membri.

The initiative, which had already been applied in autumn during the Sicilian Regional Assembly elections, is still in its infancy and, despite the lack of awareness about this gender vote possibility among the electorate, has led to an increase in the number of female representatives elected.

Compared with countries with a perfect or almost perfect gender balance in their representations in Parliament — such as Finland, Slovenia, Estonia, the Netherlands and Denmark — women are greatly under-represented in the delegations of most Member States in Parliament. Organisation of elections falls within the remit of Member States. However, encouraging the participation of EU citizens in the democratic life is a high priority on the Commission’s agenda.

The Commission took measures to address the gender imbalance in the European Parliament with the adoption in of the specific programme Fundamental Rights and Citizenship. More specifically, one of the annual thematic priorities for was dedicated to improving the gender balance in the European Parliament. Thus, the Commission has been funding several projects of NGOs and other organisations awarded under this priority.

Furthermore, the Commission’s Strategy for Equality between Women and Men 29 has amongst its priorities the promotion of equal representation in decision-making. Le garanzie fondamentali in materia di protezione dei diritti umani previste dalla Costituzione del Pakistan non sono in vigore nelle aree tribali, dove vige il regolamento sui crimini di frontiera risalente all’era coloniale.

Nel , inoltre, i regolamenti di azione a sostegno del potere civile hanno dato all’esercito ulteriori poteri arbitrari d’arresto e imprigionamento.

I modesti tentativi del governo pakistano di modificare il regolamento sui crimini di frontiera non sono stati all’altezza delle norme e degli standard internazionali sui diritti umani e sono stati ulteriormente compromessi dall’entrata in vigore dei regolamenti del Quali azioni intende dunque promuovere l’Alto Rappresentante per sollecitare il governo pakistano a una riforma del proprio sistema legale, profondamente difettoso e causa del perpetuarsi del ciclo di violenze nelle aree tribali?

According to statements by United Nations representatives on the ground, many men detained by the armed forces have alleged torture, and others have never been seen again after being transferred to secret detention centres. The Taliban and other armed groups also continue to pose a deadly threat to Pakistani society, often carrying out brutal, unlawful killings of captured soldiers or suspected spies, sometimes following quasi-judicial proceedings that fail to meet even the most basic international fair trial standards.

Although the armed forces have regained control of most of the tribal areas over the past three years, they have arbitrarily arrested thousands of people, imprisoning them for long periods with virtually no due-process safeguards. Moreover, in the armed forces were granted further sweeping powers of arrest and detention under the Actions in Aid of Civil Power Regulations. Although the courts have nevertheless heard cases challenging the lawfulness of some detentions, there have been no prosecutions of armed forces personnel for alleged torture, enforced disappearance or deaths in custody.

Limited attempts by the Pakistani Government to reform the FCR have fallen far short of international human rights law and standards, and have been further undermined by the entry into force of the regulations. What action will the High Representative therefore take to urge the Pakistani Government to reform its legal system, which is deeply flawed and the cause of the constant violence in the tribal areas?

This issue will be raised with the new government of Pakistan in the next EU-Pakistan human rights dialogue which is expected to take place in the autumn of Oggetto: Anomala moria di delfini nel Mar Tirreno.

Il Ministero dell’Ambiente ha deciso di monitorare la situazione e di allertare il reparto ambientale marino. Secondo i primi accertamenti sarebbe possibile escludere, quale causa dell’insolita moria, eventi eccezionali causati dall’uomo, come versamenti in mare di petrolio o di sostanze inquinanti. Sembra essere invece probabile una causa di natura infettiva a causa delle tracce del batterio Photobacterium Damselae rinvenute su 6 carcasse esaminate.

Per avvalorare tale ipotesi gli esperti sono alla ricerca dell’eventuale presenza di virus o fioritura di alghe anomale. Since the start of the year an environmental crisis has been affecting the seas off Italy: since January, dozens of striped dolphin carcasses have been found along the Tyrrhenian coast.

This represents an abnormally high mortality rate compared with the historical average of about four corpses found per year. The Ministry of the Environment has decided to monitor the situation and to alert the marine environment department.

According to initial findings, any exceptional man-made events, such as oil spills or pollution, can be ruled out as the cause of these unusual deaths.

The probable cause actually seems to be an infection, as shown by the traces of the Photobacterium Damselae bacterium found in six of the carcasses examined. In order to confirm this hypothesis, experts are looking for the presence of viruses or abnormal algae blooms. Pending concrete data comparing theoretical knowledge of sea currents with marine weather data from the last few months, the Italian Ministry of the Environment has requested information about any animals washed up on the beaches of France and Spain in order to obtain a more accurate picture of the situation.

Is the Commission aware of the unusual dolphin deaths in the Tyrrhenian Sea over the last few months? If so, has it launched an investigation to establish the cause?

Molte delle aziende in cui sono occupati producono abbigliamento per marchi internazionali o applicano illegalmente etichette di marchi internazionali. Altre piccole fabbriche della zona lavorano in subappalto. Molte sfruttano il lavoro in nero dei birmani e producono prodotti con marchi falsi. I lavoratori birmani clandestini vivono spesso nelle fabbriche dove lavorano, dormono e mangiano e vengono nascosti ogni qualvolta vengano compiute ispezioni da parte della polizia tailandese.

Solo gli immigrati regolari sono assunti con contratto. Gli orari di lavoro sono estremamente lunghi e non di rado i lavoratori effettuano gli straordinari sino alle 11 di sera. Secondo quanto riportato da fonti locali, in alcune aziende sarebbero impiegati anche i bambini delle lavoratrici migranti adibiti alla pulizia nelle fabbriche tessili. Many of the companies in which they work produce clothes for international brands or illegally use international brand labels.

Some of the work is subcontracted to other small factories in the region. Only legal immigrants are given an employment contract. The dormitories are too small and overcrowded, there is a total lack of hygiene and, to make an already complicated situation even worse, there are no procedures in place to resolve any disputes that arise with their employers. The working hours are extremely long and the workers are often required to work overtime until 11 p. According to local sources, even the children of some migrant workers are employed to clean the textile factories.

The EU pursues this matter in several ways, both in bilateral dialogues with the Thai authorities, and within the relevant international bodies. The EU supports the ratification and effective implementation of the Conventions of the International Labour Organisation ILO , in particular with regard to the core labour standards, and cooperates with the ILO in this respect. Such instruments also address health, safety and labour conditions along companies’ supply chain.

When finally concluded, the EU-Thailand Partnership and Cooperation Agreement will provide for an additional framework for discussion and engagement with Thailand on these topics. In this context, the EU aims at including references to the effective implementation of core labour standards, as well as creating strengthened channels for dialogue between the Parties on these matters, including with relevant stakeholders. A circa tre anni e mezzo di distanza la situazione abitativa nel paese resta sconcertante, con circa Qualche mese prima, nell’agosto , grazie al sostegno dei donatori internazionali, il governo haitiano aveva lanciato un programma per trasferire i residenti di 50 tendopoli in 16 nuove strutture residenziali, attraverso un incentivo per famiglia di dollari per 12 mesi e 25 dollari per i trasporti.

Il progetto ha aiutato alcune famiglie, ma gli incentivi troppo bassi hanno impedito a molte altre di trasferirsi e accedere a una soluzione abitativa a lungo termine. La catastrofe del ha peggiorato seriamente la situazione a Port-au-Prince costringendo 1,5 milioni di persone a rifugiarsi nei campi per gli sfollati interni. Grazie a queste iniziative e al naturale processo di ritorno nei quartieri di origine, il numero di abitanti nei campi profughi ha registrato un costante calo fino agli attuali The earthquake which struck Haiti on 12 January left people dead and more than 2 million Haitians homeless.

Three and a half years on, the housing situation in the country is still appalling, with approximately people still living in the refugee camps which were set up following the earthquake. Living conditions in the tent cities are worsening by the day and there is little access to water, sanitation and waste disposal. This has contributed to the spread of cholera and other infectious diseases.

Furthermore, women and girls, as already highlighted in a previous written question, are at constant risk of rape or sexual assault. In April , the Haitian authorities announced a national housing policy which set out a number of priorities for the construction of new houses, but did not establish the conditions for those living in poverty to access adequate and affordable housing.

Thanks to the support of international donors, a few months earlier, in August , the Haitian Government launched a programme to relocate the residents of 50 tent cities to 16 new residential complexes, offering an incentive of USD per family for 12 months and USD 25 for transport.

Although the project has helped some families, the incentives are too low, preventing many others from moving and gaining access to long-term housing. The withdrawal of the main humanitarian operators from Haiti and the resulting funding cuts are making the situation even worse. In view of the above, what measures will the High Representative take to try to resolve the difficult issue of housing in Haiti? Is she aware that resolving this problem would secure more rights for the Haitian population?

Housing is a chronic problem in Haiti that predates the earthquake. The disaster severely aggravated the housing shortage in Port-au-Prince and forced 1. The EU responded immediately to this humanitarian challenge. To complement the humanitarian response, the national authorities and international donors have launched several initiatives aimed at the provision of sustainable housing.

Through these initiatives, and the natural process of return to their neighbourhoods of origin, the number of people living in camps has been steadily dropping to reach today. The EU has also made urban reconstruction one of its priority areas of intervention.

In collaboration with other donors, the EU has launched a comprehensive EUR 56 million neighbourhood reconstruction programme targeting over , beneficiaries the programme consists of repairing and rebuilding housing as well as providing access to accompanying services and infrastructure. A sustainable, long-term solution to the issue of housing in Haiti requires addressing deep-rooted structural causes, including widespread poverty and the absence of a national housing policy. To this end, the EU is working with the Haitian national authorities to support institutions responsible for the development of policies.

Accordingly, urban development and habitat have been proposed to the Haitian authorities as a focal sector under the 11th EDF. Welche Leistungen werden erbracht? Wenn ja, welche und warum? Wie stellt die Kommission sicher, dass derartige Interessenkonflikte bekannt werden? What benefits are obtained?

Were contracts awarded without a public invitation to tender? If so, which ones and why? Can the Commission state whether any former IMG employees are now working in its services as local members of staff? Can it state whether any family members of IMG employees are working in its services as local members of staff? Can the High Representative state whether any former IMG employees are now working in her services as local members of staff?

Can she state whether any family members of IMG employees are working in her services as local members of staff? The countries concerned benefit from the transfer of public expertise in post-conflict zones. IMG has undergone an assessment which concluded that IMG applies accounting, audit, internal control and procurement procedures equivalent to internationally accepted standards.

The Commission may entrust implementation to such an organisation through joint management. The selection has to be justified in an objective and transparent manner. Eight of the 11 ongoing contracts were awarded in this manner, while three through negotiated procedure in accordance with the provisions for flexible contract award procedures in crisis situations defined in the Financial Regulation. The Commission is not in a position to know about activities of family members of its partners.

All staff members are obliged to declare any conflict of interest they could incur during the accomplishment of tasks. Non-disclosure of any potential conflict of interest would expose staff members to disciplinary sanctions. Members of an evaluation committee have to sign a confidentiality and impartiality declaration. Rules concerning ethical and organisational values are regularly brought to the attention of Delegation staff including local agents.

Asunto: Litigios comerciales entre la UE y China. El 1 de julio de , se abrieron investigaciones antisubvenciones y antidumping relativas a las importaciones de vino de la UE. The Chinese Government has officially launched a formal investigation into subsidies granted to the European wine industry in retaliation against the EU imposing duties on Chinese solar panels.

What measures is the Commission taking to protect wine growers and distributors from this trade dispute? Does the Commission have an action plan to protect European interests, given that the number of trade disputes continues to multiply in direct relation to commercial ties? The cases are currently in their preliminary phase and in view of the WTO rules they shall be concluded by China within a maximum period of 18 months after their initiation. The Commission has been actively intervening in these cases since June In this context, it has been providing the Member States and wine industry stakeholders with relevant assistance and has been also in contact with the Chinese authorities to ensure a good level of bilateral cooperation and compliance of the pending proceedings with the WTO rules.

In particular, the Commission would like to underline that in June it held constructive pre-consultations with China. As a result of these pre-consultations, China narrowed down the number of alleged subsidy schemes it is investigating. The Commission is of the opinion that China has the right to initiate AS and AD investigations and to impose trade defence measures provided that the relevant WTO rules are respected. The Commission always carefully analyses the merits and development of such investigations and in this context actively cooperates with relevant stakeholders.

The Commission is particularly vigilant to support the EU exporters’ rights of defence and to ensure that the relevant rules, including on transparency, are strictly applied. Should that not be the case, the Commission would not hesitate to duly intervene. There are still barriers to the digital sale and distribution of audiovisual content.

Making digital audiovisual content available to potential users, regardless of their geographical location and no matter where the content has been licensed, will benefit consumers and rights holders as a result of competition and broader exposure.

Does the Commission have in place any concrete measures to ensure the completion of the digital single market? In , the Commission recognissd the strategic importance of copyright for the development of the Digital Single Market in its Intellectual Property Strategy 50 : A modern EU — Intellectual property framework must foster innovative market practices and facilitate the cross-border offer of audiovisual content while ensuring the necessary incentives for the creation and production of creative content.

The mid-term review of this process has just recently been published by the Commission Nos termos do artigo 2. Article 2 of the EU-Israel Association Agreement explicitly states that relations between the two actors will be based on mutual adherence to human rights and the principles of democracy. In spite of this agreement, however, Israel continues to violate the rights of Palestinians throughout occupied territories. Among these rights abuses are policies aimed directly at ridding the city of Jerusalem of its Palestinian population.

Nonetheless, Israel continues with its strategy to purge the city of Palestinians which, since , has included the revocation of over 14 IDs from Palestinians in Jerusalem, thereby stripping them of their right to live in the city in which they were born. Nevertheless, the EU continues to develop and expand its relations with Israel without imposing strict conditionality regarding human rights and international law. Each of the instruments which the EU has at its disposal and which the EU the Council and the Commission has used over the past twenty years to make Israel modify its policies, so as to comply with international law — in particular international humanitarian law — and with the many formal demands which the EU has put to Israel both in writing and orally?

The concrete effects that the use of each of these instruments has had on Israeli policies over the past twenty years?

How it is possible that over the past twenty years, despite the use by the EU of each of these instruments, Israel has in no way improved its policy on international human rights and international humanitarian law, or has not complied with EU demands, as can also be attested by many Israeli NGOs?

Since , the EU has been working in East Jerusalem to mitigate inequities and support Palestinian communities in the city through annual multi-sector programmes covering inter-alia education, health, urban planning and legal aid, and economic empowerment. In line with this stance, the EU has also progressively increased its assistance to East Jerusalem in order to improve the quality of life of Palestinian Jerusalemites.

On the issue of residency revocation in Jerusalem, the EU continues to stress with the Israeli government its concerns about Israeli policy on East Jerusalem including residency and permit regimes, restrictions on building and lack of services.


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