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Low-interest federal disaster loans are available to California businesses and residents affected by the McKinney Fire that began July 29, , announced Administrator Isabella Casillas Guzman of the U. Small Business Administration. Vietnam has rolled out a plan to significantly increase its aquaculture production.

Under the plan, by , Vietnam hopes to produce 5. By , the country said it will… This is a presentation well-worth… An economic study commissioned by Cooke Aquaculture Scotland argues that fish farming has a positive social impact on employment and communities in Orkney and the Northern Isles. ELAP provides financial assistance to eligible producers of livestock, honeybees and farm-raised fish for losses due… Introduction: Seaweed aquaculture is… Each of these guides provides valuable information to Indian Country and can serve as a… The goal is to provide information for state… This should be the end… The Committee was established by the American Fisheries Advisory Committee Act in May for the purpose of making recommendations for Saltonstall-Kennedy priorities and grant award funding.

The Act requires the establishment of a member committee… The National Aquaculture Association NAA is a c 5 nonprofit aquatic farmer trade association committed to the responsible and sustainable development of aquaculture in the United States. For 31 years, the NAA has advocated for US aquaculture community at the federal level Congress and agency and worked to educate the public,… Nordic Aquafarms has received key approvals from the Humboldt County Planning Commission for its planned salmon recirculating aquaculture system facility in Humboldt County, California, U.

The decision… The Carlsbad Aquafarm is an innovative facility… The identified programs are: Environmental Quality Incentives… It is designed for agencies or other entities who wish to conduct fish sampling… The seafood industry is firing back against recently published articles and books that are taking shots at the farmed salmon industry. A recently published book, Salmon Wars, the Dark Underbelly of our Favorite Fish, has been gaining attention from some media outlets, including Bloomberg, which listed it among the 10 best summer books shedding… Nordic Aquafarms is facing a second public hearing on its plans for a recirculating aquaculture system RAS facility it hopes to build Humboldt County, California, U.

This is precisely… Fish and Wildlife Service FWS is extending the public comment period on their May 25, , proposed rule to list the Russian sturgeon Acipenser gueldenstaedtii , ship sturgeon A. To watch click here. Speakers discussed how advances in… A group of celebrity chefs including Andrew Zimmern have launched a new coalition with NGOs and business leaders to promote the sustainable growth of offshore aquaculture in the United States.

These higher temperatures ended up being fatal to the sea star population, particularly the sunflower sea stars that used… The priority issue area for this round of Proposition 68 funding is the nexus between marine protected areas and climate resiliency for species, habitats, and people.

The Letters of Intent… The study, published in the journal Elementa:… The notice and associated documents can be accessed here. As a CAA member, if you have any concerns about this notice, please… House Agriculture Committee Press Release An integral part of the oversight and review process of the Farm Bill and further preparation for the Farm Bill is getting direct input from producers, stakeholders, and consumers on how various farm bill programs are working for them.

House Agriculture Committee Chairman David… Aquaculture farmers in countries with rapidly increasing rates of inflation are rightly concerned about the effects of increasing costs.

Yet the effects of inflation on aquaculture… These loans offset economic losses because of reduced revenues caused by freeze that occurred in the following primary counties in California, announced Director Tanya N. Garfield of… Courtesy of NAA: Filing taxes for an agricultural operation can be challenging, and many producers may not have the funds to hire accountants or tax professionals to assist.

The Women in North American Aquaculture Summit aims to understand the road to equal opportunity in the industry. This live, virtual event welcomes men and women in North American aquaculture to tackle solutions for equal pay, entrepreneurship, innovation, training and mentorship.

Date: September 8, Time: am eastern Full schedule… Two competitive grant opportunities were announced related to marine debris.

Please find details and deadlines below. California Department of Fish and Wildlife Department and California Fish and Game Commission Commission staff invite interested stakeholders participate in a public workshop series related to developing potential criteria for Commission use when determining if individual proposed new state water bottom leases for aquaculture are in the public interest.

The California environmentalists who backed a November ballot measure to reduce single-use plastics withdrew it just ahead of the Thursday deadline, following fierce negotiations with lawmakers and others on a bill that aims to achieve many of the same goals and that is supported by some influential environmental organizations. The three signatories of the… The Carlstadt, New Jersey, U. The sixth annual Science on the Hill event will bring together policy leaders and scientists for a panel discussion on the best available scientific evidence about… It appears increasingly likely Californians will get a chance to vote on a single-use plastics ban in November after efforts to craft compromise legislation came under fire this week from groups supporting the ballot measure.

Led by state Sen. This the first time in the history… It aims to help drive sustainable solutions and improve efficiency for the UK aquaculture industry. Guests of the launch event were welcomed by managing director of Otter Ferry… Courtesy of NAA: Satellite data indicate that land is subsiding faster than sea level is rising in many coastal cities throughout the world.

If subsidence continues at recent rates, these cities will be challenged by flooding much sooner than projected by sea level rise models. County committee members make important decisions about how Federal farm… A plan by the U. A bill… Agriculture producers who did not receive the Census of Agriculture and do not receive other USDA surveys or censuses have until June 30 to sign up to receive the Census of Agriculture at nass. Aquaculture is the fastest-growing producer of seafood products for a growing world.

Investment from the west coast, however, lags behind despite abundant human and natural resources. To compete with imported aquaculture products and bolster domestic aquaculture growth, job creation, and healthy seafood consumption, the west coast needs targeted investment and… NOAA is seeking public comment on its draft aquaculture strategic plan. See below a list of one-hour sessions intended to help shape this important document.

Click on a date and time below to register: Session 1: Wednesday, June 22, p. ET Session 2: Wednesday, June 22, p. By putting in place the proper regulatory system to support offshore aquaculture, or fish farming in federal… But now after the release of a four year study, it appears the program is doing much better that they originally thought. This program funds projects that address the needs of fishing communities, optimize economic benefits by supporting marine aquaculture, and increase other opportunities to keep working waterfronts viable.

The FY23… SIP is the competent authority of the United States for official export certification of fishery products. The official export health certificates, as defined by Codex Alimentarius, are documents issued by a competent authority of an exporting country in accordance with the requirements of an importing country to enter products into… Read the full interview here In a rare public defense against the activists, nine scientists, who are participants in the rigorous… The new procedures and tools will become mandatory for ASC-certified organizations from 30 May The additional requirements, which are being introduced following a series of development steps including a public consultation… If so, we would love to hear from you!

The information collected will be completely anonymous. The extension and amendment of the modified Emergency Declaration continues the exemption granted from certain requirements in 49 CFR Part of… The report provides data on U. In addition, data… California has thriving oyster, mussel, abalone and clam farming sectors. From the announcement: Experienced, capable, and passionate about the aquaculture sector? We have an outstanding opportunity for a talented individual to provide leadership at The Center for Aquaculture Technologies CAT , a private aquaculture innovation and research company who are seeking a Research Scientist: Fish Health, in Souris, PE.

Researchers have developed a low-cost sensor suite that can help aquaculture producers make the digital transition without needing complex technical expertise. UOC researchers launched the ADO project in to install low-cost electronic sensors to monitor pH levels, temperature, turbidity and oxygen levels in a number of farms in Catalonia, Spain in Baix… Proposed sale includes lease stipulations to prioritize workforce training, domestic supply chain development, community benefits and engagement The Department of the Interior announced the next steps for and welcomed public comment on offshore wind lease sales in two regions on the Outer Continental Shelf offshore California.

This is the first-ever… Cattle are warming the planet. A single cow burps more than pounds of methane in a year, a powerful greenhouse gas that contributes to climate change as it lurks in the atmosphere.

So Gardner, an aquaculture scientist, is identifying native seaweeds that can be added to cattle feed to… All applicants must complete a partnership form before p. PST on Wednesday, June 1, Open to Sea Grant programs. Coastal Research Program USCRP is a multi-agency led effort to coordinate Federal activities, strengthen academic programs, and address coastal community needs.

The collaborative projects funded through this NOAA… PT July 6,… Sea Grant and the U. Coastal Research Program USCRP announce a new funding opportunity for collaborative projects to integrate research, its application, and community engagement in thematic areas of long-term coastal evolution, extreme storms, and human and ecosystem health.

Proposals should address the needs or gaps that have been identified… This highly competitive program matches outstanding recent graduate students with hosts in state, federal, or municipal… Findings of a new scientific study have strengthened the case for farming seaweed as a supplementary crop for fish farmers to help them mitigate emissions from their farms while providing another source of income.

California dairy farms will soon be able to feed their cows seaweed to fight climate change after the state Department of Food and Agriculture approved the use of a seaweed feed shown to reduce methane emissions from cow burps, the first in the U. Apply by May 24, California Sea Grant is hiring a new fund manager to join their fiscal team.

The team is responsible for the accounting activities of our statewide program with research projects, fellowships, and extension services based throughout California. The position is hybrid to start, with the possibility… As distressing as the pandemic is, economic losses from the climate crisis are worse, according to a survey of seafood farmers around the world.

Almost all 92 percent of seafood farmers surveyed reported being impacted by the COVID pandemic, but at the same time 83 percent said their businesses… The California Ocean Protection Council OPC has released a solicitation for projects that build resilience on the coast to prepare for and adapt to the impacts of sea-level rise.

Specific project types include research-based projects that focus on coastal habitat mapping, contaminated sites, and socio-economic impacts, and implementation projects that… A year into the change, the organization selected Brian Perkins — who has more than four decades of experience in the seafood industry — as its new CEO to lead the transition.

Perkins replaced former… Diuron is used as an herbicide to control annual and perennial broadleaf and grassy weeds in a variety of agricultural sites and non-agricultural sites e. This notice provides clarification on the EU disease testing requirements for… Choosing the right species and locations to farm will allow farming of marine finfish to thrive, even in an period of changing ocean temperatures, oxygen levels and salinities.

So argues an international collaboration of researchers, in a new paper, published in the journal Nature, who look at the potential of a warming… The Blue Economy Symposium is a collaboration between the City of Fort Bragg and California Sea Grant focusing on exploring the needs and potential for developing a resilient and vibrant blue economy in and around Fort Bragg. The two-day symposium will bring together local and state agencies to develop pathways forward for the… Scientists from the University of Missouri are focusing their efforts on diatoms, hoping to learn how to maximize the full environmental benefits of the green algae.

These so-called diatoms are abundant in nature and their… Following the… Study indicates far more hatchery fish in California ocean waters than previously thought. A new study four years in the making by a team of marine fisheries and genetic scientists indicates that many more white seabass in California ocean waters emanate from the Hubbs-SeaWorld Research Institute HSWRI hatchery in Carlsbad,… The session focuses on sustainability… You can find your Senator and their locals… AOAs are small, defined geographic areas that have been evaluated to determine potential suitability for commercial aquaculture.

The ability to farm seafood within AOAs will expand economic opportunities in coastal and rural areas, and increase… In the global conversation about how to meet the already-high and ever-rising need for sustainable food production, blue foods — products derived from the water, particularly farmed sea plants and animals — are often left off the table. In an effort to change that, a well-connected consortium of advocates, activists… The ocean has enormous — and largely untapped — potential to cycle and sequester excess atmospheric carbon through processes like seaweed cultivation.

The facilities have been closed to visitors for nearly two years during the Covid pandemic, although hatchery operations and stocking efforts continued without significant interruption. A report which raises awareness of the environmental and socio-economic benefits of sustainable blue food production in Hawaii has just been launched by Hatch Innovation Services. The State of Hawaii has decided to make a concerted and collaborative effort to raise its visibility in marine aquaculture, in order to capitalize… Senate voted unanimously on 7 April to end normal trade relations with Russia, at the same time as a hearing of the U.

The Senate vote,… Spring is awakening depending where you are and a new year of sustainable aquaculture innovation is well underway. I hope you had a restful winter and are energized for a busy spring. As we all begin to step out of our homes, NOAA is thinking of reintegration into our offices,… Kennedy If John F.

Courtesy of NAA: On March 28, the Senate, following a roll call to limit debate on the measure cloture , the Senate voted to send its version, text from S United States Innovation and Competition Act of , of the two bills focused on improving US global competitiveness back to… Everything you eat costs the planet something.

Land for crops and livestock, inputs to grow them, and energy for everything else. Two First Nations in British Columbia are calling for the creation of an Aquaculture Zone in its traditional territory, where it plans to administer the licensing regimes for salmon and shellfish farms while ensuring wild stocks are not overfished.

Emerging opportunities to increase mariculture production and increasing recognition of the potentially lower environmental impacts of mariculture compared with land-based animal products suggest that mariculture holds significant promise for providing sustainable and nutritious food sources to help meet growing protein demand.

However, to realize this potential, policymakers, investors and regulators need accurate and reliable information on the… Along with a new marketing campaign that will be the largest in its history, the Aquaculture Stewardship Council is also developing new technology to help it combat seafood fraud.

The overarching goal of the conference is to provide a forum for professional development… Purple sea urchins have been gobbling the coastlines of California since , edging out the kelp forests, which reduces the living space for other young sea creatures. One path into the marine carbon cycle starts when organic carbon stored in the soils of the earth gets washed into rivers after a rainfall.

Coastal aquaculture produces many types of seafood, including fish, shellfish, and aquatic plants. An ongoing challenge, however, is understanding the impact of excessive aquaculture on nutrient levels in the surrounding waters. Using a combination of field observations and high-resolution mathematical simulations, He et al.

Previous plans as well as the current one can be downloaded from the Sea Grant website. In order to inform its strategic plan, Sea Grant is hosting a series of listening sessions, many of which… For those companies that have previously done business with Russia, any contract that was in… Courtesy of NAA: The US Senate is starting to work on resolving the differences between two very different bills focused on strengthening US competitiveness in the global market.

The bills are: The Senate passed S U. In a new study, American fisheries scientists concur with their counterparts in Canada and Scotland that marine finfish aquaculture has little to no negative impact on wild stocks and whales.

A new sweeping American study about open-net aquaculture in the Pacific Northwest shows once again that the claims being made… Freshwater aquaculture dominates global aquaculture production, but its importance is often overlooked in the global food-policy agenda and research. In a new study published in Nature, academics — including Wenbo Zhang, Ben Belton, Dave Little and Max Troell — argue that recent research underestimates the production potential for freshwater aquaculture and… The SCA is a statutory subcommittee that operates under the Committee on… Farmers Market Promotion Program To fund projects that develop, coordinate, and expand direct producer-to-consumer markets to help increase access to and availability of locally and regionally produced agricultural products.

The projects were selected to address OAH research, monitoring, and synthesis priorities that will ultimately provide state resource management agencies… USC is diving into aquaculture, working with a growing research accelerator near the Port of Los Angeles so that researchers can focus on strengthening the survivability of farmed oysters, mussels and giant kelp to help them and the food supply thrive. The extension of the modified Emergency Declaration continues the exemption granted from certain requirements in Part of the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations… This new name integrates the full scope of office functions and more thoroughly reflects the types of work the office carries out.

San Francisco, California, U. Seafood has been on the move at retail, a phenomenon fueled in large part over the years by advances in case-ready packaging innovations, according to Taunton, Massachusetts, U. Nowadays, seafood can be found at designated fresh counters, in frozen aisles, amongst canned goods, and in emerging grocery grab-and-go sections… The aquaculture industry — and the non-governmental organizations that scrutinize it — rely on complex tools to calculate the impact, effectiveness, and value of marine ingredients to the aquaculture industry.

IFFO, the international trade body that represents the marine ingredients industry, recently completed a review of the primary metrics used to… Building on her commitment to ensuring California children have the best start in life, First Partner Jennifer Siebel Newsom announced the release of Planting the Seed: Farm to School Roadmap for Success, a report promoting the expansion of farm to school programs across California to advance child well-being, equity, economic… Eric Pedersen, the co-founder of Ensenada, Mexico-based striped bass farmer Pacifico Aquaculture, has died, according to the company.

As a CAA member, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us The RFP is available on the website. Their campaign is designed to… California Aquaculture Association CAA members are well represented with regard to legislative and policy making issues, both statewide and nationally, via our legislative advocacy and government relations professionals.

Below is a brief list of recent government affairs issues and topics in which CAA has been involved. As a CAA member,… The National Aquaculture Association recommends everyone sign-up to speak in support of moving up in rulemaking priority the proposed… Within the bill is Section which amends the Lacey Act to significantly increase federal animal importation and interstate regulation.

The Lacey Act, passed in , applies to all… What challenges are we facing? All CAA members are invited to attend. Click here to RSVP This new certificate provides certification and market access for live molluscan shellfish harvested from EU-approved growing… The purpose of this survey is to quantify the effects of coronavirus disease COVID on commercial aquaculture, aquaponics and suppliers during the second half of July — December.

Please provide your responses based on the period of time between July 1,… NIST is seeking participants for their interlaboratory proficiency test for kelp that is being led by the National Institute for Standards and Technology, with funding from World Wildlife Fund.

All primary chemical… The agenda for the February , meeting of the California Fish and Game Commission is available now and can be viewed here. Note that items three, four, and eight relate to kelp harvesting versus kelp aquaculture. As a CAA member, if you have any questions or concerns about any… Scientists at Wageningen University in the Netherlands are developing an algae bioreactor on the island of Bonaire.

Under the right circumstances, tiny algae can multiply at extreme rates, making different sustainability applications more feasible. Researchers at Wageningen University are identifying new methods for algae production, with hopes of scaling up… If you wish… Saturday, March 5 a. The session… Onshore aquaculture company Atlantic Sapphire has reached an agreement with Skretting and Veramaris to include algae-based omega-3 feed ingredients in its aquafeeds as it announces a broader ambition to phase out marine ingredients by … Read more The negotiated agreement marks the first time bilateral trade of mollusks between the E.

The new… The hatchery serves as the primary rearing facility for the Central California Coast Coho Salmon Captive Broodfish Program, and is the planned location of… Courtesy of AquacultureMatters.

If you produce any aquaculture products and want to make sure that you are counted in the Census of Agriculture… Inflation is expected to be a major issue impacting the food industry this year, but will hurt the seafood sector less than others, according to executives at Santa Monica Seafood and Steve Connolly Seafood. A Reuters quarterly survey of more than economists conducted in January, resulted in a general consensus… Environmental Protection Agency and the U.

Army Corps of Engineers have proposed a new rule that would reverse the National Waters Protection Rule and return to pre regulation. Changes to how jurisdictional determinations are made and… The Assistant Consultant is the primary coordinator of and point of contact for this unique legislative body.

Responsibilities include: execute all administrative and statutory requirements and functions of the Joint Committee on Fisheries and Aquaculture; regular engagement with stakeholders, local government leaders and agency staff; track fisheries and aquaculture issues,… With aquatic foods offering nutritional benefits and a lighter environmental footprint compared to terrestrial agriculture, mariculture — the farming of marine species in ocean and coastal environments — is gaining attention for climate change mitigation potential and protein production.

To avoid any setbacks associated with an increase of related activity,… With a growing global population and finite resources with which to feed billions of people, food utilization and food waste solutions are topics ripe for examination. California might be able to meet ambitious methane reduction goals by making cows less gassy. Luke Gardner is a California Sea Grant aquaculture extension specialist at the Moss Landing Marine Lab with a creative solution to the growing problem of cow burps, which release the potent greenhouse gas, methane.

Previous research… This position is for a full-time, grant-funded, non-tenure track Assistant Professor in Aquaculture based at the Eureka campus that seeks to prepare students for employment and further study in the field. The nascent Aquaculture Program will require a faculty member that has the capability to develop relevant curriculum and participate… Courtesy of NAA: After decades of effort by the farming, research and extension community to solve production and environmental challenges while at the same time suffering uninformed criticisms of the progress made to sustainably produce wholesome, nutritious farmed seafood, hard-fighting recreational fish and brilliant aquarium fish; the aquaculture community can… Sustainable aquaculture expansion in the U.

A new study from Northeastern University has found that the economic losses stemming from Covid pale in comparison to costs related to climate change. More than 80 percent of the fish farms surveyed worldwide reported that the economic losses from human-caused issues such as climate change, pollution, and flooding… As part of this nationwide effort, survey codes were mailed out to a million potential agriculture and aquaculture producers on Dec.

The deadline for survey responses is January 24, The results… To view the list, click here A new U. Foundation for the Conservation of Sturgeon Secretary Alfred Cohen, an academic and sturgeon expert, said his organization intends to work… As one of the effects of climate change, severe marine heatwaves are not only more frequent in all our major ocean basins; these events are also becoming ever-more costly to fishing communities, in ways we are likely under-tallying.

This is the hard-hitting conclusion of research published last October in the journal Science. China has marked the first successful trade in carbon credits from the aquaculture sector and is seeking to promote the trade as a major new source of income for the marine aquaculture sector. The administration of U. President Joe Biden has released an action plan to combat human trafficking at home and abroad, an initiative that includes a focus on labor issues in the global seafood industry.

Stakeholders can join the meeting via the internet or by phone. No pre-registration is necessary. Slides are available online for those joining on the phone that may wish to download the slides in advance.

Just before… The Associations commented in support of the effort by of the California legislature, municipalities and agencies to develop a… With your membership, we have accomplished so much in , and we want you to know that your membership with us is greatly appreciated and we hope that you will renew your membership this year.

It is with… Sales of frozen and fresh seafood in the U. See postings and links below. In advance of these efforts, please distribute or share the statements. The ZoomGov webinar will be held on Jan. The purpose of… The California Fish and Game Commission has posted a notice of proposed changes in regulations concerning the commercial harvest of kelp and other aquatic plants, which can be viewed here.

CAA members are encouraged to reach out with any input, questions, or concerns The Centers coordinate institutional resources with industry needs… Garland expressed their shared commitment to effectively enforcing federal competition laws that protect farmers, ranchers, and other agricultural producers and growers from unfair and anticompetitive practices,… Fish and Wildlife Service Registration: Click… Results from this on-going… There will not be a virtual component available for the meeting.

As the Covid situation changes all the time, we will not set final protocols until about the first week of February. There are no plans to cancel… Stakeholders can register for the meeting via the internet or join by phone.

The full… Bycatch contributes to overfishing, threatens endangered and threatened species and protected marine mammals, and can close fisheries, significantly impacting U. Through this… Consumers are becoming more interested in the sustainability credentials of the seafood they eat, a long-awaited trend the COVID pandemic may have served to accelerate. Data from GlobeScan found that in , 38 percent of the consumers surveyed possessed a willingness to reward companies they perceived as responsible, a significant… Aquaculture is mentioned in pages 15 and 30 of the draft Strategy.

The OPC… The bill hopes to boost aquaculture production in the US… I wish all of you a very happy holiday season. Please consider helping CAA stock their shelves on the auctions site. Just listing your products, services and used items on the site is a great gift to… Unchecked global warming could reduce global aquaculture production by as much as 16 percent by , a new study from the University of British Columbia Institute for the Oceans and Fisheries shows.

Marine aquaculture, or mariculture, could double its output by , from a current 30 million metric tons MT … The oyster is a wonderful food with many benefits. The oyster also has amazing nutritional benefits that are great for people of all ages. In this article, we will explore seven… Since its inception,… The duties and responsibilities of CAA directors are listed below. If you are interested in being considered as a nominee, please complete and submit the form here by… NOAA previously identified these regions for their potential to host sustainable commercial aquaculture development in the United States.

Areas in the Atlases will have characteristics expected… The passage of the Sustainable Groundwater Management Act SGMA in set forth a statewide framework to help protect groundwater resources over the long-term. Courtesy of NAA: Dr. A recording of… At meetings… Not too long ago, the impacts of climate change felt somewhat far off for many Americans.

No one has to peer into the distance anymore to see dramatic climate-driven changes. The virus is present in 50 countries Europe, Asia, and Africa and was recently discovered in the Dominican Republic. For virus location… The paper is available as open access.

To read or download, click… The Department of Environmental Studies at the University of California, Santa Cruz UCSC invites applications for a tenure-track faculty position in ecological aquaculture at the assistant professor level. The Biden administration discussed the proposals Monday at… A number of studies have evaluated the effectiveness of BSF as a fishmeal replacement in diets of L.

Some researchers reported that growth responses were observed if the amount of fishmeal replaced with black soldier fly larvae meal was no more than 25 percent. Another study showed that BSF substitution… Aquaculture waste often contains uneaten or unabsorbed nutrients, which are lost through waste discharge.

In line with circular economy principles, nutrients in wastewater can be used to create valuable co-products that capture the dissolved nitrogen and phosphorous that would otherwise be discarded. Using salmon smolt wastewater for algae production is… Small Business Administration is offering low-interest federal disaster loans for working capital to small businesses economically impacted by the pipeline oil spill that began Oct.

SBA acted under its own authority to declare a disaster in response… CAA members are welcome to join this meeting. If you would like to attend this meeting, please email Executive Director, Michael Lee at info caaquaculture. The Pandemic Response and Safety PRS Grant Program provides funding to help small specialty crop producers, food processors, manufacturers, distributors and farmers markets recover costs incurred responding to the COVID pandemic, including for measures to protect workers.

This program is authorized and funded under the Consolidated Appropriations Act of Pub. The goal of the… It is becoming increasingly clear that the blue food economy, led by scientists around the world, will have an essential role to play in the shift to healthy and sustainable food systems.

Blue foods include more than 2, species of aquatic animals and plants consumed around the world, including oysters,… Since its inception, green financing has increasingly become a more mainstream offering… The first symposium will be held October… Frozen and fresh seafood sales reached nearly USD 5. Fresh seafood sales spiked 3. Garfield of the U. Private nonprofits that provide essential… California will now issue day fishing licenses, under a new law signed by Gov.

Gavin Newsom. Previously, the state issued a calendar-based license that expired on Dec. Last Friday, Gov. Gavin Newsom signed three bills into law that ease alcohol restrictions in California at the Oakland restaurant Kingston Department of Agriculture USDA is seeking public comments on a new initiative designed to create revenue streams for agricultural producers through market opportunities for commodities produced using climate-smart practices.

Food and Drug Administration announced that California, Florida, Utah and Wisconsin have entered into domestic mutual reliance agreements with the agency. These Mutual Reliance agreements facilitate a coordinated effort between the FDA and individual states with goals to reduce human foodborne illness outbreaks, reduce duplication of regulatory oversight… Department of Agriculture offers financial assistance for a broad set of customers, including aquaculturists, through their Pandemic Assistance for Producers initiative.

But a hour period in August might have changed everything. In a head-swirling chain of events, roughly U. The Forum is an informational hearing that will include presentations and discussions… Only percent of the protein currently consumed by humans originates from aquatic sources. Given global population growth and the potential to produce food more sustainably in the oceans than on land, this must change.

Cleanup and recovery efforts are ongoing. A Unified Command comprised of representatives of the… The Census of Agriculture is a complete count of U. Even small plots of land — whether rural or… The gene editing tool CRISPR is now being used to generate a range of traits in a variety of farmed aquatic species — including salmonids, crustaceans and carp — but there is still a way to go before it is likely to be financially and regulatorily viable in commercial aquaculture.

Rick Spinrad and, Assistant Secretary for Economic Development, Alejandra Castillo, invite you to a conversation on the Blue Economy, which relies on the sustainable use of ocean data and resources to support economic… The CAA session theme and theme description are below. Emerging from a year defined by a global pandemic, broadening and emphatic demands for social justice, political turmoil and a spotlight on climate change renewed by ever-more catastrophic natural disasters, sustainability is the cultural value and moral imperative of our time.

The question is: What is your business going to… They are hosting four listening sessions to get feedback from shellfish producers and other interested parties.

Producers are encouraged to attend in-person… The last time Jeanne McKnight saw Kurt Grinnell in April, it was smiles and hugs and a shared idea that the next Northwest Aquaculture Alliance quarterly board meeting would be in Blyn. Aquatic foods can address malnutrition, lower the environmental footprint of the food production and provide livelihoods around the world, according to five newly-published papers.

The research, from a group called the Blue Food Assessment BFA , projects that global demand for blue foods will roughly double by , and will be met primarily… This anonymous survey will ask for general information about your aquaculture operation; the types of organisms raised; diseases encountered;… Up to 10 percent of the global salmon supply could be produced in offshore systems by the end of the decade, according to a new report published by Rabobank today.

The project seeks to enhance seafood availability along the U. West Coast by developing marketing resources and infrastructure and conducting associated trainings for… Eleven projects representing regions across the U.

With these funds, Sea Grant programs and… A new survey of U. Food prices continue to rise across most categories, according to the U. This summer, tens of millions of salmon have been cooked in California in their own native habitat. The heat shock, along with the impacts of parasites and fungal blights… SBA acted… The Russian Economic Development Ministry has published a draft bill proposing to withdraw African Clarius catfish Clarias gariepinus under the food embargo.

If approved, in theory, the bill could help other fish farms to battle for foreign broodstock. Russia completely banned the import of broodstock among other food and… She started making the very products she had such a hard… The declaration covers Lassen, Nevada, Placer and Plumas counties… The researchers are leading a team of partners from throughout the Northeast that hopes to use algae-based feed… Study provides a broad assessment on the impacts of aquaculture development on marine wild fisheries in all coastal provinces Globally, China is the largest capture fisheries and aquaculture producer, accounting for more than 19 percent of global marine capture fishery production and more than 61 percent of global aquaculture production.

Food and Drug Administration and U. A new poll released by Environmental Defense Fund indicates U. Growth in aquaculture in Australia and overseas has… The free webinar will take place live on Thursday 19 August at 4pm… The Communications Program Manager will lead their small team and be responsible for outbound communications, long and short term strategic planning, as well as program-level reporting. The position will work with the California Sea… Last week, U. Secretary of Commerce Gina M.

This historic investment, funded by the American Rescue Plan Act of , will support bottom-up, middle-out economic development focused on advancing equity, creating… The information was divulged during a tour of the proposed site, which is located on… Jared Huffman D-California announced on Monday 26 July, , that he introduced a reauthorization bill for the Magnuson-Stevens Act, the federal law that oversees fishery management in the United States.

The panel, which is operated by the U. Rising seafood prices due to inflation continue to cause concern among the entire industry, including retail and foodservice buyers. Frozen seafood prices experienced the biggest gain in the second quarter of this year — up 9. In addition to the near-term feasibility assessments, the goal for this position is to establish a long term program… No experience in aquaculture is required.

Full time and seasonal positions available. Position may require working weekends. The Environmental Scientist will also be responsible for grant and contract management including developing… A scientist in this position has full access… Our current Hatchery Manager is moving to a new role as Director of Production and we are seeking a new Hatchery Manager.

The Hatchery Manager will be responsible for… Aquaculture is a vital source of affordable seafood, that — if backed up by education — can help to halt a deepening public health crisis in the US, according to Eric Adjepong, who is well-known for his appearances on Top Chef.

Earlier this month, the American Fisheries Society and National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration NOAA presented a congressional briefing on developing marine aquaculture to build climate resistance and climate-friendly food production. According to panelists, the world will need about 60 percent more food by the year in order to keep… A lack of omega-3 oil in the diet can shorten life even more than smoking, new research warns.

Scientists found that smoking knocked four years off life expectancy whereas low levels of the fatty acid — found in oily fish such as salmon and mackerel — could reduce it by… Asian-themed restaurant chain P. It plans to have more than… They are well suited for interaction with a particular system. A vast source of information can be made accessible by using the http protocol through the web as an API.

This setup has many advantages including the vast knowledge available on setting web servers and services. Also, these tools are available on most hardware and operating system combinations. In this paper I will cover the various types of systems that can be developed this way, their advantages and some drawbacks of this approach. Directory of Open Access Journals Sweden. Full Text Available Today, Google Maps API application based on Ajax technology as standard web service ; facilitate users with publication interactive web maps, thus opening new possibilities in relation to the classical analogue maps.

CORINE land cover databases are recognized as the fundamental reference data sets for numerious spatial analysis. The theoretical and applicable aspects of Google Maps API cartographic service are considered on the case of creating web map of change in urban areas in Belgrade and surround from The simplest definition of a web service is an application that provides a web API. The web API exposes the functionality of the solution to other applications.

The web API relies on other Internet-based technologies to manage communications. The resulting web services are pervasive, vendor-independent, language-neutral, and very low-cost.

The main purpose of a web API Both Web Service technologies, of course, have advantages and disadvantages. Web APIs provide a systematic and extensible approach for application-toapplication interaction. In order to understand the distress caused by this imposition on web API client developers we.

Existing ways of accessing data from the Reactome database are limited. Either a researcher is restricted to particular queries defined by a web application programming interface API , or they have to download the whole database. Reactome Pengine is a web service providing a logic programming based API to the human reactome. This gives researchers greater flexibility in data access than existing APIs , as users can send their own small programs alongside queries to Reactome Pengine.

Supplementary data are available at Bioinformatics online. Drug Interaction API. No license is needed to use the Interaction API. A Web API ecosystem through feature-based reuse.

The current Web API landscape does not scale well: every API requires its own hardcoded clients in an unusually short-lived, tightly coupled relationship of highly subjective quality. This directly leads to inflated development costs, and prevents the design of a more intelligent generation of. Web service has been an industry standard tech for message communication and integration between heterogeneous systems.

Healthcare Finder API. There are multiple collections of data available through the API. Full Text Available Spatial sound has a conceptual role in the Web 3D environments, due to highly realism scenes that can provide. The proposed method incorporates the introduction of enhanced sound nodes for X3DOM which are derived by the implementation of the X3D standard components, enriched with accessional features of Web Audio API.

Moreover, several examples-scenarios developed for the evaluation of our approach. The implemented examples established the achievability of new registered nodes in X3DOM, for spatial sound characteristics in Web 3D virtual worlds. Twitter API The scope of this This method should call the appropriate implementation defined in TweetUsingJava. BioSWR–semantic web services registry for bioinformatics. Full Text Available Despite of the variety of available Web services registries specially aimed at Life Sciences, their scope is usually restricted to a limited set of well-defined types of services.

While dedicated registries are generally tied to a particular format, general-purpose ones are more adherent to standards and usually rely on Web Service Definition Language WSDL.

Although WSDL is quite flexible to support common Web services types, its lack of semantic expressiveness led to various initiatives to describe Web services via ontology languages. Nevertheless, WSDL 2. Despite of the variety of available Web services registries specially aimed at Life Sciences, their scope is usually restricted to a limited set of well-defined types of services.

Using the API Application Programming Interface it is now possible to programmatically query for and retrieve peptide and protein identifications, project and assay metadata and the originally submitted files. Searching and filtering is also possible by metadata information, such as sample details e.

Enhancing Data Interoperability with Web Services. The Climate. We have created the Data Access and Interoperability project to design a web -based platform, where interoperability between systems can be leveraged to allow greater data discovery, access, visualization and delivery. In the interoperable data platform, systems can integrate with each other to support the synthesis of climate and weather data.

Interoperability is the ability for users to discover the available climate and weather data, preview and interact with the data, and acquire the data in common digital formats through a simple web -based interface. The goal of the interoperable data platform is to leverage existing web services , implement the established standards and integrate with existing solutions across the earth sciences domain instead of creating new technologies. Towards this effort to improve the interoperability of the platform, we are collaborating with ESRI Inc.

These web services are able to encapsulate the logic required to handle and describe scientific data through a variety of service types including, image, map, feature, geoprocessing, and their respective service methods. With this concise book, you’ll learn the art of building hypermedia APIs that don’t simply run on the Web , but that actually exist in the Web.

You’ll start with the general principles and technologies behind this architectural approach, and then dive hands-on into three fully-functional API examples.

Too many APIs rely on concepts rooted in desktop and local area network patterns that don’t scale well-costly solutions that are difficult to maintain over time. This book shows system architects and web developers how to design and implement human- and machine-readable web services that remain. NET framework. This book is a step-by-step, practical tutorial with a simple approach to help you build RESTful web applications and services on the.

NET framework quickly and efficiently. This book is for ASP. This book contains many real-world code examples with explanations whenever necessary. Some experience with C and ASP. NET 4 is expected. The API is designed to support everything from databases, to web services to flat files for the backend. A Web Service backend using the gSOAP toolkit has been implemented which is particularly interesting since it addresses many modern cybersecurity issues including support for SSL.

Lawrence, David, E-mail: davidl jlab. Unipept web services for metaproteomics analysis. Unipept is an open source web application that is designed for metaproteomics analysis with a focus on interactive datavisualization. Unipept version 2. This enables integration of Unipept functionality in custom applications and data processing pipelines. Unipept ugent. Published by Oxford University Press.

All rights reserved. For Permissions, please e-mail: journals. ADS 2. Chyla, R. The ADS platform is undergoing the biggest rewrite of its year history. While several components have been added to its architecture over the past couple of years, this talk will concentrate on the underpinnings of ADS’s search layer and its API. Taking one step further, we will discuss how we plan to expose the treasure trove of information hosted by ADS 10 million records and fulltext for much of the Astronomy and Physics refereed literature to partners interested in using this API.

This will provide you and your intelligent applications with access to ADS’s underlying data to enable the extraction of new knowledge and the ingestion of these results back into the ADS.

Using this framework, researchers could run controlled experiments with content extraction, machine learning, natural language processing, etc.

In this talk, we will discuss what is already implemented, what will be available soon, and where we are going next. But sometimes some principles are ignored to ensure a higher speed of work and to reduce development time. Also, two main ways of data transfer in REST web services were considered: converting the file to Base64 and transferring it as an object field or transferring the file using the usual HTTP multipart. The Base64 standard approach gives a higher speed for multiple files in a single request, because only one HTTP connection is created, but these files are stored in RAM during request processing, which increases chance of the application crashing.

In the conclusion, the advantages of using web services and their wide use in other architectural approaches were considered, which increases the popularity of web services. ChEMBL web services : streamlining access to drug discovery data and utilities.

ChEMBL is now a well-established resource in the fields of drug discovery and medicinal chemistry research. The ChEMBL database curates and stores standardized bioactivity, molecule, target and drug data extracted from multiple sources, including the primary medicinal chemistry literature.

To complement the data-focused services , a utility service version 1. The ChEMBL web services can be used together or independently to build applications and data processing workflows relevant to drug discovery and chemical biology.

Full Text Available Metagenomic sequencing has produced significant amounts of data in recent years. With metagenomic sequencing finding even wider adoption in the scientific community, the existing web -based analysis tools and infrastructure in MG-RAST provide limited capability for data retrieval and analysis, such as comparative analysis between multiple data sets.

Moreover, although the system provides many analysis tools, it is not comprehensive. In addition, the API exposes a comprehensive collection of data to programmers. This API , which uses a RESTful Representational State Transfer implementation, is compatible with most programming environments and should be easy to use for end users and third parties.

It provides comprehensive access to sequence data, quality control results, annotations, and many other data types. Where feasible, we have used standards to expose data and metadata. Code examples are provided in a number of languages both to show the versatility of the API and to provide a starting point for users.

Metagenomic sequencing has produced significant amounts of data in recent years. Combining data from different APIs and data sources requires glue code which is typically not shared and hence not reused. We derive requirements for a mechanism that brings data. Full Text Available Abstract Background The complexity and inter-related nature of biological data poses a difficult challenge for data and tool integration. There has been a proliferation of interoperability standards and projects over the past decade, none of which has been widely adopted by the bioinformatics community.

Recent attempts have focused on the use of semantics to assist integration, and Semantic Web technologies are being welcomed by this community. Description SADI – Semantic Automated Discovery and Integration – is a lightweight set of fully standards-compliant Semantic Web service design patterns that simplify the publication of services of the type commonly found in bioinformatics and other scientific domains.

In addition, we provide codebases that support these best-practices, and plug-in tools to popular developer and client software that dramatically simplify deployment of services by providers, and the discovery and utilization of those services by their consumers.

Conclusions SADI Services are fully compliant with, and utilize only foundational Web standards; are simple to create and maintain for service providers; and can be discovered and utilized in a very intuitive way by biologist end-users. In addition, the SADI design patterns significantly improve the ability of software to automatically discover appropriate services based on user-needs, and automatically chain these into complex analytical workflows.

We show that, when resources are exposed through SADI, data compliant with a given ontological model can be automatically gathered, or generated, from these distributed, non-coordinating resources – a behaviour we have not observed in any other Semantic system. Background The complexity and inter-related nature of biological data poses a difficult challenge for data and tool integration. Finally, we show that, using SADI, data dynamically generated from Web services can be explored in a manner.

The complexity and inter-related nature of biological data poses a difficult challenge for data and tool integration. SADI – Semantic Automated Discovery and Integration – is a lightweight set of fully standards-compliant Semantic Web service design patterns that simplify the publication of services of the type commonly found in bioinformatics and other scientific domains. SADI Services are fully compliant with, and utilize only foundational Web standards; are simple to create and maintain for service providers; and can be discovered and utilized in a very intuitive way by biologist end-users.

Finally, we show that, using SADI, data dynamically generated from Web services can be explored in a manner very similar to data housed in. Safe „cloudification” of large images through picker APIs. The „Box model” allows users with no particular training in informatics, or access to specialized infrastructure, operate generic cloud computing resources through a temporary URI dereferencing mechanism known as „drop-file-picker API ” „picker API ” for sort.

This application programming interface API was popularized in the web app development community by DropBox, and is now a consumer-facing feature of all major cloud computing platforms such as Box. This reports describes a prototype web service application that uses picker APIs to expose a new, „cloudified”, API tailored for image analysis, without compromising the private governance of the data exposed.

In order to better understand this cross-platform cloud computing landscape, we first measured the time for both transfer and traversing of large image files generated by whole slide imaging WSI in Digital Pathology. The verification that there is extensive interconnectivity between cloud resources let to the development of a prototype software application that exposes an image-traversing REST API to image files stored in any of the consumer-facing „boxes”.

The open source prototype is publicly available at sbu-bmi. The purpose of this thesis is to make a primary design for the project with a mashup of WordPress and Google Maps API. Mashup technology is widely used in website development during recent years. It enables an application or a web page to combine multiple data sources. Besides, as WordPress is applied as a content management system The Internet of Things IoT is an infrastructure that interconnects uniquely-identifiable devices using the Internet.

In general, IoT devices provide two main capabilities: sensing and tasking capabilities. While the sensing capability is similar to the World-Wide Sensor Web , this research focuses on the tasking capability. However, currently, IoT devices created by different manufacturers follow different proprietary protocols and are locked in many closed ecosystems.

This heterogeneity issue impedes the interconnection between IoT devices and damages the potential of the IoT. To address this issue, this research aims at proposing an interoperable solution called tasking capability description that allows users to control different IoT devices using a uniform web service interface.

This paper demonstrates the contribution of the proposed solution by interconnecting different IoT devices for different applications. By interconnecting everyday appliances, various monitoring, and physical mashup applications can be constructed to improve human’s daily life.

The Open Source Predictive Toxicology Framework, developed by the partners in the EC FP7 OpenTox project, aims at providing a unified access to toxicity data and predictive models, as well as validation procedures.

This is achieved by i an information model, based on a common OWL-DL ontology ii links to related ontologies; iii data and algorithms, available through a standardized REST web services interface, where every compound, data set or predictive method has a unique web address, used to retrieve its Resource Description Framework RDF representation, or initiate the associated calculations.

The representation of data and processing resources in W3C Resource Description Framework facilitates integrating the resources as Linked Data. By uploading datasets with chemical structures and arbitrary set of properties, they become automatically available online in several formats. The services provide unified interfaces to several descriptor calculation, machine learning and similarity searching algorithms, as well as to applicability domain and toxicity prediction models.

All Toxtree modules for predicting the toxicological hazard of chemical compounds are also integrated within this package. The complexity and diversity of the processing is reduced to the simple paradigm „read data from a web address, perform processing, write to a web address”. The online service allows to easily run predictions, without installing any software, as well to share online datasets and models.

The downloadable web application. The DIRAC framework for distributed computing has been designed as a flexible and modular solution that can be adapted to the requirements of any community.

Some communities have developed their own software solutions for handling their specific workload, and would like to use DIRAC as their back-end to access distributed computing resources easily.

Many of these solutions are not coded in python or depend on a specific python version. Any language with libraries to issue standard HTTP queries may use it. However GSI proxies are not a widely adopted standard. Using ChEMBL web services for building applications and data processing workflows relevant to drug discovery.

ChEMBL is a manually curated database of bioactivity data on small drug-like molecules, used by drug discovery scientists. This approach allows scientists to move from a world where they go to the ChEMBL web site to search for relevant data, to one where ChEMBL data can be simply integrated into their everyday tools and work environment.

Areas covered: This review highlights some of the audiences who may benefit from using the ChEMBL API , and the goals they can address, through the description of several use cases. Expert opinion: The advent of web technologies, cloud computing and micro services oriented architectures have made REST APIs an essential ingredient of modern software development models. The widespread availability of tools consuming RESTful resources have made them useful for many groups of users.

The ChEMBL API is a valuable resource of drug discovery bioactivity data for professional chemists, chemistry students, data scientists, scientific and web developers. GIANT API provides biomedical researchers programmatic access to tissue-specific and global networks in humans and model organisms, and associated tools, which includes functional re-prioritization of existing genome-wide association study GWAS data.

Using tissue-specific interaction networks, researchers are able to predict relationships between genes specific to a tissue or cell lineage, identify the changing roles of genes across tissues and uncover disease-gene associations.

The web services covered by the API include tissue-specific functional gene networks in human, global functional networks for human and six common model organisms and the NetWAS method. It can be used by a diverse range of clients including web browsers, command terminals, programming languages and standalone apps for data analysis and visualization.

System configuration on Web with mashup. Mashup become trend for create Web service due to popularizing cloud service. Mashup has a few problems. One of the problem is deference of data format and label. Semantic Web can solve it. This paper propose method of building a system on Web with mashup using semantic Web. Mashup system configuration can express as URL.

So, editing URL for mashup is editing system configuration. And any device can use this system on Environmental Models as a Service : Enabling Interoperability Achieving interoperability in environmental modeling has evolved as software technology has progressed. The recent rise of cloud computing and proliferation of web services initiated a new stage for creating interoperable systems. Scientific programmers increasingly take advantage of streamlined deployment processes and affordable cloud access to move algorithms and data to the web for discoverability and consumption.

In these deployments, environmental models can become available to end users through RESTful web services and consistent application program interfaces APIs that consume, manipulate, and store modeling data. Embracing the RESTful paradigm allows models to be accessible via a web standard, and the resulting endpoints are platform- and implementation-agnostic while simultaneously presenting significant computational capabilities for spatial and temporal scaling.

This lets models function as an interoperable service that promotes sharing, documentation, and discoverability. Here, we discuss the. Web services foundations. SOC is the computing paradigm that uses Web services as building blocks for the engineering of composite, distributed applications out of the reusable application logic encapsulated by Web services. Web services could be considered the best-known and most standardized technology in use today for distributed computing over the Internet.

Web Services Foundations is the first installment of a two-book collection coverin. Virtual Web Services. In this paper we propose an application of software agents to provide Virtual Web Services.

A Virtual Web Service allows unrestricted comparison, information merging, pipelining, etc. Detailed architecture and functionality of a single Virtual We Cell Collective www. Full Text Available This paper explores some of the digital mapping processes available on the Internet in order to analyse their cartographic congruence.

These websites often use Googlebased maps in order to produce their own cartography. Thus, we can identify two main typologies of Internet mapping sites, which are characterized by the ownership or non-ownership of their cartographic bases. This paper will critically assess the cartography employed in the two different instances.

A concise introduction to the Cloud Computing Internet propagated phenomenon is also premised in order to provide the reader with an accurate frame of reference.

Cloud Computing has encouraged a significant Internet participation via the Application Programming Interface software API , leading to mash-up cartographic websites. Full Text Available As part of the Europeana Cloud eCloud project, Trinity College Dublin investigated best practice in the use of web services , such as APIs , for accessing large data sets from cultural heritage collections. This research looked into the provision and use of APIs , and moreover, whether or not more customised programmatic access to datasets is what researchers want or need.

We conducted both desk research and a series of 11 interviews with figures working as researchers, developers or data providers, including figures from both the API development and the data usage communities.

As the landscape of data becomes increasingly more diverse in the domain of Earth Science, the challenges of managing and preserving data become more onerous and complex, particularly for data centers on fixed budgets and limited staff. Many solutions already exist to ease the cost burden for the downstream component of the data lifecycle, yet most archive centers are still racing to keep up with the influx of new data that still needs to find a quasi-permanent resting place.

For instance, having well-defined metadata that is consistent across the entire data landscape provides for well-managed and preserved datasets throughout the latter end of the data lifecycle. Translators between different metadata dialects are already in operational use, and facilitate keeping older datasets relevant in today’s world of rapidly evolving metadata standards. However, very little is done to address the first phase of the lifecycle, which deals with the entry of both data and the corresponding metadata into a system that is traditionally opaque and closed off to external data producers, thus resulting in a significant bottleneck to the dataset submission process.

The ATRAC system was the NOAA NCEI’s answer to this previously obfuscated barrier to scientists wishing to find a home for their climate data records, providing a web -based entry point to submit timely and accurate metadata and information about a very specific dataset. What makes the PO. We present a REST web service to assess the geospatial quality of primary biodiversity data. It enables access to basic and advanced functions to detect completeness and consistency issues as well as general errors in the provided record or set of records.

Complaint go: an online complaint registration system using web services and android. In numerous nations, there are city bodies that are the nearby representing bodies that help keep up and run urban communities. These administering bodies are for the most part called MC Municipal Cooperation. The MC may need to introduce edit cameras and other observation gadgets to guarantee the city is running easily and productively. It is imperative for an MC to know the deficiencies occurring inside the city.

The everyday operations and working of the city are taken care by administering bodies which are known as Government Authorities. The second choice is generally granted on the grounds that it gives the best possible substantial data.

The GA by and large enables its residents to enlist their grievance through a few mediums. In this application, the citizens are facilitated to send the complaints directly from their smartphone to the higher officials.

Many APIs are functioning as the web services which are really essential to make it easier to register a complaint such as Google Places API to detect your current location and show that in Map. The Web portal is used to process various complaints well supported with different web services.

Already integrated into LHC experiment frameworks, a new web interface now makes the FTS3’s transfer technology directly available to end users. We will shed light on new development activities to extend FTS3 transfers capabilities outside Grid boundaries with support of non-Grid endpoints like Dropbox and S3. We also describe the latest changes integrated into the transfer engine itself, such as new data management operations like deletions and staging files from archive, all of which may be accessed through our standards-compliant REST API.

For the Service Managers, we explain such features as the service 's horizonta Advanced web services. This book is the second installment of a two-book collection covering the state-o. Using secure web services to visualize poison center data for nationwide biosurveillance: a case study. Real-time surveillance systems are valuable for timely response to public health emergencies. It has been challenging to leverage existing surveillance systems in state and local communities, and, using a centralized architecture, add new data sources and analytical capacity.

Because this centralized model has proven to be difficult to maintain and enhance, the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention CDC has been examining the ability to use a federated model based on secure web services architecture, with data stewardship remaining with the data provider.

As a case study for this approach, the American Association of Poison Control Centers and the CDC extended an existing data warehouse via a secure web service , and shared aggregate clinical effects and case counts data by geographic region and time period.

Two iterations of the NPDS web service were completed in 12 weeks. The visualization client, Quicksilver, was developed in four months. This implementation of web services combined with a visualization client represents incremental positive progress in transitioning national data sources like BioSense and NPDS to a federated data exchange model. Quicksilver effectively demonstrates how the use of secure web services in conjunction with a lightweight, rapidly deployed visualization client can easily integrate isolated data sources for biosurveillance.

Full Text Available Energy Efficient Building EEB design, construction, and operations require the development and sharing of building information among different individuals, organizations, and computer applications. This paper presents an investigation into the core RESTful web service requirements needed to effectively support the EEB project lifecycle. The requirements include information exchange requirements, distributed collaboration requirements, internal data storage requirements, and partial model query requirements.

We also propose a RESTful web service design model on different abstraction layers to enhance the BIM lifecycle in energy efficient building design. The results show that our design can enhance the efficiency of data exchange in EEB design scenarios. Web service has become the technology of choice for service oriented computing to meet the interoperability demands in web applications.

In the Internet era, the exponential addition of web services nominates the „quality of service ” as essential parameter in discriminating the web services. In this paper, a user preference based web service ranking UPWSR algorithm is proposed to rank web services based on user preferences and QoS aspect of the web service.

When the user’s request cannot be fulfilled by a single atomic service , several existing services should be composed and delivered as a composition. The proposed framework allows the user to specify the local and global constraints for composite web services which improves flexibility. UPWSR algorithm identifies best fit services for each task in the user request and, by choosing the number of candidate services for each task, reduces the time to generate the composition plans.

To tackle the problem of web service composition, QoS aware automatic web service composition QAWSC algorithm proposed in this paper is based on the QoS aspects of the web services and user preferences.

The proposed framework allows user to provide feedback about the composite service which improves the reputation of the services. Programmers used to be the only people excited about APIs , but now a growing number of companies see them as a hot new product channel. This concise guide describes the tremendous business potential of APIs , and demonstrates how you can use them to provide valuable services to clients, partners, or the public via the Internet.

You’ll learn all the steps necessary for building a cohesive API business strategy from experts in the trenches. Facebook and Twitter APIs continue to be extremely successful, and many other companies find that API demand greatly exceeds website traffic.

This book offe. Progressive Web applications. CERN Multimedia. Progressive Web Applications are native-like applications running inside of a browser context. In my presentation I would like describe their characteristics, benchmarks and building process using a quick and simple case study example with focus on Service Workers api. One application of such a static analysis is to detect type-related and dataflow-related programming errors. We report on experiments with a range of modern web applications BOWS bioinformatics open web services to centralize bioinformatics tools in web services.

Bioinformaticians face a range of difficulties to get locally-installed tools running and producing results; they would greatly benefit from a system that could centralize most of the tools, using an easy interface for input and output.

Web services , due to their universal nature and widely known interface, constitute a very good option to achieve this goal. Bioinformatics open web services BOWS is a system based on generic web services produced to allow programmatic access to applications running on high-performance computing HPC clusters. BOWS intermediates the access to registered tools by providing front-end and back-end web services. Programmers can install applications in HPC clusters in any programming language and use the back-end service to check for new jobs and their parameters, and then to send the results to BOWS.

Programs running in simple computers consume the BOWS front-end service to submit new processes and read results.

BOWS compiles Java clients, which encapsulate the front-end web service requisitions, and automatically creates a web page that disposes the registered applications and clients.

Bioinformatics open web services registered applications can be accessed from virtually any programming language through web services , or using standard java clients.

The back-end can run in HPC clusters, allowing bioinformaticians to remotely run high-processing demand applications directly from their machines. Web Services on Rails. This PDF will show you how your small business or enterprise can publish its APIs application programming interface to a developer community just like the behemoths of the Internet–Google, Yahoo! These giants already offer their APIs to other programmers and allow for add-on services and mash-ups to develop from them–but until recently, the capability for most enterprises to do the same was limited by a myriad of competing standards and a lack of easy-to-use tools to accomplish the task.

Ruby on Rails levels the playing field for companies by simplifying the process. Web-service for integration of current information from the leading MOOCs. Full Text Available Purpose. Materials and methods. Web-service is designed as one of the components of the information-educational environment of the Institute of System Analysis and Management. Each project has its own API , which allows you to get information about online courses.

Since MOOCs do not have a common vocabulary in order to use it for searching, there is the problem of creating such a dictionary. To do this we use the Stack Exchange resource stackexchange. The list of keywords is formed through the Stack Exchange API — we select the most popular tags on sites softwareengineering. As the first stage of implementation, a web application was developed that allows you to view and filter the lists of courses and to see detailed information about the courses.

The approach uses standard Open Geospatial Consortium OGC web services to provide information to web -based applications through a range of generic data services. This currently hosts a freely accessible Weather Map Viewer, written in JavaScript, which accesses a Web Map Service WMS , to deliver innovative web -based visualizations of weather and its potential impacts to the public.

The intention is to engage the public in the development of new web -based services that more accurately meet their needs. As the service is intended for public use within the UK, it has been designed to support a user base of 5 million, the analysed level of UK web traffic reaching the Met Office’s public weather information site.

The required scalability has been realised through the use of multi-tier tile caching: – WMS requests are made for x tiles for fixed areas and zoom levels; – a Tile Cache, developed in house, efficiently serves tiles on demand, managing WMS request for the new tiles; – Edge Servers, externally hosted by Akamai, provide a highly scalable UK-centric service for pre-cached tiles, passing new requests to the Tile Cache; – the Invent Weather Map Viewer uses the Google Maps API to request tiles from Edge Servers.

The Met Office delivers specialist commercial products to market sectors such as transport, utilities and defence, which exploit a Web Feature Service WFS for data relating forecasts and observations to specific geographic features, and a Web Coverage Service WCS for sub-selections of gridded data.

These are locally rendered as maps or. The Auroral Planetary Imaging and Spectroscopy APIS service , accessible online, provides an open and interactive access to processed auroral observations of the outer planets and their satellites. Such observations are of interest for a wide community at the interface between planetology, magnetospheric and heliospheric physics.

APIS consists of i a high level database, built from planetary auroral observations acquired by the Hubble Space Telescope HST since with its mostly used Far-Ultraviolet spectro-imagers, ii a dedicated search interface aimed at browsing efficiently this database through relevant conditional search criteria and iii the ability to interactively work with the data online through plotting tools developed by the Virtual Observatory VO community, such as Aladin and Specview.

This service is VO compliant and can therefore also been queried by external search tools of the VO community. The application is done in Invoice Home Wikilane, , an invoicing web application for small business and entrepreneurs available world-wide. The main purpose of the API is to allow connection of Invoice Home with external systems and offer Invoice Home data in simpler format compared to the current HTML format of the full-stack web application.

The paper could be also used as a basic template or pattern for any other implementation of the JSON API in any web -based application. Programming Web services with Perl. Given Perl’s natural fit for web applications development, it’s no surprise that Perl is also a natural choice for web services development. But books on web services focus on writing these applications in Java or Visual Basic, leaving Perl programmers with few resources to get them started. Programming Web Services with Perl changes that, bringing Perl users all the information they need to create web services using their favori.

H1DS: A new web -based data access system. The data system provides access to fusion data via a RESTful web service. With the URL acting as the API to the data system, H1DS provides a scalable and extensible framework which is intuitive to new users, and allows access from any internet connected device. The H1DS framework, originally designed to work with MDSplus, has a modular design which can be extended to provide access to alternative data storage systems.

Various studies have been carried out since under the leadership of Ministry of Environment and Urbanism of Turkey, in order to observe the quality of air in Turkey, to develop new policies and to develop a sustainable air quality management strategy.

For this reason, a national air quality monitoring network has been developed providing air quality indices. By this network, the quality of the air has been continuously monitored and an important information system has been constructed in order to take precautions for preventing a dangerous situation. The biggest handicap in the network is the data access problem for instant and time series data acquisition and processing because of its proprietary structure.

Currently, there is no service offered by the current air quality monitoring system for exchanging information with third party applications. This web service is equipped with up-todate and widely preferred technologies. In other words, an architecture is chosen in which applications can easily integrate.

In the second phase of the study, a web -based application was developed to test the developed web service and this testing application can perform location based acquisition of air-quality data.

This makes it possible to easily carry out operations such as screening and examination of the area in the given time-frame which cannot be done with the national monitoring network. Following advancements in smartphone and portable global positioning system GPS data collection, wearable GPS data have realized extensive use in transportation surveys and studies. The task of detecting driving cycles driving or car-mode trajectory segments from wearable GPS data has been the subject of much research.

Specifically, distinguishing driving cycles from other motorized trips such as taking a bus is the main research problem in this paper. Many mode detection methods only focus on raw GPS speed data while some studies apply additional information, such as geographic information system GIS data, to obtain better detection performance.

Procuring and maintaining dedicated road GIS data are costly and not trivial, whereas the technical maturity and broad use of map service application program interface API queries offers opportunities for mode detection tasks.

The proposed driving cycle detection method takes advantage of map service APIs to obtain high-quality car-mode API route information and uses a trajectory segmentation algorithm to find the best-matched API route.

The car-mode API route data combined with the actual route information, including the actual mode information, are used to train a logistic regression machine learning model, which estimates car modes and non-car modes with probability rates. The experimental results show promise for the proposed method’s ability to detect vehicle mode accurately. It enables universal access to the integration favorable data space of Linked Data. Web APIs are the most common way to enable. The EMBRACE European Model for Bioinformatics Research and Community Education web service collection is the culmination of a 5-year project that set out to investigate issues involved in developing and deploying web services for use in the life sciences.

The project concluded that in order Building on this, the project developed: EDAM This article presents the current status of the collection MedlinePlus Connect: Web Service.

Full Text Available Various studies have been carried out since under the leadership of Ministry of Environment and Urbanism of Turkey, in order to observe the quality of air in Turkey, to develop new policies and to develop a sustainable air quality management strategy.

Dynamic selection mechanism for quality of service aware web services. A web service is an interface of the software component that can be accessed by standard Internet protocols. The web service technology enables an application to application communication and interoperability.

The increasing number of web service providers throughout the globe have produced numerous web services providing the same or similar functionality. This necessitates the use of tools and techniques to search the suitable services available over the Web. UDDI universal description, discovery and integration is the first initiative to find the suitable web services based on the requester’s functional demands.

However, the requester’s requirements may also include non-functional aspects like quality of service QoS. In this paper, the authors define a QoS model for QoS aware and business driven web service publishing and selection.

The authors propose a QoS requirement format for the requesters, to specify their complex demands on QoS for the web service selection. The authors define a tree structure called quality constraint tree QCT to represent the requester’s variety of requirements on QoS properties having varied preferences. The paper proposes a QoS broker based architecture for web service selection, which facilitates the requesters to specify their QoS requirements to select qualitatively optimal web service.

A web service selection algorithm is presented, which ranks the functionally similar web services based on the degree of satisfaction of the requester’s QoS requirements and preferences.

The paper defines web service provider qualities to distinguish qualitatively competitive web services.

The paper also presents the modelling and selection mechanism for the requester’s alternative constraints defined on the QoS.

The authors implement the QoS broker based system to prove the correctness of the proposed web service selection mechanism. Personalization of Rule-based Web Services. Nowadays Web users have clearly expressed their wishes to receive personalized services directly. Personalization is the way to tailor services directly to the immediate requirements of the user. However, the current Web Services System does not provide any features supporting this such as consideration of personalization of services and intelligent matchmaking.

In this research a flexible, personalized Rule-based Web Services System to address these problems and to enable efficient search, discovery and construction across general Web documents and Semantic Web documents in a Web Services System is proposed. This system utilizes matchmaking among service requesters’, service providers’ and users’ preferences using a Rule-based Search Method, and subsequently ranks search results. A prototype of efficient Web Services search and construction for the suggested system is developed based on the current work.

Web Service. Using the Web service , software developers can build applications that utilize MedlinePlus health topic information. The service accepts keyword searches as requests and returns relevant A View of the Web of Data. Full Text Available Context: In order to assess basic criteria so as to obtain preliminary guidelines on the current state of the Web of Data, we analyze the connection and use of the services offered by CKAN – Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network; the analysis is conducted through exploration and connection to datasets published in the datahub.

The proposal consists of three key activities: 1 review and analysis of platform, 2 Setting up and using the services provided by the API and 3 download and review of the information obtained. Results: The required services offered by the platform CKAN were configured and deployed, in order to carry out queries and downloads related to each dataset. The obtained information was processed and analyzed from the downloaded JSON, allowing a comparative preliminary analysis of the information regarding the behavior of the Web of Data.

Conclusions: CKAN is a powerful tool to manage data catalogs. This tool can handle a description of the data and other relevant information, from organizations that publish to people who query such information. These queries provide information as categories of organizations, data formats and owners, the type of publication licenses, links to other data, among other which are relevant to perform an analysis of the Web data.

RESTful web services with Dropwizard. A hands-on focused step-by-step tutorial to help you create Web Service applications using Dropwizard. If you are a software engineer or a web developer and want to learn more about building your own Web Service application, then this is the book for you.

Biological Web Service Repositories Review. Web services play a key role in bioinformatics enabling the integration of database access and analysis of algorithms. However, Web service repositories do not usually publish information on the changes made to their registered Web services. Dynamism is directly related to the changes in the repositories services registered or unregistered and at service level annotation changes.

Thus, users, software clients or workflow based approaches lack enough relevant information to decide when they should review or re-execute a Web service or workflow to get updated or improved results. The dynamism of the repository could be a measure for workflow developers to re-check service availability and annotation changes in the services of interest to them.

This paper presents a review on the most well-known Web service repositories in the life sciences including an analysis of their dynamism. Freshness is introduced in this paper, and has been used as the measure for the dynamism of these repositories.

Web service composition: a semantic web and automated planning technique application. Full Text Available This article proposes applying semantic web and artificial intelligence planning techniques to a web services composition model dealing with problems of ambiguity in web service description and handling incomplete web information.

The model uses an OWL-S services and implements a planning technique which handles open world semantics in its reasoning process to resolve these problems. This resulted in a web services composition system incorporating a module for interpreting OWL-S services and converting them into a planning problem in PDDL a planning module handling incomplete information and an execution service module concurrently interacting with the planner for executing each composition plan service. Due to the recent progress of seismograph and communication environment, real-time and continuous ground-motion observation becomes technically and economically feasible.

Traditionally, strong-motion data were recorded by event-triggering based instruments with non-continues telephone line which is connected only after an earthquake. Though the data from such networks mainly contribute to preparations for future earthquakes, huge amount of real-time data from dense network are expected to directly contribute to the mitigation of ongoing earthquake disasters through, e.

By generating the distribution map of these indexes and uploading them to the website, we implemented the real-time ground motion monitoring system, Kyoshin strong-motion in Japanese monitor. This web service www. Though this service provides only ground-motion map in GIF format, to take full advantage of real-time strong-motion data to mitigate the ongoing disasters, digital data are important.

We have developed a WebAPI to provide real-time data and related information such as ground motions 5 km-mesh and arrival times estimated from EEW earthquake early warning. In this application, ground motions estimated from EEW are overlapped on the map with the observed one-second-interval indexes. The application can playback previous earthquakes for demonstration or disaster drill.



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The anxiety of entering the professional employment arena is daunting for any recent graduate of a college or university. Understanding what recruiters and. Report for the British Academy. Alex de Ruyter, Sally Weller, Ian Henry, Al Rainnie, Gill Bentley and Beverley Nielsen. Abstract.


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