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We use cookies for analytics, personalization, and ads. I believe that was before they updated the site slightly, after the update I was able to apply easier. I also spent a little time reading the helpful information and tips regarding the site. I successfully applied, received notices and a job offer. Just takes time and patience. I can’t effectively filter jobs. To get anywhere with applying, it takes applying to about jobs. That means you need to be able to view and sort jobs efficiently.

Instead, USAjobs makes the applicant keep selecting „more jobs” even after filtering for „status,” or sorting by „date applied. Sometimes that filter disappears if you try to select „more jobs. Veterans don’t get a positive response without applying to many, many jobs. Also, the status of „reviewed,” is not informative. They changed it to generic „reviewed,” when before, it actually said „referred” or „not referee.

I’ve applied countless of times in the past, but more recently as I’ve had to move different states a few times. Im a military spouse now which makes it more challenging for me to find a job as I’m moving around. The VA states there’s eligibility for military spouses, but I’ve applied more than a few times with no success.

I’ve given up. There’s no interest in supporting military spouses here. Tip for consumers: Be prepared for it not to work. I think you’re generally better off just going elsewhere for your job hunt if online.

The sign in process is not user-friendly. The two-factor authentication only provides options for calling or texting your listed number. If it fails to be received, you can click again, but after a few tries, your account will be locked for 10min at a time. Their only solution is to delete your account and start over as the only means to „reset your preferences”. Thank you. Plan on spending a few hours just filling out the application on USAJobs.

You’re better off filing for unemployment than applying for a federal job. They make the job requirements so specific that unless you have made such a niche career path choice, they don’t want you. The USAJobs. This job board is a true reflection of the disconnect within the government. It is as though the „light is on but no one is at home. The problem is the only message I received each time was an automated reply that I signed up for to let me know my application was received.

MOST of those automated messages said my application was „referred to a hiring manager. There is absolutely no respect shown for the time and effort one puts into preparing a resume and putting together all of the information the USA job site so meticulously requires of its applicants. There are absolutely no words to describe the unprofessionalism in the lack of concern for people’s time that I can even think of for this government website.

It is awful! It is frustrating to imagine that my resume was forwarded to hiring managers numerous times and I get no response. For the record, I am a highly qualified candidate with a Ph. Could the answer be because they are disorganized or simply do not care?

The USAJob. You have been referred to the hiring manager for position Just like many of my applications „not being considered for this position” or „qualified, not forwarding to selecting official” with no explanation of what was „considered” or why I was „qualified” but being forwarded on to a selecting official.

I have several first hand examples. I would have given a no star rating if possible. It has been a fixed site for years. Some of the jobs are ageist, ridiculous with qualifications required that don’t align with the pay grade. They make you take long assessments, some want you to not submit your resume but create a completely new resume from their tool. Don’t waste your time because no one ever got a well paying government job through this website.

I have only ever been offered a hint of a morsel and it was a job with the TSA that I didn’t apply for. No thanks. That’s a high turn over, you only need a warm body to stand there type of job.

I didn’t go to college just so I can rummage through someone’s luggage and invade their personal space with a pat down. Do your best to deal direct with the agency or use Indeed. And don’t bother trying to call USAJobs as there is no phone to get help. It’s all by email and the „help” you get is pathetic! This job site is worthless and fake and run by inept people that waste jobseekers time. I’ve applied for more than plus jobs in 2 years and receive no feedback either positive or negative.

Had one phone interview by CBP and was mocked for being unemployed. Whole purpose of looking for a job is to get one? I’d stay clear of this sucker trap of a job site. This website’s hiring process is the worse I have ever encountered! I am a year veteran with a master’s degree and I keep getting told that I do not meet their qualifications when I do! This website is a joke and until the government sector gets its process of hiring fixed, I will not be applying again! Come on employers, you need to do better for your veterans!

Tip for consumers: Don’t waste your time on this website! A time-wasting monster with poor authentication methods, obsession over security that comes at the expense of retention of federal applicant files. Constant resets, deactivations, and notices to delete accounts and rebuild federal CV usually leads people infinitely frustrated that they give up on federal jobs or advancement and just go elsewhere.

Trying to log in after I changed my password. It keeps auto filling in and old expired password, then tells me it is not valid. I try to use my new password and it says it is not valid. Ridiculous and a complete waste of time. They only cater to military wives who don’t have any job experience.

You never get referred for jobs, even when you are truly qualified for the position. They need to take this misleading website down. The website is hopelessly counterinuitive.

When an applicant attempts to create a new password, the site responds If you have no intention of allowing applicants to enter the site, on which these same applicants have saved their curricula vitarum no, I’m right, that’s the plural , then why bother keeping this site on line? I recommend you fire your contractor, who built this site, and find some other group of post-millennial geniuses to design something that works.

I applied to 39 separate Jobs and not a one yielded much. I had a get „Referred” but still nothing. The Application Questions are absurd and obviously not written by anyone who was acquainted with the Registered Nursing Profession. This is the gateway to Federal Jobs so I said that was enough of that! These jobs must require an insider to help one out which I don’t have. I finally gave up. I somehow strongly feel that usajobs.

I have been applying foe jobs through the website for over 2 years now. I get a response back that my resume has been referred, but it never goes beyond that.

It happened at least over 15 times now. I am beginning to wonder if this website is even legit. After a few months i get a response back saying 'even though you were an eligible candidate we found some one else’. This is even without an interview. How would they now even without talking to me that the other person was a better fit. Learned that you are actually fighting against an algorithm, not a human.

If your answers do not meet the pre-determined check boxes, be prepared to be disqualified. It almost requires your to BS your resume and answers just to even make it to a human response.

The selection process is pretty beyond brutal and a lot of the jobs are asking for unrealistic levels of experience. A lot of the jobs are underpaid for those seeking to get their foot into the federal system. As a website, it’s pretty good and easy to navigate. That stinks considering how many jobs I applied for.



Usa jobs login official siteground reviews.SiteGround USA Reviews 2022: Real Uptime Records + USA Website Speed Test

Media Production. There are admin people who think they can do changes without any communication DNS changes, mail settings. They offer a day money-back guarantee. More than benefits, we ensure they have impact, freedom and appreciation. I consider SiteGround to be a high-end quality hosting, but with a mid-range price.


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