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Canada day vancouver island’s covid 1921 census
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The Census marked the sixth regularly scheduled collection of national statistics. It officially began on June 1, A total of commissioners were appointed to coordinate the census.

Reporting to the commissioners, 11, enumerators were then assigned to a clearly defined area. Enumerators visited census districts, divided into multiple enumeration units. These units were made up of cities, towns, groups of townships, Indian reserves, and other less well-defined areas. In unorganized regions, First Nation reserves and the Northwest Territories, special agents including missionaries, employees of fur trading companies and of the Department of Indian Affairs and members of the Royal North West Mounted Police acted as enumerators.

In , the Dominion Bureau of Statistics was authorized by the Public Records Committee to microfilm and destroy the original paper records of the Census.

As a result, only a microfilm copy of the census exists as an archival holding. The microfilming of these records was not of consistent quality and not all images are readable.

The digitized images found on the Library and Archives Canada LAC website have been made by scanning the microfilms of the Census. As exact copies, a page that was unreadable on microfilm will also be unreadable on your computer screen. Title pages appear before each sub-district; they contain this information:.

These records and those of previous censuses are described in the Statistics Canada fonds, formerly Record Group 31 RG The enumeration data were collected using 5 documents, known as schedules, which included a total of questions.

For large cities, a street index was created by Statistics Canada after the taking of the census. The index can be used to quickly find in which sub-district or division a specific street, avenue or institution has been enumerated.

See Censuses — Street Indexes. Instructions to enumerators were given on how to collect the names and other information in You can read these instructions in the publication Instructions to Commissioners and Enumerators , Canada, Census and Statistics Office, Statistical information can be found in the following volumes of the Report of the Sixth Census of Canada :.

This research tool contains 8,, records that are searchable by name. The database entries are in the original language used in the documents. This information was not translated. The search screen enables you to search by name of person or by place. The Census was enumerated by census districts and sub-districts, and the records were compiled accordingly. Therefore, knowledge of the districts and sub-districts is of value in locating either an individual or a geographic location.

To assist with district names and sub-district descriptions, a list of Census Districts and Sub-districts is provided. You can enter one or multiple search terms, all of which can be used in combination. To use the fields in combination you should note that the default operator is „AND. Try a simple search first. You don’t have to put something in every field. See also Research tips. When you have entered your search terms, click on „Search”. The number of hits found will be shown at the top of the results screen.

Your search results will be posted as a results summary list from which you will be able to obtain an item description. The search results page has a thumbnail image of the census record and displays the following information:. The item page has a digitized image of the actual census page available in JPG and PDF formats and contains the following fields:.

To suggest a correction, click on the „Suggest a Correction” link to access an electronic form. To return to the Search results page, click on the Back button of your browser in the upper left corner of your screen. Numeric codes : When employees at the Dominion Bureau of Statistics were compiling the statistical summaries, some of them wrote numbers on the census pages. The numbers relate to the information already recorded, not to additional details about the person enumerated.

For example, we have been able to determine that for column 15, Place of birth, the following codes were used on some pages:. There is a guide that explains the codes used in column 28, Occupations see below. The meaning of numbers written in other columns is unknown. Column 1. Dwelling house A count of the houses, numbered in the order visited by the enumerator.

Column 2. Family, household or institution A count of the family or household. Two or more families that occupied the same house were to be numbered separately. Column 3. Name of each person in family, household or institution. Surname last name first. Column 4. Place of Abode Section or Township In rural localities, give parish, section, township, range and Meridian.

Column 5. Place of Abode Municipality In cities, towns and villages, give street and number of dwelling. Column 6. Home owned or rented „O” if the home is owned; „R” if home is rented.

Column 8. Column 9. Column Rooms occupied by this family The number of rooms occupied by this family for living purposes. Sex Denoted by „m” for male and „f” for female. Single, Married, Widowed, Divorced or Legally Separated Denoted by the letter „s” for single, „m” for married, „w” for widowed man or woman , „d” for divorced or „l.

For persons who were born in a country outside the United Kingdom or any of its dependencies and who had become naturalized. Language other than English or French spoken as Mother tongue The language spoken by every person other than English or French written in full. Religious body, Denomination or Community to which this person adheres or belongs The religion to which an individual claimed to belong written in full.

Months at school since Sept. For statistical analysis, a numerical code for example , or was used for occupations and added in column 28 after the census was taken. It consists of two parts:. Chief occupation or trade The more accurate description of the trade for every person of 10 years and over.

Total earnings past 12 months since June 1st, Total amount earned between June 1st, and May 31st, If an employee, where you out of work June 1st, Yes or no. Number of weeks unemployed in the past 12 months since June 1st, A complete list of abbreviations for places of birth in Canada is on our main census page.

The Research tips section on our main census page includes basic and advanced search tips and strategies. There are also instructions on how to search by place. After the census, the government used those population statistics to redraw the federal electoral district boundaries. The maps of the new electoral districts were published in an electoral atlas in Those electoral districts were used to determine the census districts for the census. Keep in mind, however, that between and there may have been minor changes to some boundaries.

On that page, click on „Digital Objects” to see the thumbnail images. Images 2 and 3 are the table of contents. When you open a map, you can use the „Download a Copy” button to access the zoom function.

Library and Archives Canada gratefully acknowledges the contribution of Ancestry. Please do not submit copy requests because we do not provide copies of census records that are already digitized online. The census is only available in digitized format. Microfilm reels are not available for consultation or for purchase.

Notre site est en transition. We are in transition. This content remains active until it is transferred to the new LAC website. Census of Canada, Page Content. Background Schedules Street Indexes Instructions to enumerators and statistics Districts and sub-districts About the database Search screen How to interpret the results Column headings and interpretation Common abbreviations Issues about this census and this database Research tips Other resources and indexes How to obtain copies.

Search: Database.


– Canada day vancouver island’s covid 1921 census


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Canada day vancouver island’s covid 1921 census –


Want to discuss? Please read our Commenting Policy first. New data released Wednesday provides the clearest snapshot yet of how many Canadians accessed the COVID support programs the government hastily rolled out at the beginning of the pandemic. Statistics Canada unveiled the information as part of its rollout of canada day vancouver island’s covid 1921 census from the national census taken in May Read more: Canadian census data shows rise in households with multiple generations of families.

More than In canada day vancouver island’s covid 1921 census, 8. Who it was for: Workers who, for a two-week period, were not able to work or had a 50 per cent reduction in their earnings due to COVID, and who were not entitled to employment insurance benefits. Who it was for: Employed or self-employed people who were sick or needed to self-isolate due to COVID, or had an underlying health condition that put them at greater risk of catching it.

Who it was for: Post-secondary students and canada day weekend 2020 nfl post-secondary or high school graduates unable to find work due to COVID World Canada Local.

Full Menu Search Menu. Close Local your local region National. Search Submit search Quick Search. Comments Close comments menu. Video link. Close X. Click to scroll back to top of the page Back to узнать больше здесь. By Staff The Canadian Press.

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Read more: Canadian census data shows rise in households with multiple generations of families Read More. Canadian census data shows rise in households with multiple generations of families.

Story continues below advertisement. Trending Stories. Family of four, including 8-month-old, found dead after being kidnapped in California. Leave a comment Comments.

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