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Unity churches in canada – unity churches in canada
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Unity Centre of Winnipeg. Rev Tammy St Amand. Rev Maya Brandenberger. Unity Church of Agape , Scarborough. Board President Cicely Phillips. Unity Christ Centre of Truth , Etobicoke. Spiritual Leadership Team Shirley.

Unity Spiritual Centre , Hamilton. Rev Anne Ahokangas. Unity Kitchener. Spiritual Leadership Team Cheryl. Unity of London. Our forum. New essays. Other site features. Buy a CD. Vital notes. World religions. Who is a Christian? Shared beliefs. Handle change. Bible topics. Bible inerrancy. Bible harmony. Interpret Bible. Beliefs, creeds. Da Vinci code. Revelation, Other religions. Other spirituality.

Cults and NRMs. Comparing religions. About all religions. Important topics. Basic information. Confusing terms. World’s end. One true religion? Seasonal topics. Science v. More info. Absolute truth. Attaining peace. Religious tolerance. Religious hatred. Religious conflict. Religious violence. Very hot topics. Ten commandm’ts. Assisted suicide. Death penalty. Gay marriage. Origins of the species. Spanking kids. Stem cells. Other topics. Laws and news. Religious laws. Religious news. See also an essay on Unity in the U.

Unity Beliefs:. They have abandoned the popular image that God is a elderly, superhuman male with a white flowing beard who lives in a remote place „up there”. They do not believe that God is fickle, answering some prayers and ignoring others. They do not look upon God as a deity to be feared. One fundamental attribute of God is that He is good. We are created to be ” healthy, happy, prosperous, loved and loving, courageous and strong „.

If we fall short of these goals, it is because we have separated our mind from God, and allowed negative thoughts to intrude. God is within each one of us; he is directly accessible. We need only to quietly turn within ourselves to contact Him. Unity follows a form of pantheism.

God exists in all things. He is present throughout creation: in humans, plants, animals, the earth itself, etc. Jesus Christ: They reject the traditional Christian view that Jesus is a deity to be worshipped; they point out that at no time did Jesus tell his disciples to worship him. Rather, they look upon Jesus as a great healer, miracle worker, and mystic who had a direct access to God. They believe that his actions can be emulated by believers today. Priorities: One’s life is to be dominated by love, and compassion, even toward one’s enemies.

Original sin: They reject the concept of original sin , the belief that because of Adam and Eve’s actions in the Garden of Eden, we are all conceived in iniquity and born in sin. Our view of God 2.

Our relationship with God 3. Our view of ourselves and consciousness. God is pure Goodness. God is Truth. Our relationship with God is cultivated by learning, understanding and living by Truth Principles. Every individual has a dual nature, meaning that each one of us is both a spiritual being with a spiritual consciousness and a human being with a human consciousness.

As Jesus taught, there is a Way to live in the world, and not be of it. When we first arrived in this 3-dimensional world on earth, as a baby, we knew nothing about ourselves, our parents, languages or location. Fortunately, we had a mind, a heart and body with the capacity to learn quickly.

And, within a few short years we learned a lot, formed opinions and wanted to be bigger and older. When we were big enough and old enough, and wanting to manage our own lives, we went out into the world. Some of us left home in their teens, others later, but based on what we knew, our human journey was full of surprises. This was our human experience in a material world…. Sunday services and Classes are online until further notice.

Prayer and guided meditation accompanied by music. James Sherman that is uplifting, provocative and inspirational offering many tools, principles and Truths to enrich your life.

Unity Church of Truth is multi-denominational. We embrace all spiritual teachings based on the teachings of Jesus.

The ideal of Charles and Myrtle Fillmore, co-founders of Unity over a century ago, was to provide a safe haven for persons of every age and condition who desire to dedicate time to their own spiritual growth.



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We welcome your sharing of happenings from your lives and your Unity Centers, as well as ideas, challenges, joys and questions. To those seeking spiritual growth, Unity offers a positive, practical, progressive approach to Christianity. It is viewed as a movement in consciousness, rather. Services at Lawrence Ave. East, Don Mills, ON) Don Mills Public Library, Toronto, ON, Canada, Ontario. +1 office@


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