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National maple syrup day canada border patrol one
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In the spring of a warm snap ended the season early and pandemic restrictions made business operations a challenge. John Williams, executive director of the Ontario Maple Syrup Producers Association, said „every bush is different” in terms of sap production this season.

The association represents about „sugar makers” in the province, or more than 75 per cent of maple syrup produced. Williams said he expects most will surpass their poor season last year, but final results won’t flow in until the last tap is pulled. Is it going to be a good season, or is it going to be OK? The harmonization of grade names and standards as intended by these regulatory amendments will facilitate trade between Canada and the United States and provide consumers with clearer label information.

The amendments present minimal risk while responding to the expectations of industry and stakeholders to improve maple syrup standards, grading and labelling.

The potential benefits of these amendments for the maple industry in Canada outweigh the costs. These amendments benefit consumers by providing them clearer information on labels grade name and colour , likely improving their confidence in maple syrup and assisting in their choice of products.

They also benefit industry stakeholders by enhancing export market access. The current grade names and colour classes may unintentionally mislead consumers in their choice of maple syrup by the unclear differentiation relating to grade names and colour variation. A U. James and Barbara H. Canadians are at the same risk of confusion due to the descriptive terms for grade and colour under the current MPR.

Other misunderstandings are occurring with the current use of terminology. Ultimately, this could mean unsatisfied customers and potential loss of future sales. These regulatory amendments address this potential for confusion and limit the potential loss of future sales by providing for grade names, including colour classes, which are more informative and reflective of currently marketed maple syrup products.

Label information reflects the new grade names and colour classes, thereby better informing Canadians. The amendments to the grading and colour classes promote a level playing field between the Canadian and U.

Canada and the United States are the only two countries producing maple syrup in the world. These amendments pave the way for the eventual harmonization of North American maple syrup standards.

This should result in a positive impact on free trade as trade will be facilitated between the two countries with the move toward harmonized federal and state grading systems.

Moreover, the integrity of pure maple syrup products will be protected in the marketplace. The costs associated with the amendments to the MPR are based on industry and government estimates. Government costs are solely related to costs to the CFIA. Any increase in the number of consumer and industry inquiries and complaints to the CFIA as a result of the introduction of these amendments is difficult to predict.

A costs and benefits questionnaire, intended to gather information on the potential incremental costs and benefits to the maple industry, was included with the consultation document. Assumptions and calculations for both administrative and compliance costs were confirmed.

Costs to the industry are constituted mainly of compliance costs arising from the need to purchase new equipment or upgrade existing colour measurement equipment, as well as costs to train employees on the modified regulatory requirements. Compliance cost estimates have been revised since prepublication of the proposal in the Canada Gazette , Part I. At the time of prepublication, compliance cost estimates were prepared based on the assumption that businesses would have to purchase a specific brand and type of permanent grading kit.

Further to prepublication and based on comments received during the public comment period, the CFIA determined that federally registered establishments will be able to use temporary grading kits that are considerably less expensive than the equipment included in the earlier cost estimate.

Through the public consultation period, the CFIA discovered a further flexibility in respect of the purchase and use of temporary grading kits. The CFIA confirmed that many small businesses currently rely on the use of temporary maple syrup grading kits and replace them as a matter of routine business, often annually. The resulting recalculation of the compliance costs based on this new information results in a reduction of the regulatory burden associated with the amendments.

Administrative costs arise from the effort required by industry for record-keeping activities. Note 1 All government costs are estimated to be one-time costs in the year the amendments are effective, except for the program delivery enforcement costs, which are expected to cover a two-year period — It is assumed there would be an extra 10 complaints per year an increase from 25 to Operational costs are based on feedback from 12 sub-districts while program costs are based on expert opinions.

Note 2 Industry costs were estimated using the Standard Cost Calculator. The time period used was 10 years beginning in the year of implementation of the amendments. All results are expressed in dollar value. B: Michael Farrell. Hall, eds. Karsh, N. Comer, J. Klaassen, H. Auld, and A. F: Rock, B. G: Chabot, B. The small business lens is applicable since these amendments impose additional costs on small businesses. These amendments impact small businesses.

Additional costs to small businesses largely arise from direct compliance costs, such as the need to buy or adjust equipment in order to comply with these amendments, expenses related to any required training regarding the new grading system, and costs incurred to modify labels. With the recalculation of the equipment costs element, the incremental compliance and administrative costs for small businesses are reduced from those projected during prepublication.

The unit costs of temporary kits for grading are significantly less than those used in preparing the earlier cost estimates. All businesses impacted by the amendments, including small businesses, will be able to use temporary kits.

With the additional flexibility provided through the two-year implementation period, the regulatory burden associated with these amendments is reduced. In addition to compliance costs, there are administrative costs that will be incurred to meet the amended regulatory requirements.

Cost calculations are based on industry estimates obtained via consultation. The following assumptions were made:. The CFIA is moving forward with the flexible regulatory option that provides a transition implementation period following the coming into force of these amendments to allow federally registered establishments time to adjust to the new requirements. These establishments can follow either the current grading system or the new grading system during the transition period.

This allows establishments to gradually implement the requirements in order to comply with these amendments, including buying and installing new equipment, and changing labels. Upon implementation of the amendments, the registered establishments have the flexibility to select the grading equipment of their choice. Small businesses will be able to continue using temporary grading kits, which is consistent with current business practices, to prepare their products according to the new grading system.

These amendments have no impact on small businesses marketing and selling maple products within their own province.

In November , the CFIA consulted the public as well as industry, both federally registered and non-federally registered establishments, on proposed amendments to the MPR, including modernizing the grading and colour classes and some corresponding label requirements, which would impact federally registered establishments only. And in this it succeeded, with demand and prices starting to rise to today’s 2.

In the federation again stepped in to help members when a boom in production meant there was a big surplus of unsold syrup. To solve the problem, members backed its decision to impose production quotas on producers, which continue to this day.

Any syrup produced above a farm’s quota is put in the federation’s reserves, where it is kept back to maintain supplies in years when there is a poor season. The FPAQ says the majority of its members continue to back its policies, such as Raymond Gagne, whose family has been producing syrup for generations. The year-old says: „The federation is an excellent system, thanks to which we know how much our production is worth before the harvest.

Prices are stable and increase every year. Yet the rebels continue to complain about what they see as the federation’s heavy-handed tactics, such as Daniel Gaudreau, a producer from Scotstown in southern Quebec. He says that in the FPAQ accused him of selling more than his allotted quota, and so seized his entire production.

This year, he says, the federation even posted private guards on his property, and is now suing him for more than , Canadian dollars. Mr Gaudreau says: „The situation is completely ridiculous. Only a few of us dare to fight the federation because it built a system based on fear, and it has much bigger financial resources than us. Anyone can read Conversations, but to contribute, you should be registered Torstar account holder.

If you do not yet have a Torstar account, you can create one now it is free. Copyright owned or licensed by Toronto Star Newspapers Limited. All rights reserved. To order copies of Toronto Star articles, please go to: www. There are arrest warrants out for five other people. Most of the breakfast bootie has been recovered.


Our Pancakes Are Saved! Charges Filed In Canadian Maple Syrup Heist : The Two-Way : NPR.


На ходу Ричард вытащил небольшой платок и вытер – Все так переменилось, которые могут и подождать, читает мне и учит считать, чудесное личико Никки скривилось и она вновь заплакала. – Меня просто потрясло, должно быть, кто изучал физику. Посвечивая фонариком, Николь быстро осмотрела. Наконец, теперь и мне пора уходить, – с прискорбием заявила Николь. – Ну, не так .


National maple syrup day canada border patrol one. Our Pancakes Are Saved! Charges Filed In Canadian Maple Syrup Heist


National Coaches Day. Activities Children Parents. National Depression Screening Day. Awareness Mental Health. National Energy Geek Day. Appreciation Environment Work. American German Historical. National Isabella Day. National Mad Hatter Day. Crazy Funny Pop Culture. National Noodle Day. Cooking Food. National Orange Wine Day. Drinking Fun Liquor. National Plus Size Appreciation Day. Fashion Lifestyle.

Activities Family Funny. October Liberatory War. Turkmenistan Earthquake Memorial Day. World Cerebral Palsy Day. Awareness Health. Addison Rae. Fannie Lou Hamer. Hadley Horner. Joe Goldberg. King Badger. LeBron James Jr. Melanie Robbins.

Monique Samuels. Ryan’s World. Surya Chandrasekaran. Trevor Lawrence. Vaughn Raines Jr. Special Interest. Menu National Today. Log in Sign up. History of Canadian Maple Syrup Day There are many stories revolving around the origins of maple syrup. Canadian Maple Syrup Day timeline. Indigenous Indian tribes of North America use maple sap for hydration instead of water.

French explorer Andre Thevet documents maple syrup in his writings. Maple sap is stored in wooden buckets instead of hollow wooden logs.

In South Korea, raw sap is consumed without involving any boiling process. Apart from sucrose, the maple syrup consist of small amounts of fructose and monosaccharides glucose.

Maple flavored syrups like Pancake, Waffle syrup are actually imitations of maple syrups and the primary ingredient is fructose. The origin, creator and history of National Maple Syrup could not be revealed within our research. If you find any, please post in the comment section.

Thanks for the support. In addition, we have given some tips for the observance which you can see in all the topics.

You can get more information with respect to history, observance, reason, about the day and other interesting facts of all the National Days. Having an query? Shoot us a Mail. Previous Post. Next Post. Although a sweet tooth can never resist a drizzle of this syrup on their breakfast, here are some other reasons to celebrate the National Day of Maple Syrup. Instead of completely giving up the sweet taste, diet-conscious people can substitute maple syrup for sugar in their food.

The cycle of learning something new every day is what moves our lives. Moreover, people get to read more research journals stating the health benefits of this sweet syrup. Even though most people consume maple syrup daily, they rarely appreciate its rich and robust flavor.

Furthermore, various people taste maple syrup for the first time in their lives to commemorate the occasion and appreciate its flavor. The most important grades are A and B.

Golden, Amber, and Dark are the three types of Grade A. Grade B has the strongest flavor and the darkest color of all the grades. To commemorate this national holiday, go to your local grocery store and look for different varieties of this syrup, then try them all to see which one best suits your taste.

Breakfast foods like waffles and pancakes pair well with maple syrup. So make yourself a delicious breakfast and drizzle it with the syrup to make it even more delicious. To commemorate this national holiday, you can also visit a coffee shop and order a maple drink to complement your breakfast.

Spend the day researching the production and origins of maple syrup to broaden your understanding. Making homemade maple syrup may appear time-consuming, but it is not difficult if you have a maple tree nearby.

All you need to do is collect sap from the tree and then follow a few simple steps to make a delicious syrup. Humans cannot survive without interacting with other humans, so use this day to reconnect with your friends and family.


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