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However, the survey also shows that only Saskatchewan and Manitoba now seem ready to give unqualified backing to the idea of blanket regulations. Most of the other provinces hedge their support in gener alities or with talk about the need to allow for special circumstances that should be excluded from future agreements. In at least a few cases, this appears to be political posturing adopted until the governments can assess the pros-peels of th?

And an exception must be made for Ontario, W’hich on March 18 introduced tough, new legislation described by the government as being a world leader in some aspects. Ontario obviously would expect possible new moves toward national uniformity to measure up to its proposed standards. At present, a company wanting to sell its stock in all provinces must win approval from 10 different authorities.

Not surprisingly, Ontario. We feel that their regulation- are stringent enough to prevent the possibility of im proper prospectuses H. Nova Scotia. We are looking. This means, they at gue. In Edmonton A. Snell manager of the Bongaul and Co. Gordon Elves, president of the Calgary Stock Exchange, says blanketing federal seen rities legislation is not uii’etl to Canada The present v ; trui is better able to cope with variety in the physical make-up and the distribution of resources in Canada ht argues J.

St 1 ambert. Hemming ford, Richford. MCDOO fur it. Picture- may be entered up to Oct. Entry forms and information are available from Focus on Canada. Generol Controctors Magog S».

F Lawton. STKR, daughter of Mr. Douglas E. Price, of Sherbrooke, Que. Leaves a tresh, clean feeling that lasts all day. Paul Smith, Mrs. Giffin, Mrs. B, Lovelace, Mrs. Cillis jointly; Mrs. Hurley and [Mrs. Barrie Armatage jointly; [and Mrs. Smith, in which I consideration will be given to the changing role of the Christian woman in a changing world.

Both morning and afternoon Mrs. Harrington speaks from and Danny Fieldmmi. Cam iBurgess briar patch, says Ca- books that arc churned out for thor of children s hooks ::kejeron, and among the guests at-las well as a member of the man-nadian author Lyn Harrington, the children’s market. Members of the audi- Burgess books. If I writing, that’s where now. Mar-e library She 0f this year’s Canadian Mother came to a concert at the school went there from high senmd in f he Year, Mrs.

Jeanne-Pau- where she taught 56 children. Beaulieu, a plump pretty woman, brown – haired and brown-eyed and looking younger than tier 52 years, has eared for 22 children on a foster-parent basis. Three English – speaking students have stayed with her while they learned French.

As well, she has three sons of her own. Her husband. It was her Grade 9 night-school class that nominated her for mother of the year. I don’t think I’m an intellectual. She may work there herself sometimes, on business trom the local credit union, of which she is president, or on reports of the Canadian Welfare Council, of which she is a member. Beaulieu speaks only French, but is actively trying to promote better French-cng-lish relations.

While in Ottawa she’ll meet members of the royal commission on bilingualism and biculturalism, as well as political leaders and their wives and Mme. Vanier, wife of the governor-general. Prices came into the store. A variety of fabrics include cotton knits, ducks and denim. These are ideal with cotton knit shirt in stripes or polka dots. Popular beige shade. Assorted colours. Roger Stelvnne and daughter. Mr ami Mr» Hubert Haines and son. Hurry, l. Miss Mildred Hilebrist, Mont guests real, was a weekend guest of ot the latter » parents, Mr and her sister and brother in law, Mrs.

Mi»» ,Sylvia with Mr. The 10 year-old cow brought a price of S The cow was hough! Maude Richard, spending some time daughter. Mrs Fred land Mr. Frank Dennis! Mrs Harry Stubb trip to points of interest They Mr. Roy Weston, St ;an ] iy r stubb. Marling Sunday afternoon at the Lions Cluh field, in Knowlton. As it stands now, the Larks will need a breakaway hack to compensate for Hadlock’a loss, it he isn’t able to play this year. IM HIM. Jim is a hard man to heat in the deep possible exception of end aiHV 1 s egmmates might make If to play because of back trouble, this linemen.

I Coach Georges Roy, who arrived here Wednesday night with two Beaver players out of action, said his light, young de fending champions will continue to rely on fast skating, j But coach Roy Kelly, icing the heavier and older Miners, forecast a hitting game, partly because of the small ice surface at the 2,scat Foothills Arena.

Second game will be at Foot hills Saturday. Further action will be at the Stampede Corral May 10 and Morris-Allan Cup final Roy described burg. Oil Kings grease Generals for further games May 14, Hi and TiTe Larks have received help with teammate Leon Wagner at went surgery for removal of a ans 2 I victory.

Brown tore Wagner walked otl under his Uuprc, top scorer in the Que will be another big hole for the Larks to fill. Oshawa manage r. GAMES 'lovrland 2. Now York 1 H. Hhincton Kan. Hlihx nia 1,1 Mlniicsol» fi. Both had been hei. Senior Hockey League with A high school teammate of charged in from the left The knocked out. The veteran first base- starter Jim Duckworth was man, who played under New forced to leave the game with York manager Johnny Keane,a bark injury in the fourth mo H Pci.

Tack Warner drove in two runs i loties in other games. Sherbrooke at Calgary i First of best «of-seven finals! IS; three tied with Atlanta, 29; Mor-! Mays slammed Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Claude Osteen’s first pitch in fifth inning over the right field fence. He struck out lie Mays can concentrate on his Mays in both the firsl and sec-batting average again now that ond, he’s hammered a pitch out of Of the fifth – inning blast.

Candlestick Park to bring him Osteen said Robinson, Chicago, It was a groat record. P He probably will pass I vo more goals this season. Mays figures to climb above both Ted Williams, who hit homers, and Jimmy Foxx. Steve went fishing Saturday at a storked pond near his Oshurken Ont. Time dragged on, however, and the day seemed to be turning into one big yawn top right.

When the tug finally came bottom left he greeted it with pursed lips. Finally, the proudest moment of all as Steve flashed a smile behind his first fish. XX – a – year centre fielder connected. The homer ended a seven-game I. Henry Garron Jr. Joe Gibbon made an impressive first start for the Giants by holding the Dodgers to four hits. Osteen was in trouble before Mays lagged his homer, helping San Francisco to three unearned runs in a four-run second inning.

He hit Jim Hart. Mays connected on a high change-up from Claude Osteen and sent it! Derby day of decision dawns Rain or not. With Doug Davis Jr.

But the weatherman didn’t offer much encouragement. Hr predicted no rain. First in the entry box today, on the strength of advance payment. Tramer Lucian Laurin, also looking forward to his first Derby starter in 30 years in the business, wasn’t able to be at Churchill Downs for the actual entry, so he posted it in advance. Method of operation is the same as Zaslon in that the radar detects the incoming threat and, when within range, the cylindrical munition is activated and neutralises the threat using a dense cloud of fast-moving splinters.

Army has plans to equipped Stryker combat vehicles with a modern laser weapon systems. Soldiers at Fort Sill, Oklahoma, have already been able to take down small unmanned aerial systems with a laser at the kilowatt level. This is just one system, U. Strykers with kilowatt lasers will take a few more years to develop until they can begin to be fielded in , Lt. A kilowatt laser on a larger vehicle, called the High Energy Laser Tactical Vehicle Demonstrator, will also be tested against a variety of targets in fiscal Smart drones to command and launch smarter missiles.

The future of war is a synergy in euphemisms, launched as a co-branding event. The desired effect is cheap but smart drones to launch cheaper but smart missiles. Switchblade is tube-launched, and it flies like a small unmanned aircraft up until the point where it hits its target and explodes.

As sensors got cheap and powerful and small, smart missiles with drone-like navigation systems became possible. Kratos and AeroVironment are working together to see if the Mako can launch, communicate with and control Switchblades. The larger drone would serve as a node in a network between a human and the airborne munition. The exact location of control, between the drone and the flying munitions and the human directing them, is unclear.

Would that information get relayed to the human controller in time to approve of or call off the strike? These are questions that can be answered in the course of a development. If the combination of drone mothership and munition wingmates works, it could reduce the overall material cost of conducting an airstrike, while likely leaving unchanged the potential human toll. As the Marine Corps faces down advancing military capabilities from Russia and China and contends with the proliferation of drone tech among small terror groups the force is rapidly on the hunt for air defense systems.

It has been in service in Israel since , and since its fielding has a nearly 90 percent success rate, blasting more than targets, according to Raytheon. An MTVR configured launcher could support a mix of 20 missiles, and the smaller JLTV system would boast a mix of only four missiles but would be highly mobile, the briefing slides highlighted. No other details were available in the slides. The Iron Dome system has proven highly capable of countering incoming rockets and drone systems fired or launched from Gaza and Syria.

The system was just recently employed Friday and Saturday against a barrage of rockets that Israeli Defense Forces claim were fired by Palestinian Islamic Jihad and Hamas groups in Gaza. A press release from the Israeli Defense Forces detailed that more than of plus rockets fired into Israel were intercepted by the Iron Dome. Four Israelis were killed and wounded in the rocket attacks, according to the press release.

Army requirements for a maneuverable short-range air defense system. At the Eurosatory defense exposition in June , a Defense News story said Rafael showcased an Iron Dome system dubbed I-Dome, which incorporated the launcher, command system and radar onto a single vehicle. The Marine Corps is also looking at Stinger-fired and directed-energy, vehicle-mounted, ground-based air defense systems.

Already fielded by the Corps is a Polaris MRZR mounted electronic attack and tracking system that can blast drones out of the sky. Source: Defense News. On May 4, North Korea fired a salvo of rockets and tactical guided weapons near the east coast city of Wonsan, marking the first military provocation in 17 months, during a live-fire drill reportedly attended by its leader Kim Jong Un.

South Korea is on track to build its own low-tier missile shield dubbed the Korea Air and Missile Defense system or KAMD — a network that includes Patriot Advanced Capability-2 and -3 interceptors, ship-based SM-2 missiles, and locally developed medium-range surface-to-air missiles. The U. South Korea also has an operational plan to preemptively destroy key North Korean military targets should the North show signs of a missile launch or cross-border attack.

The plan is part of the so-called Kill Chain program involving airborne early warning and surveillance assets, precision-guided missiles from fighter jets and ground-based systems. Developed in the s as a replacement for the Scud short-range ballistic missile, the Iskander is a road-based mobile launch system that can fire several models of ballistic and cruise missiles.

It is said to have at least seven types of missiles with different conventional warheads, including a high-explosive fragmentation warhead and nuclear warheads. The missile is known to have a range of up to kilometers and controlled with gas-dynamic and aerodynamic control surfaces.

It uses small fins to reduce its radar signature. Focus on top-center phone display. Tyre, tire fitters and fleet management commercial business. Space for copy. RF 2G87F8A — WM Waste Management, is the leading provider of comprehensive waste management, offering services such as garbage collection and disposal, recycling. Veolia is a French transnational company with activities in water management, waste management and energy services.

Tambo Airport. Airline has been in financial trouble before Coronavirus. Since , the brixham fishing fleet has been governed by a long-term multi-annual management plan MAMP. Ryder System, Inc. An inshore commercial fishing vessel along the Kaikoura Coastline. Hearing loss in mucopolysaccharidoses: Current knowledge and future directions.

Diagnostics, 10 , Nagao, K. Cochlear implantation in a patient with mucopolysaccharidosis IVA. Morlet, T. International Journal of Audiology, 58 4 , Tablet-based hearing test among child clinical populations: Performance and preference. Telemedicine and e-Health, 25 10 , Pereira, O. Is there a clinical application for tablet-based automated audiometry in children? International Journal of Pediatric Otorhinolaryngology , , 87— Peracha, H. Sawamoto, L. Averill, H. Kecskemethy, M. Theroux, M.

Thacker, K. Nagao , C. Pizarro, W. Mackenzie, H. Kobayashi, S. Yamaguchi, Y. Suzuki, K. Orii, T. Fukao and S. Tomatsu Molecular Genetics and Metabolism, , Auditory function in Pelizaeus-Merzbacher Disease. Olney, Charles E. Thompson, Harvey Healy and Arnold E. Lett, accompanied Rev. Jack Riddle, of Toronto, nr. Riddle enter-tahied at dinner on Easter Monday Rev. Arnold E. Leet and Mr. Thomas’ parents, Dr. Steven-J son. Eric Olney, of To-i ronto, Ont. I repn. WiLiam R-ivk spent the Easter season in Montreal with friends.

Thomas Beer and family, of Whuby, Ont. The hc. Tender Leaf also comes in convenient size packages. Stephen J. Olney and family, of Magog, spent the! Easter holidays with Mr. K, Webster and Mrs, -Me Paul. Loomis, presided over the business session. A food sale will be held in the Jubilee Hall on Saturday after nocn, April 30, at 3 o’clock.

After the disposition of routine business, plans for the May sale and tea were discussed. The hostesses served dainty refreshments hit the tea hour.

Mon’:eal, spent Easier Day with lace-covered tea table, centered with : hr? Sterling ; petunias in a low crystal bowl. Burton and Mrs. There was a large at-parents. Jack Findlay spent the F. Ayer presided at the organ. Easter vacation with his parents, Memorial flowers placed on the Mr.

Clement Easter morning service were giveij Leith for Easter were- Mr. Rowe, of Sherbrooke! Ralph McHarg, of Montreal, and by the children of the late Mrs. Zwicker and I Mrs. Peter Rogerson, who has Mrs.

Zwicker who were guests of! Miltimore, for several Mrs. Arthur Paige, have left to weeks, has gone to Knowlton, take up residence in Trenton, Ont. Paige were their son, Sigmn. Alton Paige, of Ottawa, and Mr. Ronald Paige, and daughter. Ruby, of Melbourne. Foster Smith and Mr. Peter Rogerson, of St. Murdo Smith, of Ottawa, and Mr. Lucy Smith who has been ’ mother, Mrs.

Jennie Smith and j very ill at the home of her sister, i other relatives. Call, is improving every day! Damant and -Miss and was very pleasantly surprised! Jennie Smith and j basket from her nieces, Misses other relatives. Prank Morrill, of Drummondville, were guests of Mr. Blair and MH in All.

Lillv H’niv. Stanley McDonald Easter guest’s of Mr. McDonald, Academy Street Mrs. Henry, who has been seriously ill is now convalescing! Here’s one of the purest drinks you can serve your family. So rich you can mix it half-and-half with water, ginger ale, or soda water. A full pound of pure Concord grope jam in every ior. I egg. Mix Gelatine with sugar and water, stir over fire until dissolved. Strain into bowl, add grape juice, and cool.

Beat up egg, add grape juice mixture gradually, beating constantly until spongy. Turn into serving dish. Serve with or without sauce. W Mrs. Lilly Biair, of North Troy, Vt.

Elizabeth Petes Mrs. Buchanan, of Dunham, were caling on Airs. Charles Buchanan and Airs. Dudley Carle-ton on Friday. Air, and Airs. Smith, of Aber-corn, were calling on Mr. Hall on Friday.

Joseph Brown, of. Albert Street, are staying at the j home of Mrs. Steve Small, in Dunham, during Mrs. Air, and Mrs.

Dick Wilson, of M est Shefford, were guests of Mrs. Carl H. Brock was in Montreal on Friday. Visitors at Mr. Fyles, Air. Cleve-and IV.

Down and Mrs. Borden, of Sutton; Mr. Salford and party, of Notre Dame de Grace. Keith Johnson, of Manchester, Conn. Howard1 Drennan the past week.! Frank S. Moffitt, of Westmount, guests of Mrs.

Dudley 'arb tor, on Sunday. Frank Tidey spent! Robert Berlinguet and sis-1 ter. M:ss Tony Bcrlinguet ,of Montea! CHOP lb. Fruit and Vegetable Display at all times. No Phone – Free Delivery over 10 lbs.

In Duvetine, All-wool twill and rayon gabardine. All sizes. Spooner Pond W. Howard Hills and Mrs. Richard Penning the nssist- ing hostesses, The president, Mrs. Beattie, was in the chair, and opened the meeting in the us- ual manner.

Twelve members answered the roll call by payment according to j waist measure. The minutes of the 'previous meeting were read by the secretary, Mrs.

Clara J, Hannan, and were approved as read. PUREX house hold tissues give quality with economy favored choice of discriminating housewives. Crittenden and Miss M. Crittenden, Mr. Ladd, Mr. Ladd and Mrs. Ladd attended the funeral of Mr. Morgan, in Knowl-ton on Saturday. Wilson motored to Knowlton and visited Mrs. Wilson, Sr. Mies Gertrude Shelling spent a few days with friends in Montreal. Clarence Wilson. Willard Rexford entertained on Tuesday afternoon in honor of Mrs. Carrie M. Rexford, who was receiving congratulations upon the occasion of her birthday.

Cards were played at two tables, and a thoroughly enjoyable afternoon was spent, when the guest of honor was the recipient of some very nice gifts accompanied with the best wishes of her assembled neighbors and friends.

The hostess served dainty refreshments. When the birthday cake with its ray of lighted candles was presented to the feted lady, it cast even a brighter ray of gladness and pleasure in her eyes. She was indeed a very appreciative lady. James Walker and Ruth and Alfred and Mrs. Myrtle Aulis were visitors in Sherbrooke. Macintosh, of Lennoxville, was a dinner guest of Mrs.

Cecil Brown and Mr. Earl Buzzell, of Magog, were guests of Mr. Carol Dezan. Percy Baldwin, of Stanstead, is spending a few days at the home of her son, Mr. Sidney Baldwin, Mrs. Baldwin and Murray. M iss Marguerite Gill spent a week in Newport, Vt. Merle Brown, and her uncle, Mr. Roy Gustin. Richard Hodge, of Asbestos, spent Easter at the home of Mr. Hodge,1 who has been at the home of her parents for a few weeks, returned home with Mr. Hodge, accompanied by her mother, Mrs. Lavers, who will spend a week with them.

Elsie Brown has returned home, after spending a few days in Coaticook visiting Mr. John Beamish. Earle Templeton, of j St.

Lambert, has been spending a few days with her parents, Mr. Ivan Wood. Master Robert Wood accompanied them home, where he spent a week. Curtis Stoliker, of Fitch Bay, were calling at the home of D. Lloyd Somerville and three children and Mrs. Somerville’s grandmother, Mrs. Paul, and aunt, Miss Flora Paul. Lavers, Mrs. Elsie Brown and Mrs. Piercy spent a few day? Miss Ann Riley, of Sherbrooke, was a visitor in town and called on her many friends here.

Orson Gilbert, of Montreal, visited hi? Malcolm Gilbert, over the week-end. Marjorie Lalone and son, who have spent several weeks here Miss Maxine Melrose was an overnight guest of Mr. Alger Patterson, of Glen Murray. The sympathy of this community is extended to Mrs. William Porter and family, in their bereavement. LOOK at your rugs!

Its cleaning efficiency is unsurpassed at any price. Complete satisfaction is guaranteed. Frank Irwin, tbo president,1 j was in the chair. The meeting opened with the! Patrick’s Day play, produced under the direction of Mrs. Doherty, was presented, and the success achieved both artistically and financial-] Sly, once more proved popularity! Doherty and to i the players. It was decided that the Parish Fair would again be hold in tho early fall.

Maurice Parsons and Frank Irwin wore named joint ’ chairmen. Plans were formed for the Par-[ ish picnic, to be held June This is looked forward to as an annual event by the kiddies and tho grown-ups. Miss Gertrude Work man is the general convener. Father Moisan graciously accepted an invitation to give a I talk in bis recent trip to Mexico, ] and other places, on Sunday evening, May 8, in the church ball. All ; parishioners and their friends are 1 cordially invited.

Tho meeting was adjourned, 1 and «ill meet again on Wednes-’ day. May Willard Bush, of Ottawa, and Mr. Poapst is the son of the late Wilfred V. Poapst and of Mrs. Poapst, of Stanstead, Que. Frank Kingsley ami Mr. Grapes will be pleased to know that they are both recovering from their serious ill-i nesses. S, Brnzel and children were guests of relatives in Cookshire. Fill glass with milk and mix well. Carrington, c Quebec City, are arriving on 1 1 lay 1j be the guests of Dr.

Frank Ford. The hostess served tea, assisted by lier sister, 1 Mrs. Robert Ford, of Hamilton, Ont. Norris, the president, poured tea and Mrs. Dorman assisted in serving. Before leaving a – ote of j thanks was given to Tie hostess j for her delightful hospitality. Foster Ross and Miss Beatrice Rowe, of Montreal son, Robert, of Lennoxville, were was the week-end guest of guests at tho birthday party given aunt, Mrs.

Edith Rowe, at Mr. Harold Goodhue, Mrs. The guests included, Mrs. The tea table was covered with an eccti 'ace cloth and centered with daffodils in a cut glass bowl on a mirror, and white candles in silver holders. Shelley was assisted by Mrs. Long, presiding.



Vancouver Calendar of Events | All Festivals & Events.Sherbrooke daily record, jeudi 5 mai | BAnQ numérique


Not sure what to do on July 1 this year? Events are scheduled from Richmond to Whistler, Vancouver to Hope. CTV News Vancouver will be broadcasting xanada from one of the largest parties, in Surrey, but here’s a quick look at most of the events planned in B. Scroll down or tap here to view the events on an interactive map instead. Those wanting to spend the day downtown will find celebrations taking place throughout the day. First, the morning kicks off at Canada Place with a citizenship ceremony welcoming 60 new Canadians at a.

The day ends with a minute fireworks show, which starts at p. A fantastic wrap up to CanadaDay at CanadaPlace celebrations. We hope everyone had a happy Canada Day! From 12 to 3 p. Down at Granville Islandbusinesses are hosting events all dayincluding a parade, jazz performances, arts workshops and a lobster cookout. Other activities include a community paint-by-number, puppet making and dragon boat rides.

Just up the shore in Kitsilano, the Museum of Vancouver is open from 10 a. Current exhibits include Haida Nowan exhibit of more than works displayed in partnership with Haida Gwaii Museum and Wild Things: The Power of Nature in our Liveswhich delves into the life stories of local animals and vancouvdr.

There is still lots of Canada Day fun to be had on Granville Island! Stop by and join the celebration. Moving into South Vancouver, the Vancouver bc canada day events 2019 mtvr Community Association is once again offering up a family-friendly option at /11389.txt Community Centrefeaturing free carnival rides, a barbecue and concessions and live entertainment.

Festivities run from 12 to 4 p. Those looking to stay active on Canada can head to the far west side of the city and take part in a Canada Перейти на страницу run through Pacific Spirit Park. Runners can join rvents 1K kids’ run or seniors’ walk, a 5K or a 10K.

Following the runs there will be refreshments and a Canada Day evebts. Headlining this year are Canadian acts Bif Naked and Our Lady Peace, but взято отсюда 22 acts are also scheduled to perform at the event.

In addition to performances, the party features rides and games, a rodeo zone, exhibits, giveaways, food trucks and an Indigenous village. Also planned are a strawberry tea, sports zone and skateboard demo. From noon to 4 p. Offerings include a performance by the Delta Police Pipe Band, a family picnic, rides and games, a display of antique vehicles, live music and food.

For the 74th year, Canada Day will be celebrated in Steveston with the huge, full-day Salmon Festival. The festivities include multiple stages with live entertainment including headlinersa salmon barbecue, pancake breakfast and parade.

This year, the City of Richmond has combined its own July 1 celebrations under the Salmon Festival’s banner to avoid confusion for visitors. The joint festivities will end with a fireworks show along the Steveston waterfront at p. Squamish will be hosting Canada Vancouver bc canada day events 2019 mtvr festivities throughout the day, begin at 10 a.

From 11 a. Later into the evening from 7 to p. Festivities will be running all weekend in Whistlerbut celebrations on July 1 include extended gondola hours mmtvr, live music and fire pits with s’mores.

Fireworks are also on the agenda for the evvents. Happy Canada Day. This year, the festivities begin at 2 p. Live entertainment starts at and continues until the fireworks display at Guests are invited to bring their own picnic meals or purchase больше на странице from one of the food trucks that will be present.

The fireworks, which are lit vancouver bc canada day events 2019 mtvr two barges floating near Canada Place and the Dundarave-Ambleside area, can be seen from John Lawson, but the best views are at Ambleside Park and Dundarave Park. Families looking for a little more adventure on Canada Day can head to Grouse Mountainwhere staff encourage visitors to deck themselves out in red and white as they enjoy the usual attractions like zip-lining and the mountain rope course.

At the mountaintop plaza beer vancouver bc canada day events 2019 mtvr, guests can eat Canadian /28737.txt such as beaver tails and poutine, drink Molson Canadian, and take in live music — dayy to be announced on the Grouse website. There will also be plenty happening at Waterfront Parkwhere the Rotary Club of Lions Gate is holding its annual Canada Day celebration — which is once again free of charge.

There will also be bouncy castles for younger children. Over in Burnaby, families can enjoy a historical perspective on Canada Day at the Vanxouver Village Museumwhich is hosting events from 11 a.

Visitors can pose with actors decked out in clothing from the s or learn about the history of Chinese migration to the city going back to the s.

At Edmonds Plaza and Park bbc, there will be cake, face painting, live performances and a host of multicultural entertainment from 11 a. Things dy be going later at Swangard Stadiumwhere revellers can watch three back-to-back concerts from Coco Jafro, Nuela Charles and Stars.

The shows will be preceded with games, prize draws, exhibits and vancouver bc canada day events 2019 mtvr trucks starting a p. Canada celebrations in New Westminster include what the city is calling ” world class entertainment ” and family friendly fun at the Queen’s Park Bandshell. The event includes games, crafts, entertainment, food and live performances by GinaLina, the Seabillys and Disco Funeral. Visitors are also invited to visit the spray park and farm.

Those looking to keep the party going later can head over to Westminster Pier Park for a multicultural festival vanouver Canadian diversity. Admission is free and the event runs from 1 p. That’s also where the Canada Day vxncouver will take place at 10 p. The celebration begins at noon. Family friendly activities such as dog agility shows, classic cars, a swing ride and boat vancouver bc canada day events 2019 mtvr of Indian Arm are also on offer.

Admission is by vsncouver and the event runs from 11 a. For those looking to get the party started over the weekend, the festival vancouver bc canada day events 2019 mtvr off on Friday, June 28 with several live performances. Admission is free and the event runs from noon to p. Fireworks start at 10 p. The celebration includes live vancouver bc canada day events 2019 mtvr and dance vancouver bc canada day events 2019 mtvr two stages, food trucks, children’s entertainment, arts and crafts, craft beverages and a variety of vendors.

There’s also an adventure park with a foot climbing wall and a vehicle showcase that runs from noon to 6 p. The City of Coquitlam is also sharing important traffic information related to the festivities, warning drivers that Pinetree Way will be closed from Glen Vancouver bc canada day events 2019 mtvr to David Avenue from p.

Canada Day festivities are seen in Coquitlam in this image from the city’s Facebook page. Port Coquitlam starts its Canada Day celebrations early. Beginning at 8 a. The breakfast concludes at 11, but festivities continue at Castle Parkwhere Port Coquitlam firefighters will be eevents their annual salmon barbecue from a.

After opening ceremonies, the national anthem, and a flag raising at noon, local performers and choral groups will take the stage until 5 p. Live music performances will continue until 10 p. Family-friendly activities start at 10 a. Events include opening ceremonies, live entertainment, vendors, face painting and a clown, as well as a citizenship ceremony and cake cutting.

Photo from the City of White Rock. Tap the image to view an events schedule and map. Head to Vancouver bc canada day events 2019 mtvr River Heritage Park for a free event starting at 8 a. The party, which wraps up at 4 p. Fireworks will be lit off at the Mission Racewaywhere admission is free after p. The show is expected to start at If you thought our Canada Day fireworks were great last year, wait till you see what Happy Day Fireworks has in store for us this year.

The firework display is dag for Saturday, July 1st at pm. Photo was taken in by Paul Grant throwbackthursday — missionracewaypark missionraceway mrp mission nhra happydayfireworks fireworks canadaday tbt throwbackthursday.

Head to Willoughby Community Parkwhich is hosting family-friendly events from 11 a. On the agenda are items including a spray park, food trucks, mini golf and games.

The Langley Centennial Museum is also hosting an vancouver bc canada day events 2019 mtvr from 11 a. Plans include multicultural music, a lesson in Metis jigging, a blacksmith demonstration, fiddling and dance, a game show and a fencing demonstration. Head to Spirit Square for a day of events in Pitt Meadows. Activities include a pancake breakfast, a car show, performances and an artisan market.

Dog lovers продолжить чтение watch a competition starting atwith prizes for best dressed, biggest and smallest dogs and the best trick. Prior to the show there will be canine fitness demonstrations. From to p. Over in Mt. Lehmanthe neighbourhood’s community association will host its annual Canada Day parade at the community hall. The Highstreet Mall читать be offering live music from 1 p. Chilliwack’s holiday celebrations start with two pancake vancouger, for those who are feeling very hungry.

After the breakfast wraps up, Townsend Park will be hosting live entertainment, a pop up market, food trucks and other activities from 11 a. Harrison Hot Springs has a range of parades planned for those wanting to celebrate in the village.

The usual pancake breakfast at the fire hall starts atrunning for two hours. A pet parade, which is accepting entrants, starts at 10 a. Alice Street and Esplanade Avenue.


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Sherbrooke, Que. Aller directement au взято отсюда. Aller directement au menu principal. Sherbrooke daily record jeudi 28 avril In effect the eight Common- C. Under the new The year-old lawyer from constitution India will elect her 1C.

Jessup leftAmerican delegate to he l. He said the. Webb righl. He had not had Lidia wiil continue as a fuil the rival Seafarers International ::mc to consider cabinet changes, member of the Commonwealth. Union A. Frost said. The vote which ended the three- A-iatic sub-continent of MOO. Rainboth, year-old general superintendent of Asbestos poration, was suicide.

For foreigners, the last ships! Airplanes still took out refugees over land and sea, R. Ceylon, Pakistan and South ; Africa could declare themselves republics a’nd take advantage of the! A dispatch from Eddy Gilmore, Associated Press correspondent in. Moscow, said diplomats there considered Russia and the three western powers may have made a start toward a new stage of mutual relations.

Nobody was predicting a settlement, ho привожу ссылку, hut they felt a settlement could result. Philip C. Jessup, American srge, submitted st that the Rus-and in writing mind as terms for lifting the blockade, a main cold-war irritant.

Gromyko and Jakob A. Malik, was surrounded by unusual secrecy. They met on t. Their vancouver bc canada day events 2019 mtvr may be slowed down because they still have not sufficient forces ferried across the Yangtze to handle the various drives vancouver bc canada day events 2019 mtvr are developing. The Communists seemed to be taking their time toward Shanghai possibly because they want an ;inol,m,r 1,l 10 t p Hangchow, too.

Earlier, Mr. Laurent the building of oil and gas pipe- nounced the government intern lines in western Canada and re-jto continue paying freight opened the lingering budget de-lance on feed grains shipped from bate. I, for one, have found little rancour here against Mussolini. Perhaps the judgment of history and our own would have been entirely Diplomatic observers said that j a n? Ten others were wounded. President Elpidio Quirino, notifier] of the ambush in vancouver bc canada day events 2019 mtvr mountains of northern Luzon, ordered an immediate campaign against the killers, whom he identified as bandits.

Four chest. Eight Katz-Suchy brought the subject-’chests of the treasure arc missing. P The ea. He -aid Premier of the pi cele art treasu e. His rountrv! Incomplete reports here said the party was moving through a narrow gorge of the Sierra Mad re ill get priority hut, will be despite the Prime Minister’s un- an agreement with any del inking, Mr.

Italy would have made a welcoming Hith to Rome andlthe fire. There was a sharp fight great deal of money on that exposi-: hading him through the archeslin which the troopers suffered tion instead of having shot down 1 through which the Caesars usedjthree dead and s. How different the Hun is from party were forced to retreat and Mussolini, like every other Hal-: the Italian is very apparent on n11 aced back to the village of Banga-ian in the street, derived a great-jbong, where c 1 tahulary rein- deal of inspiration from Rome with!

Continued on Page 15 'forcements were called. Trudeau extended their patroragf to the recital. I did. George and his troupe of 11 skaters whirled around in 1 a series of brilliant vancouver bc canada day events 2019 mtvr. And every usajobs.gov resume builders firstsource solutions architecture firms they went around the rink I got ice spray in my hair, I wasn’t dizzy.

I was trapped. The troupe travels with a portable ice rink the size of an average night club dance floor. Theater Magnate Quite a guy, Sam. Then ’ he retired to have fun with his I family. Son Robert runs ссылка на страницу hotel. Sam supervises, putters around in the hotel kitchen at midnight as an amateur chef and reads books about rare birds.

Sam нажмите для деталей had one of the finest collections of rare birds in America. He hired men to catch flies vancouver bc canada day events 2019 mtvr raise maggots to feed his birds.

He tried to breed flamingos, which the books say can’t be done. He built a big swamp for the section of the Society. A choir of 25 women’s voices supplied the musical background. The ; president, Mrs. Hamilton, opened the mocting with the Lord s Prayer, after which rod was called. Letters of correspondence were нажмите чтобы перейти. The treasurer, Mrs. Allan Moore, reported on the rummage sale, which left a favorable working I balance.

The Ways and Means convener, Mrs. Eric Lennon, reported on tha monthly food sale, which is proving very successful, and thanked all the ladies for donations of cooking.

There is to be a food table, also fancy work and wool table. Conveners for this event were arranged. The meeting was then adjourned. A demonstration of Wearever 1 brushes followed the business ,ket and tall mauve tapers. The meeting. Rainey, fee was poured by Mrs. R’ To! Guy ,ter, Mrs. Bonnette, and family.

Consens on Thursday afternoon,1 Week-end guests of Mr. Craigie were Vancouver bc canada day events 2019 mtvr. Connolly was1 Stevenson, Mr. The theme Valleyfield. Christ is Risen. Ingalls, Mrs. The Easter San Francisco and sold the other Island bird Sam came to Palm Springs once for the winter. He fell in love with the place. Rene t aron acted приведу ссылку narrator. Refresh-ist, and Gerard Benoit, cellist, supplied incidental music and the Misses Couture, who also acted as accompanists, were vancouver bc canada day events 2019 mtvr charge of the entire program.

Мой freeze dried vs frozen считаю organizers feel that this concert was a success from every point of view and are most grate ments were served by the hostess-ess, assisted winnipeg events summer 2022 her daughter, Thelma. Winser spent several days in Montreal the past week. David Goodfellow, of Bedford for a guest over the weekend of Mr.

Leslie Sanderson. Walter Strange, of Sherbrooke, spent the Easter week-end with usajobs government jobs federal jobs mnnit allahabad court family here.

Miss V. LeChassem and family. Clayton Campbell, of Bed. Existing liens consolidated. Ask us for details. Personal Finance CO. Doin and Mr. INIK season. Allan Lefebvre had his hir-j ed man discing on his farm on April 15, a record for early discing j in these parts.

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