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Their first kicks off with a meeting against the Vancouver Canucks on Wednesday night at Rogers Arena. The Islanders enter the matchup coming off a shutout loss to the Seattle . AdFind Deals on vancouver canucks in Sports Fan Shop on Amazon. Mar 03,  · The Canucks are coming off a loss to the New Jersey Devils, and the Islanders are recovering from a loss to the Colorado Avalanche. These teams faced each .


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Connect with them on LinkedIn and let them know why you think that they are worth connecting to and what you respect about their work.

This is the best way to get your content shared to a large audience! Social media used to be free ish. This is no longer true. Facebook and Twitter ads, especially if you carefully target those ads so that they reach people who want to hear what your brand has to say. Always use your most valuable content for paid ads and tailor that content to the audience that you are targeting so that you get the best ROI for your ads.

The word authenticity gets thrown around a lot my social media professionals. But it is often used as more of a catchphrase than it is to provide people with real, actionable advice. When I say be authentic I do not mean be yourself. What I mean is: Do not lie. This is what makes having a robust social media strategy in place so important. If you choose the right networks, share valuable content, reach out to influencers, advertise intelligently, and stay true to your brand then your hard work will pay off.

Happy Canada Day! Did you even know that it was Canada Day? Especially if you are not Canadian. For more fun facts about working in Canada check out this article over at Workopolis:. By the numbers: The cold hard facts of finding a job in Canada in They also found that the average interview lasts about 40 minutes, but Canadian interviewers make many crucial decisions within the first 4 seconds!

As a Canadian, none of these facts are insane to me… Of course, I know that we 2. The history of Canada is notoriously boring, just ask any of our high school students! Apparently this has more to do with our teachers than history itself as Mental Floss found some pretty fascinating stories that my history teachers never taught in class.

The people of St Thomas butchered the elephant and lived off of its meat for months. We are a pragmatic people. The weirdness just keeps on coming! This one is near and dear to my heart because I grew up on Vancouver Island and because I believe that bathtubs have a need for speed.

Stuff Canadian People Like This link is to a Tumblr devoted to being Canadian, the things that we find amusing, and the stuff we have that the US does not. Like Shreddies the best breakfast cereal ever. Pinning Facebook Posts is an incredibly useful aspect of Facebook your profile.

Hover over the top-right corner of the post and click the dropdown arrow Select Pin to Top. Keep in mind that you can only pin Posts created by your Page. What Posts should you pin to your Facebook Page? Now that you know how to pin here are a few ideas for what you should pin. Here are some specific types of Posts that you can pin: Job openings that you need filled right away A link to your Facebook Career Site Current job listings On-going job posts, the ones you always need filled Recruitment videos Current and on-going promotions Time-sensitive campaigns Top performing content Photos or video from recent company events Important company announcements Information about upcoming events My number one recommendation for Pages dedicated to Facebook recruiting is to create a post that advertises your Facebook Career Site and pin it to the top of your Timeline.

Engagement refers to the ways in which people respond to your social media presence and content. Here are 7 ways to create social media content that starts a conversation. Ask your audience to help you make a decision or give you insight into a particular topic.

This gives your community a chance to be heard and to feel like their opinion matters. Asking for advice is one of the easiest ways to get your audience talking! Making your audience laugh is a surefire way to get them more engaged with your brand. The formula for creating them is as follows: Think about what your audience aspires to. Find a quote in line with their goals. Find a gorgeous and inspirational image on Unsplash or Pixabay.

Layer the text over the image using Photoshop or a tool like Canva. Recruiting on Facebook is about so much more than just posting jobs or Glassdoor scores. An effective social recruiting strategy tells a good story. Funnel-based storytelling is about using a series of messages to walk potential consumers candidates towards the end goal that you have for them converting them into applicants.

Most companies do not have dedicated social recruiting teams. Here are few Twitter lists that you can create for social recruiting: Influencers in your field Candidates you are interested in connecting with Your competition make this list private!

Effective social recruiting requires diverse and engaging content sharing. Sign off and disconnect. Highlight your employer brand. Show off perks and benefits. Explain your hiring process. Have employees give you a glowing review. Social recruiting is free Yes, the platforms might be available to you for free, but the time, people, and other resources required for developing an efficient process of social recruiting are definitely not free!

Creating and implementing such a strategy takes time and time is money. You need to offer them value. Everyone on social media is a job seeker Many recruiters treat social media as vast candidate pools — repositories of people desperate for a job. This is just not true. This means that you must encourage social referrals. And remember, a genuine compliment will go a long way! Only LinkedIn is good for social recruiting LinkedIn might be the largest professional network on the web, but social recruiting can, and should happen on all platforms.

Social media recruitment works wonders — instantly! Editing and images by Samara Parker. Unfortunately for HR, these candidates are not checking job boards. Source An enticing, prominent employer brand is the key to attracting top talent. On the other hand, an unappealing employer brand with send top talent running for the hills! The website cannot function properly without these cookies. This cannot be turned off. Sign in, Language. Analytical cookies help us to analyse user behaviour, mainly to see if the users are able to find and act on things that they are looking for.

They allow us to recognise and count the number of visitors and to see how visitors move around our website when they are using it. Widening the road for rapid transit will require some Dundas Street property owners to part with 15 feet or more of their land— beyond the existing sidewalk. London Health Sciences Centre LHSC is warning patients they could be waiting in the emergency room for upwards of 18 hours to receive care for non-urgent and non-emergency concerns.

A historical sexual offence trial involving a former Seaforth, Ont. A year-old pilot from Cambridge is being mourned after a fatal plane crash in Saskatchewan. The COVID bivalent booster has been available to the general public over the age of 18 for almost two weeks, but some clinics are reporting a slower-than-expected response.

Two organizations in Greater Sudbury are on the list to receive funding. Ottawa police say two men are dead and another has been injured in a shooting at a plaza in the area of Tompkins Avenue and Tenth Line Road Wednesday night. Ottawa residents are being asked to consider gathering outdoors or open windows while gathering indoors for Thanksgiving this weekend, as COVID levels remain high in the community.

Mayoral candidates in Essex, Kingsville and Lakeshore squared off in back-to-back debates to make their pitch to voters less than three weeks before the municipal election. Joseph Mallen, 25, is facing three charges in relation to an accident on Feb. A portion of Highway has been closed near Bradford as police investigate a collision. By mid-November, the County of Simcoe says shelter is on the way in the form of 50 extra beds for people who say they have nowhere to turn. An international celebrity dancer from Midland, Ont.

Nearly two weeks after Fiona wreaked havoc across Atlantic Canada, more than 3, Nova Scotia Power customers are still waiting to be restored. Hockey Nova Scotia has decided to stop sending funds to Hockey Canada in light of sexual assault allegations and the use of registration fees to pay the victims. Provincial hockey organizations in the Maritimes are considering their stance, as Hockey Canada continues to come under fire.

The United Conservative Party has placed Danielle Smith, the former leader of the now defunct Wildrose Party, at the helm as it looks to solidify support ahead of the next provincial election. Calgary parents are scrambling to find pain and fever meds for their children, but drugstore shelves have been in scant supply for a little over a month.

The sense of safety is slipping for many Winnipeggers, with a majority of residents saying they feel their neighbourhood safety has decreased in recent years. Post this list on your blog with some commentary about what you discovered.

They place home at the heart of the interaction that happens between people and above that of locality. Home might be a boyfriend, or a best friend, or family.

Heidi describes that person in her life as someone who is both her place of refuge and joy. Home is still considered a vessel that contains the things one desires in life, but it often takes the form of a person. Naturally, all the events that were described in the three blogs were largely positive. I have to wonder, though a home is suppose to give us comfort, there are tragic events in life that we might perhaps map onto the edifice which we call our home.

Can we really divorce the negative emotions from the experience of home? For me, I might think of my bedroom, which is such a integral part of my definition of home, as a place where I might laugh hysterically at youtube videos, but it functions at the same time as the place where I go to in great sadness, to hide my face in blankets as I weep uncontrollably.

If anything, I think that those hurtful feelings actually reinforcing the notion of home as a place of healing and growth. A chronology of pleasant events that qualify for home is the way Alishae has described her sense of home. All of these observations are immersed in a sense of past, present, and future. The home has served some function in the past which gives us faith in its current security, and also in thinking about the future in how we may choose to embrace or reject this home.

Moreover, a house can document a past life and bring back memories, which serves importantly as a time capsule for its inhabitant s. In this way, all of the above themes are contingent on this aspect. For all three authors they have never stayed in a single place, so home becomes a multiplicity. It seems that the more mobile we are, the less inclined we are to define home as a physical dwelling, because how potent is our connection to a place if we can pack our bags the very next day and create a new home out of an unknown place?

Humans have proved time and time again that we can do so. Abeed, Alishae. UBC Blogs. Grauman, Tai Amy. Yolande, Heidi. Write a short story — words that describes your sense of home; write about the values and the stories that you use to connect yourself to, and to identify your sense of home. I turned from an enthralling game of Candy Crush to a shaggy form with his dirty hands hauling a transparent plastic bag stuffed full of cans and juice boxes.

But where is home? I removed my headphones and looked up. A man of about fifty years of age with a pair of worn but gentle brown eyes met my gaze. You fill up, you get cleaned up, and you get back on the road again. What makes that place your home? In fact I bet you they have plushier rooms and sofas. Wait, no, there are designs on it. He quizzed me again. Do my parents even have curtains in their room?

Heck, with your long daily commute, you probably know this bus better than your house. You know which seats are your favourites. It sounds like you probably know these places better. It sounds like home to me! He stared straight ahead, searching in his mind for a couple seconds before turning suddenly to me, eyes aglow with confidence. They braved thousands of kilometers across the barren stretches of the southern Pacific ocean to reach far flung islands by studying the stars, the wave patterns, the seasonal winds, the ocean currents, and even the migratory bird formations.

There was not a speck of land in that ocean that was beyond their reach. And you know why? When they travelled they always considered themselves as the centre, and their destination would always move towards them.

The world was not a static place to them. Speaking of destination, my destination has arrived. He smiled at me softly, his wrinkled face erupting into a coy expression. I have no name. I know who I am, and therefore, I have a home. Exploratorium, n. Libera Official. Youtube, 14 Jan Have you ever wondered how religions can possibly reconcile the fact that their deity is omnipresent, omnipotent, and omniscient, and yet they are not responsible for evil?

This is my answer to you. The universe is governed by two forces, the Seer and the Mover. They have always existed and will continue to exist forever, for they are indestructible and eternal. The Seer remembers all that happened in the past and knows all that will happen. To Her, all events stretch out in an unalterable and static sequence extending ad infinitum to the past and future.

However, She is deaf, and she is without any power to change this sequence of events or carry out that which she sees. The Mover, however, does not have memory, cannot foretell the future, and is mute, but He has limitless power to create and destroy.

The Seer commands the Mover in every action, and the Mover invariably obeys. The Seer and the Mover, in fulfilling their destiny, gives birth to two twins: the girl they name Serena and the boy they name Chaos.

As children of their immortal parents, they inherit half of their traits from each of their parents. Serena is endowed the fine craftsmanship of her father and the pensive nature of her mother. Chaos takes after his father in his boundless energy and dynamism, while he is more like his mother in his intellectualism and awareness of past and future.

He spends his time as an assistant to his father, running to and fro in an endless stream of errands. Serena obeys, as she always does.

She crafts a world within a single point, but inside it was untapped potential and ideal Forms.


Canada day vancouver islanders game passive perception. Services agreement signed for 11-tower Senakw development in Kitsilano


The website cannot function properly without these cookies. This cannot be turned off. Sign in, Language. Analytical cookies help us to analyse user behaviour, mainly to see if the users are able to find and act on things that they are looking for. His diplomacy with the pilgrims secured peace between his tribe and the colonists for his entire life.

He formed alliance with the pilgrims through treaties that ensured the safety of the pilgrims, while ensuring the support of the colonists in the case of warfare against enemy tribes.

Perhaps the mention of his name invites the juxtaposition of his ideal leadership against that of Richard Wilson and Lionel. After hearing this name, Lionel reacts by saying that he is Canadian, which implies that he does not consider the first contact between the colonists and the Indigenous to be of any relevance to his personal narrative, and therefore, can excuse himself of the responsibility to engage with it.

The American Indian Movement AIM is an advocacy group established since to bring public awareness to violations of Indigenous treaties by the US government through organized demonstrations.

Contrary to the other conflicts mentioned above, the victors of this battle were the Indigenous people. The first pair of names are the main characters of the television show Tom and Jerry.

The second pair of names are the main characters of the television show Chip and Dale. It should be noted that these humorous allusions are both examples of MGM shorts , among which there are often cartoon depictions of stereotypical Indigenous characters. Johnson, Caleb. Truth and Reconcilliation Commission of Canada.

Wittstock, Laura W. American Indian Movement. In order to tell us the story of a stereo salesman, Lionel Red Deer whose past mistakes continue to live on in his present , a high school teacher, Alberta Frank who wants to have a child free of the hassle of wedlock—or even, apparently, the hassle of heterosex! If stories are the vehicle through which we navigate conflicts to reach a point of a more stable stasis, where does this resolution come from, how does it manifest itself in relation to what has happened, and why is it so powerful?

Why is the beginning written as it is, constructed by the author as a point of departure from which the characters and other forces diverge and converge? First of all, we must study the peculiar structure of this story. The story is written in four parts and consists of a multitude of characters whose lives are set on very different courses and directed by diverse personal philosophies.

Eli has chosen to relinquish his comfortable status to fight for a cause charged with moral conviction, while his nephew Lionel seeks to improve his social status and is a helpless puppet in the current of events that swirl about him.

Alberta seeks to live a life of complete autonomy and control, while the forces operating at the backdrop of the story seem to be continuously pulling the characters ever closer towards the sundance , whether or not they are willing participants.

In other words, they must confront their sense of community and individualism and engage in a precarious balancing act of convergence and divergence.

Because of the way King seems to unravel his novel into several yarns of narrative, the novel can easily be mistaken as a collection of short stories told simultaneously, if it were not for some unifying element.

These main characters are of Native descent, and their common ground could easily have been their heritage. Furthermore, all the characters are connected in a genealogical web with familial links and a history of correspondence, so the creation story, in my opinion, is not the necessary basis for connecting the characters themselves. I suspect that the creation story plays an elemental role in this narrative because King hopes to engage the reader with his story. It is difficult for an Aboriginal writer to tell an Aboriginal story to a non-Aboriginal audience.

King does so with the creation story, because that way the non-Aboriginal audience has some footing, or even a stake in the story. At the point of creation there are no boundaries separating the Natives and the Europeans. The nexus between the reader and the stories that he is confronted with becomes a locus that has been decolonized by first removing the authoritative tone of the European voice with the effect emphasized by entitling the Christian God as Dog.

This seemingly dangerous philosophical quagmire is actually the only possible point of story creation, because new stories can only be told once past stories are displaced through distortion, deconstruction, and destruction. However, the process of revitalizing old stories can ultimately create a more inclusive and intimate space for the accommodation of all cultures.

Happy Canada Day. The four flags show the different layers of stories that are relevant to the ground on which I stand, and as a Canadian citizen I am automatically inducted to the national narrative, whether or not I believe and support it.

I will end this entry with a lighter analogy: spending Canada Day kilometers away from home in Moncton, New Brunswick. What makes this city figuratively closer to home or home itself then 40 km south of Richmond across the US border? My connection to home in Moncton begins with the creation story of Canada years ago, when places of disparate histories and impossibly vast distances converged in a single document, and today we continue to observe the ways in which Canadian cities and its people incessantly moving farther from and closer to one another as the forces and agents act upon one another.

There is no objective truth in the Canada national narrative, but we can certainly trace our point of origin and I hope that it might inform us of our direction as we head into the future. Shortly after confederation of the eastern provinces, in , the Metis Nation of Manitoba created a provisional government and attempted to negotiate directly with the new government of the confederationto establish their territories as a province under their leadership.

You might also find part of your answer in The Bush Garden. For this assignment, I think the best way for me to explore the reasons why colonial authorities did not receive the Metis as a third founding nation is to group my observations within three broad categories, allowing me to contextualize the diverse influences driving policy in Canada at that time.

There was no tradition of including Indigenous populations within the government of the colonizers or settlers. To examine this issue, we must attempt to put ourselves within the the shifting cultural milieu over years that operated in tangent with the written policies, the latter having surviving much better in the archives and much more approachable. We have to remember that colonizing powers were not out to make friends with the natives; they were out to make money.

The power of the stories about us vs. However, we must remember that not all colonial powers approached integration of native populations the same way. The French Empire seems to be a remarkable forerunner in racial inclusion, having granted natives of the Four Communes of Senegal full French citizenship and granted the colony deputy representation within the French parliament as early as These revolutionary ideas about colonization makes us question the difference between Anglo-Saxon and Gallic attitudes, and how Canada might have evolved as a nation if the victors of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham were French.

This segues neatly into my second reason. Having successfully driven the French military forces from once and for all, the authorities still have to reconcile the defeat of the French settlers with the reality that the settlers are still here. Since British forces were overextending their limited resources , notions of cultural superiority were superseded by the exigency of maintaining order with minimal military intervention. Appeasing the French settlers by promising them equal status as citizens without renouncing their culture imposed some protection to this significant minority.

If there had been more British settlers, I am inclined to believe that the authorities would have denied the French settlers to claims of a founding nation, if they were indeed considered a founding nation. CanLit Guides suggests that the 19th idea of being Canadian to people outside French or British heritage was to assimilate into the British culture, not the French.

The Worst Roads Campaign sees residents nominate and vote for roads in their communities in notably poor condition. They can vote on issues ranging from congestion, potholes, poor road signs and the timing of traffic lights, according to a release issued by the CAA. Both province-wide and regional results are released. Teresa Di Felice, the CAA’s assistant vice-president of government and community relations, said that, once the results are in, the association works to advocate for the nominated roads to be repaired.

According to Di Felice, residents’ concerns about road quality are not always being communicated to the necessary levels of governments.

Voting will be open until April Wong said residents went as far as to set up „an LED sign” encouraging others to vote. After a night of delays, vote counts came hard and fast, resulting in Danielle Smith being named the UCP leader and Alberta’s new premier. An attacker with a large kitchen knife killed two people and wounded six others in stabbings along the Las Vegas Strip before being arrested Thursday, police said.

The number of recorded storm-related deaths has risen to at least in the eight days since Hurricane Ian made landfall in southwest Florida. New research about human evolution might lead to deeper understandings towards genetic risk factors for human behaviour disorders, illnesses and brain disabilities. Myles Sanderson was responsible for all 11 deaths during the mass stabbing in Saskatchewan last month, according to RCMP.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are accusing Pierre Poilievre of 'using his videos to appeal to far-right misogynistic online movements,’ following a report that Poilievre’s YouTube channel was using a hidden tag to promote his videos among anti-women audiences. Hunters who use a brand of climbing sticks intended to help them scale trees should stop immediately, Health Canada reports in a consumer product recall alert.

Judy Tenuta, a brash standup who cheekily styled herself as the „Goddess of Love” and toured with George Carlin as she built her career in the s golden age of comedy, died Thursday. No practices currently in place, only memories of past practices. Evaluate how to best do this: Laws? Cultural protocol? Requested funding to create a small work team dedicated to fulfilling objectives.

Enlisted a graduate student to support work team. Knowledge, Attachment to place Share efforts, educate. Are all community members informed? Police: 2 dead, 6 injured in stabbings along Las Vegas Strip An attacker with a large kitchen knife killed two people and wounded six others in stabbings along the Las Vegas Strip before being arrested Thursday, police said.

Hurricane Ian death toll hits as evacuees return to mud, rubble The number of recorded storm-related deaths has risen to at least in the eight days since Hurricane Ian made landfall in southwest Florida. Neanderthal DNA might be linked to smoking, drinking, sleeping patterns in modern humans: study New research about human evolution might lead to deeper understandings towards genetic risk factors for human behaviour disorders, illnesses and brain disabilities.

Myles Sanderson responsible for all 11 Sask. Poilievre condemned for use of YouTube tag targeting 'misogynistic’ groups Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are accusing Pierre Poilievre of 'using his videos to appeal to far-right misogynistic online movements,’ following a report that Poilievre’s YouTube channel was using a hidden tag to promote his videos among anti-women audiences.

Sticks meant to help hunters climb trees recalled over risk of fall Hunters who use a brand of climbing sticks intended to help them scale trees should stop immediately, Health Canada reports in a consumer product recall alert. Judy Tenuta, brash 'Goddess of Love’ comedian, dies at 72 Judy Tenuta, a brash standup who cheekily styled herself as the „Goddess of Love” and toured with George Carlin as she built her career in the s golden age of comedy, died Thursday.

Vancouver Island Large exotic cat on the loose near Victoria is third African serval to escape on Vancouver Island this week Another serval has escaped from its owner on Vancouver Island, this time in a community north of Victoria.

Vancouver Island paper mill to close indefinitely, at least jobs affected B. Man taken to hospital after 'unprovoked hammer attack’ in Victoria: VicPD Victoria police say a man is in hospital and another has been arrested following an „unprovoked hammer attack” on Thursday morning.

From candidate to premier-designate: What happens after the UCP picks a new leader today? Ontario woman looking for carbon tax rebate ends up stuck in expensive home warranty When a woman from Beaverton, Ont. Woman sexually assaulted by Jacob Hoggard says her life was 'shattered beyond recognition’ An Ontario woman who was sexually assaulted by Hedley frontman Jacob Hoggard in a Toronto hotel room nearly six years ago says her life was 'shattered beyond recognition’ as a result of the incident.

Montreal 'Keep the car’: Woman hopes thieves return mother’s ashes from back seat of stolen vehicle A woman is calling on Montrealers to keep their eyes peeled for her stolen vehicle. Winnipeg Is Winnipeg safe?

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