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Canada day vancouver islanders newsela answers dog
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The Ambassador Fostering a community of inquisitive learners and independent thinkers, inspired to be their best selves, empowered to make a difference. To deliver on our strategic vision we need to recruit and retain a world-class faculty. Unrestricted gifts to the ASIJ Annual Fund help us provide teachers with a wide variety of professional learning opportunities that ensure we are able to move forward with the initiatives outlined in the vision.

The American School in Japan Nomizu, Chofu-shi TokyoJapan The Ambassador is published by The American School in Japan ASIJ alumni, families, faculty, and friends receive The Ambassador Although some photos taken for this issue depict subjects who are not wearing masks all photo shoots followed strict safety protocols with staff and subjects, distancing and wearing masks at all other times. Our current students and адрес those featured here—are poised to make a difference in many fields that will impact humanity.

As Kathy herself says in her interview, it took her several years to ansswers her element, but after identifying engineering as her passion, she has gone on to build a fascinating career at NASA.

Those missions will have a long-term impact on all our futures. Continuing the futuristic theme are profiles of two of our more recent alumni who both got their start in computer science at ASIJ. Although the usual events that bring us together must be delayed for the time being, please know that I wish you and your family good health during these difficult times, and I look forward to the canada day vancouver islanders newsela answers dog when we can welcome welcoming parents and alumni back to campus.

In the meantime, stay connected to your fellow Mustangs and stay safe. With warm regards. To that end, we continue to invest in our Advancement Program, and to provide resources for outreach for our new Director of Strategic Partnerships, Ryosuke Suzuki. An effective alumni network.

Serving it Up Our volleyball teams played their first games of the season on October 2 and 3 against Yokohama International School. Congratulations to all our teams on a successful fall season. Campus was transformed with signage, additional sinks and bathrooms and over 1, bottles of hand sanitizer. What do a donut, dinosaur, vending machine, and a mustang all have dau common? They were all in our annual elementary answer Halloween parade!

The route was a bit different this year for safety reasons and we streamed the parade for our families at home, but the weather was beautiful and the costumes were exceptionally creative. Happy Halloween! The Japan Center invited Mr. Zushonosuke Terada, a modernday samurai, to speak with our canada day vancouver islanders newsela answers dog humanities classes on bushido code and samurai armor.

Some of our students even had the opportunity to wear the armor. Our high school Chamber Orchestra practiced with an audience of fifthgrade students on October Why let good music go to waste?

They are currently preparing for their fall performance that will be shared virtually this semester. With its Artemis program, NASA aims to land the first woman and the 13th man on the Moon byand with her appointment as associate administrator of the Human Exploration and Operations Canada day vancouver islanders newsela answers dog Mission Directorate, Lueders is leading the next generation jobs usa gov federal jobs 2021 jeep liberty human spaceflight.

A return to the moon is the first stage in their plan before NASA takes its next giant leap and sends astronauts to Mars.

The Space Shuttle launched and recovered satellites, delivered the payloads used to build the International Space Адрес ISSpointed the Hubble Space Telescope to look out at the edges of the universe, and made canada day vancouver islanders newsela answers dog and cargo transit routine jobs. The Shuttle program also provided two key moments in Lueders career and the catalyst for her current role. And so I started off, and ended up, canada day vancouver islanders newsela answers dog the person that knew how to process flight hardware.

Lueders developed this new capability for NASA and her team processed the hardware on all the orbiters. I got to go to the Cape and got to go up on the elevator and go see my babies. Lueders had already graduated college with a BA in finance and initially begun a career in another industry. The final Shuttle mission marked the end of an era and left the United States without the means to put their own astronauts into space for the first time since the isanders.

For Lueders this meant a move to the International Space Station Program where she served as transportation integration manager, leading commercial cargo resupply services to the space station. We learned a lot. Manufactured by Northrop Grumman in Utah, the solid rocket booster segments for the Space Launch System rocket are in view. The first canada day vancouver islanders newsela answers dog a series of increasingly complex missions, Artemis I will test the Orion spacecraft and SLS as an integrated system ahead of crewed flights to the Moon.

They had to learn canadx to operate in a totally different environment dwy. Developing confidence in new commercial partners was a huge hurdle.

I mean, this was a year where we were bringing crew transportation back to US soil. But the SLS team—the big booster team—stood. The other is the crew that will go beyond where any human has ventured before. So I will tell you, when I first got the call about taking the job, the thought of canadq being the first woman was not the first thing on my mind. You need to go do this. You need to do this. And, hey, guess what?

I want asnwers go to Mars and I want to go on to other places. These are not easy problems. As I hurried over to his table, his cooling coffee cup drew my attention—worthy of note as I was 20 minutes early to our appointed time. Quiet preparedness and understated confidence were exactly what I imagined the qualities a software engineer might be.

Unlike its competitors, Toyota has not only opted to develop a typical self-driving, Blade Runner-esque car. His interest in tech became apparent in high school, when he enrolled into Intro to Programming, Intermediate Programming, and AP Computer Science all during subsequent semesters.

It was here that he first struggled with cumbersome American transportation systems. It was also at University where he had his first brush with the world of automobiles.

Struggling with a capstone project to finish off in the final year of university, Malacad and his group decided on tinkering with a spare racing car to see if us state jobs abroad could run fully off computers alone. Although they ultimately failed in creating a working model, this brief but fascinating confluence of cars and tech, along with his annoyance towards US public transport, would pique a previously unknown interest within Malacad.

After some consideration, Malacad joined TRI-AD as a software engineer inhaving finally found an opportunity to pursue his two passions: cars and the improvement of public transportation. After all, not enwsela. It is a constant, fastmoving process that can be derailed with the islandees mistake, requiring a steady stream of customer requests and feedback to maintain the necessary momentum.

To do this, Malacad and his colleagues abide by sprints: the breakdown of a project into manageable chunks, a specific focus on a particular chunk for two weeks, collection of feedback from the customer, and a repeat of the process with different chunks until the project is finally completed.

Telecommunication services such as Google Meets or Zoom may become permanent work options for many in abswers future.

As for the future of autonomous vehicles, he sees the possibilities for it stretch far and wide. TRI-AD itself continues to draw attention globally, mainly due to its enticing answera of human curiosity, care, and rapidly evolving technology. It is evidence of how when innovation is directed at helping others, both tech and society are able to advance simultaneously. TRI-AD endeavors to maintain the humanity of its technology.

The very humanity Malacad personifies through his compassion for people and love for engineering. But in the real dzy, chances to explore your passions are scarce.

Use the many chances to explore canada day vancouver islanders newsela answers dog now to their fullest, and try to /24789.txt fun while doing so. A doog poor speller, I revisit a couple of red underlines before isalnders.

AI in is pervasive. So pervasive, in fact, that even the age-old cornerstones of human interaction—written and spoken language—are increasingly impacted government login messenger download usajobs federal jobs pathways facebook jobs its advent.

Siri adds Brown to my calendar, adjusting for my current time zone. It passed. What is AI? But conveying an understanding of AI proves much more difficult than reporting the significance of its use. Artificial Intelligence is an overarching designation given to any computer system intended to mimic intelligent human reason. It encompasses disciplines such as natural language processing, the manipulation of human canada day vancouver islanders newsela answers dog for applications such as autocomplete, translation, and smart нажмите сюда computer vision which allows now-common photo album features such as facial-recognition; and machine learning, where it excels at extracting patterns from large datasets, learning from that data without human intervention, and applying that learning.

These and other subsets of AI often overlap to power not just consumer-level life-enhancements, but technologies that drive processes impacting our lives in a much more significant way, influencing enterprise decision-making, global financial markets, the course of academic research, and government policies. With ccanada potential at the fingertips of the knowledgeable few who program these intelligences, perhaps Brown can be considered quite a powerful person.

As a senior data scientist with enterprise AI software developer, C3. He touches industries from energy and telecommunications to aerospace and even defense, developing needs-based solutions using the wealth of data those organizations collect. Data science, especially for the development of AI, requires a canada day vancouver islanders newsela answers dog foundation in more than one STEM discipline—math and technology particularly.

In high school alone our computer science course offerings have more than doubled to include robotics, as well as classes on algorithms, vanxouver structures and even data science specifically. Today, technology is embedded throughout the curriculum at all levels and teachers introduce tech to students as early as Kindergarten. Early on, the focus is on digital citizenship and appropriate usage followed by introductions to basic circuitry canada day vancouver islanders newsela answers dog even relaying instructions to simple vancouverr.

Our middle school students canada day vancouver islanders newsela answers dog introduced to contemporary programming languages from sixth grade, when they have. Computer Science course offerings in high school continue to expand and include options that introduce students to programming, continue that learning with intermediate courses, and apply their skills across a variety of practical scenarios— including those focused on data science and robotics.

Our Introduction and Intermediate programming courses have no prerequisite and are focused on developing student skills in Python—the most commonly used language in data science. Brown held onto his passion for environmental science matriculating to Stanford University, intent canada day vancouver islanders newsela answers dog continuing his education with a canada day vancouver islanders newsela answers dog on energy and environment.

Over the course of that study, I was exposed to different types of problems. That canada day vancouver islanders newsela answers dog me towards an interest in optimization and, broadly speaking, operations research answer a topic—which is basically a study of optimal decision making and prediction. He vxncouver fortunate вот ссылка have attended a school with a robust curriculum in computer science, mathematics, and data science that allowed him to focus on his passion for energy during his undergrad and work his way into broader topics, not necessarily unique to energy, during his graduate learning.

I was also looking at careers in data science and адрес reason I joined C3. It was kind of like a technology and data science company that certainly was involved in the energy industry and could certainly benefit canada day vancouver islanders newsela answers dog having that experience in energy.

But they looked at industry a little canada day vancouver islanders newsela answers dog broadly and holistically, and I was looking to dip my toes in that An application might be to use sensor data to predict when the compressor valves are going to fail on the old rigs.

He sees the technology used in health and medicine, the nonprofit sector, and clean energy—areas with the most significant impacts on quality of life and посмотреть больше.



Canada day vancouver islanders newsela answers dog. The Ambassador. Fall, 2020

Minnesota and Colorado. Astonishing Annelids —The COVID pandemic challenged marine educators at all academic levels to provide their students with an engaging on-line educational experience. Ziyad is a teacher-to-be, fitness instructor, engineering graduate and a nature lover! Looking for anzwers quick activity to engage friends or family? And here I was, being able to speak these truths with confidence and zest, overcoming нажмите чтобы увидеть больше fears of embarrassment and awkwardness.


Canada day vancouver islanders newsela answers dog.Canada Day Celebrations on Vancouver Island


That is to say, that I have come to the realization that failure is a temporary roadblock to the wonders that wait ahead. That is to say, that I am a key waiting patiently within a jar of many others, ready to unlock all the unknowns in the world.

My mindset has established the Sena I am now, molding the ridges of my key to fit any door, to combat any situation come my way. Doors of opportunity come my way, I am now ready to venture out of my jar and unlock them.

What kind of ecosystem might inhabit it? Who should get to live there? What industry might it support? This was the hypothetical problem fifth graders were recently tasked with solving.

Students began by designing individual models of their islands before forming groups to bring their designs together into a final concept. They then created 2D map drawings on a coordinate grid to plan their islands. Using the concept of scale, students used these drawings to transfer their design to the large cardboard coordinate grids that they then built their islands upon. Students worked in the Creative Arts Design Center with design technology teacher Hardi Fichardt, using many different design tools, including the laser cutters and 3D printers, to create their islands.

Of course, a lot of cardboard, paint and hot-glue were also put to use. Islands were planned out by drawing maps to decide the location of important features. Energy needs and ecosystems were also considered and integrated, as students researched geographical features and biodiversity in order to create ecosystems and food chains on their island that would make sense.

Students used Newsela articles, websites, and videos to gather information and then wrote an island protection plan to keep their residents safe. QR codes on the models directed visitors to the presentations that detailed the choices each group had made and provided further information.

Some groups presented outside to help with social distancing. Deserving students are nominated by faculty, counselors, and administrators at the end of the first semester, and invited to submit an essay describing the ways in which strength and courage played a role in their lives and in a project or initiative they had led. Submissions are reviewed by the Child Protection Task Force composed of students, counselors, administrators, and members of the Board of Directors.

Nominees are then interviewed by the task force, as part of the selection process. Ashley explains how she came upon this particular form of service. What I really liked about Hands On [Tokyo] in particular was that even if you are not the best at Japanese, people are willing to want to learn English and speak English with you and want to communicate.

We helped this local farmer with his crops and he was explaining to us how the tsunami had struck their town and so many people were missing and lost their lives. So I think that was a very big moment for me and made me proud to be part of an organization that really focuses on the community here in Japan. And you get to learn about their experiences and their hardships. And then it is really rewarding knowing that you brought a smile to their face.

Now, as a Northeastern University freshman, studying online for the first semester from Tokyo, Ashley continues to navigate the impact of COVID, which limited her volunteer work last spring in Tokyo. She seeks events with personal interaction, the aspect of volunteering that she highly values. But because I am not on campus it is difficult finding opportunities where you can interact with people one-on-one because I prefer to interact with people rather than doing other types of service work.

I just find it more meaningful when you get to talk to them and learn about their life. Hopefully, by then COVID will be better and so I can find more opportunities and try out different things to find out what I want to do. Her deep desire to connect with others and uncover the less well-known challenges others face motivates her. What a pleasure it is to join such a welcoming and supportive community!

In early spring, as the pandemic began to spread around the globe and independent schools debated how best to respond to the crisis, many that lacked a real culture of philanthropy drew back from fundraising. While the costs of continuing to provide a first-class education rose, these schools, counterintuitively, decided to stop asking for help at the precise moment for which such funding is a necessity.

These numbers show a community that understands that, pandemic or no pandemic, bold aspirations have a real cost, and that those costs cannot be met by tuition revenue alone. Your continuing and growing financial support gives ASIJ confidence to reach further each year, in our ongoing effort to achieve our aspirations. Thank you again for the warm welcome that I have received. Warm regards,. Thank you for your commitment and generosity toward ASIJ.

Thank you to each and every one of you for making a difference and helping us go further faster. Decade Clubs recognize donors who have given for 10, 20, 30 or more consecutive years.

Donations of any amount count toward Decade Club status. If you wish to secure your spot in a Decade Club, please consider enrolling in recurring donations through Give2Asia at www. Your donation will be automatically charged to your credit card each year and will be taxdeductible in the United States.

Like the generations of families before us, we give in hopes of positively impacting the quality of education and the learning environment for current and future students and the ASIJ community. This encourages me to be an avid supporter of ASIJ for many years to come.

I am honored to work with such dedicated professionals and I donated in order to support my colleagues as they continue to create engaging and enriching learning experiences for all students.

Air Liquide Japan G. Bulgari Japan Ltd. Carl Zeiss Co. Danone Japan Co. Rowe Price International Ltd. Japan Branch tesa tape K. One option is to make a bequest in your will or living trust. You can pledge a fixed amount or a percentage of your estate.

He was a professor of physics at Oregon State University where he worked on their cyclotron project. If you have already added ASIJ to your estate plans, please let us know so we can recognize your generosity by including you in the Gate Society. Gifts on Giving Tuesday will allow us to go above and beyond what tuition can provide.

Join us in making a tax deductible donation on Tuesday, December 1. Mustangs Online is a dynamic site for alums, alumni parents and former faculty packed with news, information about upcoming events and reunions, photo galleries, internship and job opportunities, and directory.

It will also host digital copies of yearbooks going back to , past issues of The Ambassador magazine and a selection of Hanabi articles and content from the archive.

Contact us: alumni asij. Join fellow alumni to share professional insights and expand career connections across the ASIJ community. With 12, alumni in our network, you might meet your next business partner in these virtual events.

Curious about this industry? Interested in catching up with other alumni in the field? Serving as a mentor and judge for Startups and Startup pitch competitions, Brian is a graduate of the University of Southern California with a BA in marketing and economics.

Phillip is the Founder, Managing Partner and CEO of Plug and Play Japan which is focused on creating the largest innovation platform in Japan connecting startups and larger corporations worldwide with hubs in Tokyo and Kyoto. Locations in Japan include Tokyo and Kyoto.

He previously held an Account Executive position with Uniglobe Kisco. Kay has spent the last eight years dedicating herself to the food industry. After graduating from Yale with a degree in neuroscience, she lived in NYC and Southeast Asia for several years, before returning to Japan. She now resides in Tokyo and is a director at Dining Innovation. Before joining Skillzilla, an AI-driven recruitment platform, he ran a successful coworking space and project management bootcamp in Tokyo, working with students as well as leaders in companies large and small, called Nishiogi Place.

He is now in the early stages of launching Salezilla. The train map below depicts what is now known as the Tokyu Meguro line circa The pink areas at each end show Yokohama, to the left, and Tokyo, to the right, bound by the Yamanote Line. Alumni Bingo Hosting a virtual gettogether or an online reunion? Looking for a quick activity to engage friends or family?

Try Mustang Bingo! How many squares can you check off? Classes pre and those noted below need class agents. Please contact alumni asij. Hiro was diving and fishing with childhood friends, while Virgina stayed with his family in his hometown. While diving, Hiro was separated from his friends, who were unable to locate him.

He had drowned while spearfishing. Hiro initially joined ASIJ in as a middle school Japanese teacher, covering a maternity leave, before becoming a full-time member of the faculty in Hiro was an enthusiastic and popular teacher both in the classroom and as a soccer coach on the field.

He was known as a happy, generous colleague and friend and valued member of the ASIJ community. He was a supportive, caring colleague, too, and made you a better person because of having worked with him. In he met and married Barbara, and the couple made Los Angeles their permanent home. Ted opened his own law practice there and became an American citizen in The couple had four children.

From onwards, Bob served as a respected member of the F. Fraternity, the oldest Chinese-American fraternal organization in the United States. Bob was co-founder and managing director of Raffles Capital Group, Inc and an active member of the Second Congregational Church in Greenwich, serving as a deacon and council member. Robyn spent her three middle school years at ASIJ.

Obituaries and education in She began her career as a teacher, but soon switched to the travel industry. She is survived by her spouse and partner of 26 years, David, her daughter Sarah, and her brothers. JOHN S. John was born in Shanghai, China on December 16, Our mother pulled us out of school in Shanghai as wild stories of brutalities committed by the advancing troops of the conquering forces generated panic. Father was in Japan on one of his business trips and advised us to go to Hong Kong, then a British protectorate, to await visas to Japan.

The ship that carried us from Shanghai to Hong Kong was said to be the last legal ship out. It was completely full, with passengers positioned everywhere, on virtually any available empty space. We remained in Hong Kong for several months before exit visas to Japan came through to take us to Tokyo. John would go on to join one of his older brothers at Brown University in the United States following graduation.

After Brown, he studied theoretical mathematics at MIT, receiving his doctorate in , before accepting a position as an assistant professor of mathematics at Ohio State University. He was promoted to a full professorship in Much of his research work, which is published in over 50 papers in internationally-recognized journals in mathematics, was funded by grants from the National Science Foundation and the National Security Agency.

In addition to his own research, he edited volumes of conference proceedings and served on the editorial boards of leading journals in his field. Shirley arrived in Tokyo in , with her husband, William E. Huskins, Jr. Shirley embraced the cultural opportunities of living in Japan, studying the language, flower arranging, and silk brush painting. On their return to the United States she was a founding member of the JapanAmerica Society of Minnesota, served on the Board of the Normandale Japanese Garden for nearly 40 years, and participated in cultural events in the Twin Cities produced by the St.

Paul-Nagasaki Sister City Committee and others. In , she was awarded the Walter F. She is survived by her son and daughter and their spouses, three grandchildren, and one great-granddaughter. His work took his family to Thailand and Japan created opportunities to travel widely in Asia, Europe, and Africa.

Obituaries She spent most of her working life in Japan as a missionary, together with her late husband, Ronald George Korver.

Ruby is survived by her four children and their spouses, eleven grandchildren, and three greatgranddaughters. After graduating she embarked on a career in elementary education, teaching in California, Hawaii, West Berlin, Brazil, and Japan. In she moved to a retirement community in San Francisco, and passed away there peacefully in January Dorothy began her career working for the Foreign Ministry with the occupying US forces in postwar Tokyo. In , she answered an ad for English speaking staff from a company called International Textiles Incorporated, where she met Oswald Redlinger from Vienna, Austria.

They wed in Following the birth of their sons, Dorothy became an active member of the ASIJ and local community and one of the top women bowlers at the Tokyo American Club. In , Dorothy emigrated with her family to Canada. He graduated from The Pennsylvania State University, University Park in with a degree in management science and information systems. Following graduation, he pursued a successful career in computer modeling in the defense industry with Metron Inc.

He served in combat in both the Korean and Vietnam wars and was decorated seven times for bravery and meritorious service in combat. As a Lt. Colonel, he was assigned to the office of the chief of personnel on the Army General Staff in the Pentagon where he was awarded the Legion of Merit.

Obituaries Services Organization for nine years. Jim wrote articles on security in a variety of publications, and was admitted as a forensic expert witness in both state and Federal courts. He wrote articles and lectured on Petersburg and Virginia history. He is survived by his wife Teruko, and his three daughters Hanako, Akiko, and Yasuko. His family moved to Yokohama in and he attended various schools including Waseda Kokusai Gakuin, a school for foreigners and children of expatriates who had returned to Japan.

In Jacob entered the Tokyo American School and graduated in During his university days, Jacob also dabbled in the import-export business, at which he succeeded admirably, enabling the family to immigrate to America, although he did not follow until , when he moved first to New York as an executive trainee in the International Division of Columbia Pictures, returning to Tokyo in as Assistant General Manager for Columbia in Japan.

This first experience in the film business was to determine the rest of his career. He is survived by his daughter and his wife, Midori. She is survived by her husband Masaharu and their children Edowa, Thomas, and Ken, their partners, and her grandchildren. She married Franklin Spruiell and followed him in his career in coaching, cheering on the Terrebonne Tigers before he moved to the Louisiana High School Athletic Association where he served as commissioner and she worked in the office.

He was later selected to serve as principal of Greenbelt Center Elementary School. The school became a model for providing after-school care to at-risk children and was also selected by the US Department of Education as a Blue Ribbon School.

In , Ware began his professional career in the textile industry. He later became managing director of Amherst Fiber Optics, overseeing Amherst markets, fiber optics sales and services, optoelectronics and allied laser products for telecommunications and cable companies. He attended ASIJ for two years between — Where are you from? Minnesota and Colorado.

What kind of student were you in school? I was not a pretty girl. I was a smart girl, competitive, a little sassy. Why did you choose to go into education? I like to learn and teaching gives me that opportunity every day. I love its long history. I love the people.

I love the natural beauty. Which words or phrases do you most overuse? Seismologically active archipelago. Which talent would you most like to have? I would like to be able to run fast. Who are your favorite writers? Roxane Gay.

Yosano Akiko. Which historical figure do you most identify with? Which living person do you most admire? Shiori Ito When and where were you happiest? Whenever I am with my family and my good friends. Who are your heroes in real life? My mother. What is your most treasured possession? What is your favorite thing about ASIJ? What advice do you give your students? The United States is all about race. Nobody in my adult life has ever asked me what my high school GPA was. The Ambassador.

Fall, Hjalmer recently reimagined the NAME logo, and will discuss the creative process and reveal the final result! In August , I led a project to hang a whale skeleton at my university. And the next year, because I am an English professor, I wrote a book about whales. People often ask me why an English professor would build a whale, and my answer is that trying to come know something as big and mysterious as the whale requires interdisciplinary work.

We need the scientists and the poets. Join BC author Ann Eriksson as she introduces her new book, Urgent Message from a Hot Planet: Navigating the Climate Crisis , which outlines the science behind global heating and its root causes, provides ways to take action and honors the efforts of the millions of youth and adult allies from around the world working tirelessly to make a difference.

Ann will then be opening up a conversation, so please come with questions and thoughts ready to share. Ann is the author of five adult novels and three non-fiction books for younger readers: Dive In! Ann is a founding director of the Thetis Island Nature Conservancy and works for SeaChange Marine Conservation Society, restoring near-shore marine ecosystems — a nature-based solution to climate change. Ann lives on Thetis Island, BC. My journey with mindfulness began in when I was forced to deal head on with my past personal trauma.

It was the beginning of my personal growth journey. In , I developed a mindfulness program for my school which increased emotional regulation and social awareness in the students I worked with. Click here for more information on CCT and the latest class offerings. Additionally, I created a free 5 minutes a day for 5 days video program specific for teachers to help reduce stress and bring more joy into their lives. Please find more information here: Caring Teacher. I am excited to share with you some pedagogy, activities and mindset shifts to help you and your students have more joy and less stress!

Please join me! Sea level is predicted to rise over the next century. Several areas of the Oregon coast are already vulnerable to high water levels because of their low elevations and proximity to the shoreline. Rising sea levels means increased erosion and more frequent and expanded flooding in the future.

An infrequent event today could become normal in the future. Understanding and documenting the extent and impacts of especially high tide events is one way to highlight the need to prepare for the effects of future climate conditions. The King Tides Project generates information that coastal communities can use to reduce vulnerabilities to rising sea levels. Jesse Jones is the volunteer coordinator for CoastWatch, a mile by mile beach adoption program in Oregon that links volunteers with citizen science opportunities in their coastal neighborhoods.

Join Aaron Purdy to learn all about the whales in our waters! He will also describe how you can become a citizen scientist by acting as an observer for the BC Cetacean Sightings Network while out on your next coastal adventure.

Since completing his BSc in Zoology from the University of Calgary, Aaron has worked both as a researcher and educator in the non-profit sector. He graduated from the University of British Columbia in with a MSc in Zoology where he studied the diving physiology of Steller sea lions. Cover image photo credit: Ocean Wise. Through their work and lived experiences, they have learned the importance of fostering heart-based connections to marine environments.

Join us as they share why heart-based connections are a key component of career path interest and community stewardship, as well as share tips for how to facilitate experiences that connect the hearts of others in culturally relevant ways.

Join Dr. Ian Miller as he provides an update and summary of results from two on-going investigations into the changes in the Elwha Delta ten years and removal of the dams. Seasonal topography and bathymetry surveys conducted in partnership with USGS and Washington Department of Ecology provide insights about how the delta of the Elwha River is continuing to evolve in response to the dam removal. Annual SCUBA-based surveys of algae, invertebrates and benthic fishes, are used to assess if and how the sub-tidal marine community has changed or not through and after dam removal.

A skilled science communicator and media spokesperson as well as a trained scientist, Dr. Ian works with coastal communities and public agencies on the Olympic Peninsula to strengthen their ability to plan for and manage coastal hazards, including tsunamis, chronic erosion, coastal flooding and other hazards associated with climate change. Oh the stories the beach can tell! Alan has always had a keen eye for the most obscure items and the stories they tell.

He has explored almost every Washington beach from the mouth of the Columbia River to Tatoosh Island as well as many of the Salish Sea beaches, and will share some of his most fascinating stories that have biological, geological and human history origins. W with a double major in shellfish biology and invertebrate zoology. Alan worked for the Washington Department of Fisheries in numerous capacities and retired after 36 years in He was named national marine educator of the year in and has not lost his passion for the Marine environment in his retirement.

The Frozen Sunlight series includes easy to ship educational kits for secondary and adult learners. The topics focus on energy transfer in ocean ecosystems by weaving together current ecological research with Alaska Native cultural wisdom. Information about identifying and collecting seaweed is provided and the materials included in the package allow students to collect and press algae for use in collections or art.

Algae Connects Us! Due to technical difficulties, this video recording is unavailable. We apologize for the inconvenience. Given the present reality of rising ocean temperatures and acidification, nearshore marine waters and coastal communities along the Pacific do not need another threat. Oregon banned ocean mining in their state waters in Attend this presentation to learn why Washington should close their state waters to seabed mining. This step is a necessary precaution for coastal towns and cities where fishing and tourism depend on these valuable but vulnerable waters for their livelihoods.

Astonishing Annelids —The COVID pandemic challenged marine educators at all academic levels to provide their students with an engaging on-line educational experience. Join us as she presents excerpts from her annelid lab, which showcase the astonishing diversity of morphology, behaviour and lifestyle among annelids.

Learn methods to monitor native and invasive crayfish, as well as a variety of factors that impact water quality, while meeting the Next Generation Science Standards and Common Core State Standards. Learn what it took to do the trip, the challenges and surprises they faced and how they embraced adventure and uncertainty in the midst of the Covid Pandemic.

Washington NAME will be heading out to the coast on Friday, April 29, for a weekend of festivities and marine biology. Book your rooms now—there are limited condos still available! Joined by throngs of like-minded, bivalve-loving Homo sapiens , we use shovels and guns clam guns, that is to extract the beasties from their sandy homes before the tide and surf fill our rubber boots with icy saltwater.

The rest of the day is spent cleaning the clams, beachcombing for treasures and hanging with like-minded marine-loving folks. Then Saturday night, we feast on clams while we tell tales and sing songs of the glorious hunt. Please contact Woody Moses at wmoses highline. Also, let us know if you have any questions or get a place other than at the Hide Tide. Register Now!

Agenda : During the plenary session, panelists will introduce themselves and speak briefly about their role in the marine education community.

Then, panelists will engage in a facilitated question and answer discussion in which all four panelists will be asked questions and encouraged to discuss the topic between them.

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