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You never get referred for jobs, even when you are truly qualified for the position. They need to take this misleading website down. The website is hopelessly counterinuitive. When an applicant attempts to create a new password, the site responds If you have no intention of allowing applicants to enter the site, on which these same applicants have saved their curricula vitarum no, I’m right, that’s the plural , then why bother keeping this site on line?

I recommend you fire your contractor, who built this site, and find some other group of post-millennial geniuses to design something that works. I applied to 39 separate Jobs and not a one yielded much. I had a get „Referred” but still nothing. The Application Questions are absurd and obviously not written by anyone who was acquainted with the Registered Nursing Profession.

This is the gateway to Federal Jobs so I said that was enough of that! These jobs must require an insider to help one out which I don’t have. I finally gave up. I somehow strongly feel that usajobs. I have been applying foe jobs through the website for over 2 years now. I get a response back that my resume has been referred, but it never goes beyond that. It happened at least over 15 times now.

I am beginning to wonder if this website is even legit. After a few months i get a response back saying 'even though you were an eligible candidate we found some one else’. This is even without an interview. How would they now even without talking to me that the other person was a better fit. Learned that you are actually fighting against an algorithm, not a human. If your answers do not meet the pre-determined check boxes, be prepared to be disqualified.

It almost requires your to BS your resume and answers just to even make it to a human response. The selection process is pretty beyond brutal and a lot of the jobs are asking for unrealistic levels of experience. A lot of the jobs are underpaid for those seeking to get their foot into the federal system. As a website, it’s pretty good and easy to navigate. That stinks considering how many jobs I applied for. We all know GS-5 pay sucks. So, I toiled for a few days, asked around and at the end of the day I took the position.

Something is better than nothing and after all, I would be in the system. That was 5. My Chief said I was not hired because I was a Veteran but because my resume showed versatility and at the GS-5 level there was lots of room to grow. Since getting in, my veteran status HAS helped me get promoted for sure however, I had to go TDY for three and a half months away from my family but the sacrifice paid off AND I got quite a few graduate credits from that school. That too is unfortunately true in many cases.

That is a prohibited practice but it does happen. I paid a federal resume writing service to write ONE federal resume for me for a job I was interested in. I did not get that job BUT I was referred. Even for higher paying position, I apply for today. I do get referred to the selection official a lot, yes, but like you do NOT get selected for many positions and I am a federal employee AND disabled Vet.

Now you know who to get mad at. In federal hiring that will get you passed over every single time. One size does NOT fit all in this process. I’ve been where you are. Volume in applying is also a must. And when you get DO get referred, and you will. I hope this cleared some things up for you. Just know 's of non-vets get hired every day in the federal government. Only you can make that decision as to if that will work for you. I’ve had federal employment.

Its overrated. Federal employees are lazy, entitled, and usually rely on temps and seasonal to actually do any real work in their office. Having worked for the federal government is the best possible case for just abolishing this useless entity and separating from it altogether.

It is nothing more than a formality, because the agencies are under no obligation to 'close’ the jobs, meaning they don’t come back to inform the public that a selection has been made.

This is why so many referrals literally stay 'green’ for years after the closing date. For every 9 out of 10 jobs, the hiring official has already picked someone internal to the agency. One specific example can be as simple as this: It’s easier to train someone internal who already holds a security clearance who will not require long, expensive background checks, than on-board a new person and do the paperwork.

The remaining 1 out of 10 jobs can be broken down in this way: Half 0. It’s a win-win game for the agency, and again you are never informed following the interview. The last 0. This is the category that I’ve been in for the last 14 years, even though I’m a veteran. The Federal Government is a closed world, and by all means a good one if you are on the inside, but even being on the inside does not grant you any special favors when using this website to apply for higher managerial positions or even lateral transfers.

It looks like all of the Air Force Job postings on this site are not real openings. They are just pools that they fill. I do not wish apon anyone to have to deal with this site. Uploading documents is supposed to be an easy process but freezes up all the time. The web page is cluttered there is no customer service or professionalism to help you if there is an issue with your application. USA jobs has affected more than , applicants this year alone.

Don’t let it be you before it’s too late. USAjobs is a joke. The backup code cannot be used to login. I tried 4 backup codes and website said wrong. Come on, please hire some qualified software programmer. I hope to give zero star. I don’t know what the point of having this site could be other than meeting some legal mandate to post job openings, but they have no intention of hiring anyone from that site and make it literally impossible in my case to apply in the first place.

When I click on the link indicating I have a profile already it sends me an email to link my account but all those emails ever say is my account cannot be linked and to contact the help desk. When I do that I get nonsensical emails about finding only one account um All replies simply say to „reply above this line” which is clearly a way to keep people from applying on that site. I call the number associated with the job listing I was trying to apply for and get a recording stating „this mailbox is full and cannot accept new messages.

The emails listed on the postings come back as undeliverable – big joke. Search and apply for federal jobs. Learn about unique hiring paths for veterans, students and graduates, individuals with a disability, and more. Claim your listing for free to respond to reviews, update your profile and manage your listing. Share on Twitter. Add a note optional – e. Write a Review Ask a Question. Corporate Values. Overview USAJobs. Add media. What reviewers want you to know Positive highlights No positive highlights yet.

Critical highlights I’ve applied for more than plus jobs in 2 years and receive no feedback either positive or negative. Top Positive Review. Top Critical Review.

Rating 5 stars 1. Other Verified purchase. Verified site experience. Contains image or video. English only. Reviews that mention popular keywords 2 years 3 5 years 6.

Vanessa R. Comment Thank you Respond as company Share Helpful 0. Mariah P. John B. Comment Thank you Respond as company Share Helpful 2. Joe J. Comment Thank you Respond as company Share Helpful Pamella C.

Comment Thank you Respond as company Share Helpful 3. Michael G. Need help writing your federal resume? Get a free resume review today. USAJOBS is excited to announce that we have updated our filters to improve the search experience and to help you more easily find the jobs youre looking for.

As a result, we have archived all searches saved before April 8, To continue to receive saved search notifications, you must unarchive your old saved searches or create new ones. We designed the new filter options to help you more easily find the jobs youre looking for, so we encourage you to update your saved searches so that they deliver all relevant jobs.

To open an account you will need your first name, last name, a telephone number, and an email address.

In search you can also select the Open to the public filter. Your results will display all jobs that are open to the public. But there are other places to look for opportunities as well. Agency websites Some agencies post jobs on their own site rather than governments central website.

For example, the 17 distinct agencies within the Intelligence Community post positions on their individual agency career webpages or at intelligencecareers. Also, most agencies have a jobs page on their website that provides helpful insights into their hiring processes, organizational charts and mission statements.

Partnership for Public Service Opportunities The Partnership for Public Service administers several internship and fellowship programs on behalf of the federal government. These opportunities place students and recent graduates in the federal government to gain valuable work experience for short-term assignments.

You can learn about these programs on the website. Career fairs Career or job fairs are a great way to meet agency representatives to learn about what agency employees do day to day. While there, you can learn straight from the source about the ins and outs of the application process. You can also use these fairs to ask about programs for students or recent graduates, and an agencys hiring timeline.

Keep in mind that most agencies dont make offers on the spot. Pay close attention to all the details in a job announcement to make sure youre eligible and qualified for the positionand that youve completed the entire application properly. Read each position description carefully, no matter how long it is. You want to have the best chance there is to apply correctly and make a good impression. Those are important pieces of the application, but job announcements have seven sections total: overview, location, duties, requirements, required documents, benefits, and how to apply.

Overview: Gives details of the positions application period, salary, work schedule and pay scale and grade.

Location: Has information on how many people the government wants to hire for a position, in how many places, and where those jobs are located. This section also details options for flexible work schedules, including remote work opportunities.





Some highly sought-after positions may also have specific landing pages for interested applicants. Due to the COVID pandemic, the site currently has a page dedicated entirely to pandemic response positions. According to the OPM official, the agency plans to have a cyber-specific jobs page available early in the fiscal year.

Each job may require different documents, such as a cover letter, transcript or proof of current federal employment. They felt that they were fair and gave them an opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities. Once an application has been submitted with all of the required documentation listed in the job posting, the status of that application is listed on the USAJobs profile. Some agencies send notification when an application has been received and reviewed, but these are not mandatory.

Below we offer the following tips and step-by-step instructions to make your federal job search less daunting. Then you can:. You can refine your searches with the advanced search feature, to narrow by:. Read each position description carefully, no matter how long it is.

You want to have the best chance there is to apply correctly and make a good impression. Those are important pieces of the application, but job announcements have seven sections total: overview, location, duties, requirements, required documents, benefits, and how to apply. Location: Has information on how many people the government wants to hire for a position, in how many places, and where those jobs are located.

This section also details options for flexible work schedules, including remote work opportunities. Requirements: Identifies the skills and experience you need, and the level of background investigation for the job, and explains how the employer will assess applications. For some applications, you may be able to review questions before you decide to sit down and apply.

Required documents: Includes all the documentation you need to complete the application. If you want to work for a specific agency, find its website through the A-Z Index of Government Agencies. There is never an application fee or a testing fee to apply for a government or U. Postal Service job.

In the job announcement look for the This job is open to section. When a job is open to veterans youll see this icon: Veterans A white shield on a green circle There may be other groups listed that can also apply. You can also select the veterans filter in search. Your results will display all jobs open to Veterans. Members of the public, private businesses, and companies cannot post jobs directly to USAJOBS, since it is the federal governments official website for federal agency jobs.

Instead, the U. There are several resources on USAJobs web page to assist applicants, including an explanation of the federal hiring process and a Help Center to assist applicants with writing their resume and other processes. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in uncertain times many people look to the stability of federal employment.

Federal employment seems like a dream job, but for many, applying for federal job vacancies can seem daunting. There may or may not be:. This term refers to the former or current federal employees who have a total of three years of qualifying service.

Read our guide articles:. After the Job has been closed, and they acknowledged they received your application, can they still refer you? Or if you are not referred and it closes does that mean you will no longer have a chance to be referred? Is this normal? How can I know if a decision has been made? Check out the contact of the hiring manager at the bottom of the job announcement. Your application Received means the hr received your job application.

What if there is no hiring manager or servicing agency listed in the announcement? Who do I direct inquiries to? Even if there is no phone number, write your inquiry to the email address. If there is no email address, copy the address of the agency and search it on Google. I have several application that only say received and I have never heard anything else about them?

Does this mean my application is not going through?? Hi, Lisa. As you know, the federal hiring process is not so fast, so please be patient and good luck! If I bear out all of the criteria of a particular position on my resume, and am not referred; is there a mechanism of appeal or challenge to be referred and get an interview? Hello, Daniella! I understand that I might or might not get contacted for an interview, but will the status change at all?

Also please take into consideration the situation with coronavirus…. The job application has been received by the hiring agency and is being considered for employment. Hi Vanessa, 1.


Usajobs – The Federal Government’s Official Employment Site – .

This is the federal government’s official site for job information and includes thousands of job postings. Not all agencies use USAJOBS to announce job. Search for opportunities. Gain experience with hands-on training, share your expertise and work with others across the government. What is Open Opportunities. Accounting Office as a human capital crisis in the Federal Government. OPM contracted out its USAJOBS website to to make the site more.

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