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Usajobs resume builder tools menufy signal
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9/14/22, Dig Security, SignalFire, Team8, Okta Ventures, Nir Polak, provider of a tool development platform intended to help build custom business tools. The NASE offers entrepreneurs and small business owners a wide range of resources and tools to help you run your business successfully.

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The responses to these questions and your experience, skills, education, training and accomplishments must be specified throughout your USAJobs resume. That means your information on USAJobs resumes must meet the required format, keyword criteria and characters permitted.

Online formats tend to be restrictive and each has different format requirements. If not written correctly with the required USAJobs resume format, your application may end up being automatically rejected. USAJobs announcements often attract dozens—and sometimes hundreds—of applicants. Your application and your resume need to be crafted to clear this first hurdle. The application process includes questions that address your level of experience.

The catch is that your answers to those questions have to be supported by the body of your USAJobs resume. As the leading USAJobs resume writing service in the industry, CareerProPlus can help you develop the application package that will get your federal resume seen and reviewed.

We are able to help you ensure the most compelling, impactful, and relevant parts of your federal resume stand out to HR when it matters most. In addition to writing a USAJobs resume that accurately captures your experience and skills, we can also help you to flesh out and integrate the responses to the assessment questions that frequently accompany each posting, improving the chances that your application package will be reviewed.

Now that USAJobs is searchable throughout all federal agencies looking for qualified candidates, it is important to build USAJobs resumes in the federal resume builder instead of uploading your resume. This will not harm your chances if you just upload your USAJobs resume as an attachment for the specific job you are applying for, but when you apply for a vacancy using the online federal resume builder it will display specific keywords in custom data base searches when other agencies are seeking job candidates with your experience.

There are a different set of keywords for every job. Sometimes building your USAJobs resume can be overwhelming because they are much more comprehensive than applying for private-sector jobs. Unfortunately there is no reference book on keywords, but if you look at the job duties and specialized skills on each vacancy announcement you will find the keywords populated within the wording. The bottom line is that the federal government now can search resumes on the USAJobs system by job-specific keywords.

If your USAJobs resume is not populated with those words, it does not have a chance of being flagged for consideration for other positions that may become available. This reflects a natural human desire to connect by using the most effective language in a given situation. You should think of your federal resume the same way.

It should aim to use the most targeted language possible to convey a seamless fit with the hiring organization. One of the ways you can achieve this with a USAJobs resume is to update it to meet the specific experience requirements and keywords of each job posting. Successful applicants also incorporate elements from their federal resume into the answers on the accompanying occupational questionnaire for the vacancy. By creating a consistent connection between the resume and the accompanying questionnaire, you will be able to communicate with HR more effectively and will be more likely to earn an interview.

All USAJobs vacancy announcements should be read and interpreted prior to applying. This will train you to be more critical and attentive when you start building your own federal resume.

We provide all the necessary basic technicalities of the resume building process. If you have a vague idea about what to write in each section, we highly recommend examining at least one USAJOBS resume builder example to see how a well-built final document should look like. Still unsure about how to make federal resume? Your email address will not be published. Searching for Jobs 1. Do Not Leave Blank Fields. Share this Post. Daniella Henderson Daniella knows all ins and outs of the federal hiring process.

She is excellent at job hunting strategies, starting from federal resume writing to the final stage of interview conduction. For example, instead of listing your first job at the beginning, your newest job will be placed first. This applies to all other information as well. Targeted — Created especially for a certain position or company, a targeted resume may assume a combination, chronological or functional resume. Job applicants typically submit a targeted resume when they are aware of a position existing but do not want to apply to an advertised job vacancy.

For example a if for administration and the vacancy announcements provide keywords that should be integrated into the USAJOBS Resume using the individual job seekers experience. Be aware that it is critically important for your resume to incorporate select keywords, skills core competencies and qualifications specified in the job announcement.

Although job openings may come from the same government agency, that does not mean you can submit the same resume to all positions advertised by that agency. Not following instructions immediately shows the hiring manager the applicant may be a sloppy or irresponsible worker.

Many agencies incorporate language on the vacancy announcement that ask for KSA specifics, yet they announce you do not have write KSAs. We have found it is essential to write what we call mini-KSAs and incorporate into the job block associated, or use the additional information space to address them. Submitting resumes beyond the submission deadline — Times and dates by which resumes must be received are always specified explicitly on position announcements.


– Usajobs resume builder tools menufy signal


Easily showcase integrations, partners, and apps to your customers. Easy to integrate within your current codebase. Apideck offers native SDKs in several popular programming languages and frameworks. Open-source software is part of our core.

Check out the OSS libraries we’re working on and supporting. Cloudways is a managed hosting provider that emphasizes performance and simplicity. From the simple server and application launch to the ongoing server maintenance, Cloudways takes away all the hassles of server management so that you can continue to focus on growing your business.

Anyscale accelerates the development and productionization of any AI app, on any cloud, at any scale — with Ray. Dryad is an environmental IoT startup based in Berlin-Brandenburg.

PeakData is a software platform to identify and analyze key opinion leaders in your therapeutic area. Toasty is an interactive video conferencing platform that is designed to drive live collaborations and discussions on your team. Hibob offers a mission critical, cloud-based human resources platform that allows companies to streamline HR processes and engage top talent.

DriveNets is a fast-growing IP networking software company that revolutionizes Communications Service Provider CSP networks by disaggregating the network infrastructure from core to edge, similar to the way hyperscalers have disaggregated the cloud.

SAP Litmos offers a SaaS-based learning management system that enables trainers to merge media-rich content with seamless online delivery.

Guesty is a property management platform that provides end-to-end property management software for short-term rentals. Micron Systems develops talent management software for law firms and accounting firms. Its cloud-based suite of talent management software is a firm-wide solution for administrators, attorneys, accountants, professionals, and staff.

Mercell’s unique marketplace simplifies the tender and procurement process and makes it easy and secure for buyers to find relevant suppliers for their tenders and purchasing needs, and enables suppliers to find relevant business opportunities and receiveand handle purchases from public and private buyers. Estated is dedicated to aggregating, digitalizing, and standardizing property data and presenting it to consumers through our API and various products.

Gorgias is a multi-channel helpdesk integrated with e-commerce merchants. It allows merchants to manage all their support from one place and connects all business apps and all communication channels to provide support agents a unified view of their customers. Majoo is a business Software-as-a-Service provider for small and medium-sized enterprises solutions.

Its platform allows connecting the largest digital ecosystem for SMEs to grow their sales and reach more customers with the help of digital applications that let SMEs improve and grow their business, creating more entrepreneurs to accelerate thedigital economy. Netigate offers cloud-based services for online surveys primarily used for voice of customer, employee performance, and market research. Jiminny is the platform for all your customer conversations.

Guardian protects and secures privacy and data while using apps and browsing the web on an iOS device. Expedock is an AI-based outsourcing services provider for logistics and freight providers. Ameego provides easy-to-use online scheduling, labor control and staff communications software for the restaurant industry. ReturnLogic is a developer of a SaaS returns optimization platform for modern retailers.

CleverTap helps digital brands increase user retention and lifetime value with the help of data, personalization, deep-tech and automation. Privya is the hub for privacy management and privacy control programs across cloud-native environments. OpenSpace develops an AI-driven photo documentation tool that automatically creates navigable photo representations of job sites.

Frevvo provides live forms to create web forms using a browser to facilitate e-mail registration, database, and business management. Unity Technology Solutions offers cloud solutions, cloud computing, managed services, and cybersecurity services.

Spin Technology is an AI powered SaaS data protection – ransomware protection and data management made simple. Avalara is a cloud-based platform that provides tax compliance software and automated solutions.

Ventures, Dave Rosenberg and Ascend. Yoodli is an AI-enabled platform that provides feedback on its user’s communication skills. BenefitMall is the fastest growing provider of integrated payroll and employee benefits products and services.

Afresh is an AI-powered company selling software to track demand and manage orders for fresh produce in grocery stores. Talon Cyber Security is a provider of cybersecurity solutions for the distributed workforce. Mosey is a compliance platform for any HR team and company looking to scale remote work. Lumu is a cybersecurity company that identifies threats and attacks that affect enterprises worldwide. Raven provides a sales readiness platform that delivers up-to-date and consistent sales content, training and coaching.

RentPrep is a software for providing tenant screening services to landlords, property managers and real estate professionals. Pearl Global Tech is a cloud-based software service company that provides enterprise solutions for immigration and tax compliance.

Finetune, formerly known as Academic Merit, is a Boston-based educational technology company conquering the challenging space of providing a platform for qualitative assessment at scale. Descartes Labs is a technology company that automates the analysis of geospatial data to help organizations answer key questions about the physical world. The company allows companies to frictionlessly and securely onboard users. Ping Identity provides cloud-based identity management software for companies and government organizations.

Proof of Impact is a data intelligence company that offers access to digital tools that collect and analyze ESG and Impact Data. Arena is a software firm that builds active learning systems and techniques like reinforcement learning. Terabase Energy is a web-based tool that reduces cost and deployment timelines by digitalizing the solar power plant.

Sprig makes it easy to customize and launch in-product research studies with minimal engineering support and cuts down on hours of tedious research tasks with open-text response analysis. RegScale’s API-centric approach automates the collection, compilation, and reporting of data related to an organization’s compliance obligations. Canalyst is the leading destination for public company data and analysis.

QAssure Technologies offers testing, digital assurance, cloud and networking, UX design, cyber security, and quality engineering services. WebEngage is a full-stack marketing automation and customer data platform that helps consumer businesses drive more revenue from their existing customers and anonymous users through highly contextual and personalized user engagement across channels like Email, Mobile and Web Push Notifications, In-app Messages, SMS, Web Overlays, Facebook, andWhatsApp.

Sitemate is a SaaS platform which enables companies in the industries to streamline their projects, teams, forms and photos.

Rootstock Software develops a cloud-based enterprise resource planning software providing solutions to manufacturers and distributors. Frontegg provides a powerful user management infrastructure, designed for modern applications.

Retool is a provider of a tool development platform intended to help build custom business tools without having any programming language knowledge. Paragon is an embedded integration platform for SaaS apps that enable companies to build products that integrate with the SaaS ecosystem.

It specializes in the fields of information technology, internet, and software. Hummingbird is a satellite imagery analytics focused on scaling regenerative agriculture. Menusifu is a data-driven company that strives to build all-around POS cloud platform to simplify restaurant operations. CellRebel provides solutions in the area of user experience and quality analytics of mobile networks across the globe.

Cartegraph offer SaaS solutions that help local government agencies manage their physical assets and associated operations. Magnolia is an open Java CMS that delivers smartphone simplicity on an enterprise-scale. Cordial enables you to collect, normalize, and activate real-time data from anywhere in your technology stack to create and deliver tailored messages that flex and adapt to changing customer signals.

Spotnana is a travel tech startup that provides cloud-based travel technology to help corporations and agencies personalize booking. Butlr is a private-by-design people-sensing platform using body heat to detect occupancy, headcount, body posture, and activity, and generate accurate, real-time, and historical spatial insights. Nash uses the power of technology to build user-friendly infrastructure and smart interfaces that enable all merchants to exceed the rapidly evolving expectations of today and tomorrow’s consumer.

Cybit Sec offers to help organizations have the vulnerability intelligence and preemptive security advisory. Bentley Systems – Streetlytics mobility data business provides detailed analytics of today’s travel from point A to point B for every road segment.

Kitchen United offers a turnkey solution that eliminates barriers to growth and enables restaurant brands to profitably expand. Workshop is an internal communications platform that offers employee communication and internal marketing services. Altruistiq provides a platform that enables enterprises to automate sustainability data measurement, management, and exchange.

Arable is a developer of a software for agriculture that helps digitize and optimize decisions from seed breeding to food production. Amplifire is a E- Learning Platform helping organizations put the power of brain science to work.

Aiscorp is an IT company that provides cloud services, cybersecurity, and other IT services. Inspection2 AI-powered asset management, data analytics and reporting application transforms large volumes of industrial inspection data into actionable information, improving asset utilisation and safety, easily integrating across enterprise.

CivicEye delivers modern, cloud-based software solutions to public safety and law enforcement professionals. Anvilogic, a cybersecurity detection automation company, gives organizations the map and directions to navigate their unique security landscape in order to easily automate their security posture and reduce risk. It focused on edge virtualization to deliver visibility, control, and protection for distributed edge gateways, applications, and networks at the enterprise edge as a cloud-based service.

Velosimo is ushering in the connected revolution with no-code connectors explicitly built for connected experiences with government and the distinct scenarios of inner-system use by staff and citizens while providing connector management, deep insight, and self-healing transactions.

Contentsquare develops a digital experience analytics platform that enables businesses to track online customer behavior. Brill Power is a clean-tech platform that develops cutting-edge battery management technology. Charles develops software that helps companies integrate their existing e-commerce and chatbot tools into one interface.

Keen Decision Systems is a software-as-a-service company whose measurement and optimization platform helps marketers make dynamic, data-driven decisions about the most effective investments, by channel, investment level and timing. Intelligent City is a technology-enabled product company focused on disrupting the urban housing building industry.

HireArt is an online recruitment platform that engages in the pre-screening process for suitable job seekers. Robin is a workplace platform that puts people before places used by businesses of all sizes to successfully manage hybrid work. Bobidi helps AI companies test and validate their models in the real world very fast and improve them 10x more efficiently.

Talivest is a people analytics SaaS company, specialising in employee engagement through innovative technology solutions.

Deci is a deep learning acceleration platform for developers to build, optimize, and deploy ultra-fast models on any hardware.

Outpost24 is a leading cyber assessment company focused on enabling its customers to improve their security posture with the least effort. AI21 is bringing AI into the 21st century, developing AI systems with an unprecedented capacity to understand and generate natural language.

Tecton provides an enterprise-ready feature store to make machine learning accessible to every company. APDS utilizes advances in edtech to help make quality education more accessible to incarcerated learners.

Attentive develops AI infrastructure that analyses geospatial imagery to provide remote property analytics. QOS Energy is a cloud-based data intelligence platform designed to drive up the performance of renewable plants and storage facilities. Pexapark provides software and advisory services for post-subsidy renewable energy sales and risk management.

Budderfly is an energy management company with devices that measure and report on all elements of energy use. Leadinfo allows to see which companies are visiting your website and which pages they are viewing in real time, allowing you to increase your sales. DEUNA is an online portal that helps businesses to have their own digital channels and be part of a user network with 1-click checkout. Aurora Labs is pioneering the use of software intelligence to solve the challenge of automotive software development.

Happeo is the ultimate solution to information chaos, helping companies to move fast while staying in control. Miradore is a cloud-based mobile device management platform that provides a smarter way to manage android, iOS, macOS, and Windows devices.

Kardinal provides a real-time decision helping AI to support strategic and operational decisions. McEasy is a software-as-a-service SaaS provider for logistics vehicle management and tracking. Supy is a B2B software solution focused on streamlining transactions between restaurants and suppliers. Hyperlex is intelligent contract management platform that helps you organize and annotate your legal documents.

Kiwi Sizing provides a sizing solution for Shopify merchants. It makes sizing easier for both the merchants and the shoppers. Nautical Commerce is the complete multi-vendor marketplace platform helping companies launch and scale online marketplaces. Black Swan’s SaaS solution uses data analytics to allow brands to more accurately predict future consumer trends. Heyday is an AI-powered research assistant that helps you retain more of what you learn by resurfacing content you forgot about.

Gloat is an internal talent marketplace that allows people to be matched to internal career opportunities. Opaque is a startup that helps organizations analyze encrypted data in the cloud. Opaque Systems offers a service for secure data analytics and machine learning in the cloud.

Workvivo provides companies with an internal communications platform designed to engage and connect with employees. Pave leverages real-time HR and equity integrations to help companies plan, communicate, and benchmark compensation. Speechmatics is a software company that provides automous speech and voice recognition technology for live and pre-recorded media. Fabriq is an IoT platform for energy, resource and smart building data for smart connected spaces.

Zendesk is a customer service platform that develops a software to empower organization and customer relationships. SleekFlow is a centralized platform for companies to sell on social, providing messaging, payment and commerce solutions.

Ataccama is an AI powered enterprise platform for data and metadata, combining data quality, master data management and data integration. LeadSquared is a sales execution and marketing automation platform that allows businesses to transform their selling process. Venustech is a provider of network security products, trusted security management platforms, specialized security services, and solutions.

EV Connect provides enterprise-class, electric vehicle charging software, and solutions. Focus on ML, not infrastructure. Abacus Insights designs and operates data management platform as a service and analytics application ecosystem.

Canditech is an AI-powered assessment platform that allows companies to automate the screening process. VocaliD’s award-winning technology generates high-quality, natural sounding voices within hours rather than months using cutting-edge machine learning techniques, proprietary voice blending algorithms, and a crowdsourced Voicebank. Spell is the MLOps platform built to meet the unique challenges of operationalizing deep learning at scale.

AlphaSense is a market intelligence platform that uses artificial intelligence allowing professionals to make critical decisions. Metropolis is an AI and computer vision start-up built to modernize parking and empower the future of mobility. Zoovu is the next generation digital commerce search platform that merges context and meaning across channels to help brands and retailers have rich, personalized conversations with their customers. PredictSpring provides a seamless omni-channel experience that brings the best of mobile technology to consumer and store associate apps.

Tabnine is an AI code-completion tool that helps developers worldwide write better code faster. Softgarden is an online recruitment software enables businesses to post jobs on their website and lets candidates apply and gain insights. Pickrr Technologies is a logistics-tech company that offers logistics and warehousing solutions via SaaS. Habi is a digital platform that aims to simplify the process of buying and selling real estate properties. TestGorilla provides tools to screen job candidates to talent acquisition teams so they can make better, faster, and easier hiring decisions.

Distribusion is a global platform making ground transportation accessible, benefiting society and the environment. Sorenson Capital, The Larry H. LiveView Technologies is a software company that provides security software and solutions. SemaConnect is a provider of electric vehicle charging stations and software solutions for station owners and electric vehicle drivers.

Peltarion provides a collaborative, graphical cloud platform for developing, managing and deploying deep learning systems at scale. Papercup translates videos using AI by generating voices that sound like the original speaker. Middesk is an identity platform that automates business verification and underwrites decisions. Shield AI is an artificial intelligence company founded in with the mission to protect service members and civilians with intelligent systems. HYCU provides application focused data protection and monitoring software to support hyperconverged datacenters.

Extracker is a cost communication platform purpose built for the commercial construction industry. Immuta is the market leader in secure data access, providing data teams one universal platform to control access to cloud data.

RippleMatch is the recruitment automation platform replacing job boards as the way Gen Z finds work. Encamp specializes in environmental compliance automation, hazardous material tracking, and environmental data management.

Hammoq provides reCommerce sellers with artificial intelligence solution to run their business on autopilot. Vybe Network is a data infrastructure solution that enables the Solana community to query, index, and share on-chain data.

L7 Informatics provides a workflow management software platform for companies using data-intensive scientific techniques. Whistic enables users to conduct and respond to security reviews on a single platform to grow with their needs. Talentry offers an enterprise-ready SaaS recruiting solution based on employee referrals. CityGrows is affordable, no-code workflow automation SaaS software for local government permitting and licensing. EnterpriseDB EDB , the Enterprise Postgres company, delivers an open source-based data management platform, optimized for greater scalability, security, and reliability.

GO1 allows companies to upscale their workforce with on-demand training and a dynamic content-driven platform. CybSafe is a behavioural security and data analytics platform helps people make better security decisions, and improve their security behaviour. HackNotice is a threat intelligence company specializing in data breaches as well as leaked credentials and identities.

AppOmni is a SaaS security management solution that enables security and IT teams to secure applications used by their employees. Cysiv combines all the elements of an advanced, proactive, threat hunting SOC with a managed security stack for hybrid cloud.

Rebellions Inc is building genuine AI accelerators by bi-directionally bridging the gap between underlying silicon architectures and deep learning algorithms.

Scenic Route monthly roundup of web-exclusive content. Events hand-picked things to do from our Events Calendar. Mercantile special offers on our Texas-made goods. Behind the Issue our print issue announcement. But this industry is resilient and has seen a radical transformation. The sector has grown through expansion through digital channels and a shift to premium and specialty products. Now any brands can be accessed by unlimited numbers of consumers. This will likely continue in the year ahead.

Derma-cosmetics accelerated despite the pandemic, perhaps because people wanted to take better care of themselves. One key difference is customers are increasingly buying online versus in drugstores. Because they are certified by dermatologists, consumers feel they are safe and efficient to use.

They also mostly eschew fancy packaging and lengthy ingredient lists. The growth in premium products will continue to outpace mass market in All companies want to reinforce their skin care business right now. It is a growing, profitable category.

This is impressive activity that will continue. When salons closed in , manufacturers realized they needed to carry on, and they opened their doors to online and retail sales. These brands have seen incredible growth. Retailers such as Sephora and Ulta are investing in the segment, significantly expanding their shelf space and online roster for premium hair care brands. In we saw a surprising rebound of the fragrance market. But one market that is taking longer to return to pre-pandemic levels is the makeup segment, which has been softening in the past few years.

That could be translating to less demand for makeup. Beauty Industry: Digital Growth All these segments have had explosive growth in digital sales.

What is very interesting is, 20 years ago, some people were saying that the beauty market would one day be dominated by the mass market. Not at all. The market is fragmenting, with more and more creative brands. The digital transformation is revolutionizing the kind of experience consumers have in the beauty market. It’s been a vicious 6 months for stocks. This has been the worst start to a year for stocks in more than half a century.

A record-setting run fueled by cheap money has ended, and Wall Street is having a hard time adjusting to a new reality. With the Federal Reserve aggressively hiking interest rates to fight high inflation, the economic landscape has changed dramatically. Both indexes are in bear market territory, and the Dow Jones Industrial Average is in a correction. They’re worried the Fed may tip the U. While that volatility has been driven mainly by rising interest rates and inflation, it has been compounded by numerous geopolitical risks: COVID continues to wreak havoc and lockdowns in China, global supply chains remain clogged and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine continues.

High growth stocks were the first to fall Historically, when interest rates rise and borrowing costs go up, investors pull out money from the riskier parts of the economy. High growth companies and tech stocks are the first to see their stocks fall. This time is no different. It’s an incredible reversal for a company that saw it share price skyrocket during the pandemic, when the streaming service became a lifeline for the locked down.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine drove oil and natural gas prices higher, and gasoline and diesel prices have set new records. That rise in commodities prices has benefitted global energy giants. Many of them raked in record profits. The Fed first underestimated inflation and is now playing catch-up Those expectations were also dramatically different from last year, when both Fed Chair Jerome Powell and Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen seemed confident inflation was going to fade — that it would be a short-lived consequence of the U.

Now we know that they were both underestimating the path of inflation and were slow to act. A few weeks ago, Yellen admitted she had misread the moment.

This year’s dramatic rate increases are a reflection of the Fed playing catch-up, but some fear that it also signals the start of a new era of higher interest rates after over a decade of easy monetary policy. Some believe that will be necessary to deal with higher inflation going forward too. Here’s how it got here and what’s ahead She is not among a growing number of portfolio managers who think we will see a recession in the next six months.

Like everyone else, she is paying close attention to economic data. That includes reports on the jobs and inflation from the federal government, but also quarterly earnings from companies.

But can the Fed wrestle inflation down, or will its actions lead to recession? The Federal Reserve is administering tough medicine to the U. If the Fed’s interest rate increases cool the economy too much, it could lead to a deep downturn and even a recession.

In light of recent events , the Parex decentralised exchange announced on its Twitter account that it will start trading Shiba Inu on April 20, On April 20, the Parex exchange announced that it will begin accepting Shiba Inu deposits and trading on its platform. The meme token will be paired with USDT. The platform differs from past exchanges in that it includes a PRX token that can be mined and is based on the Proof-of-Interoperability protocol.


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