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Browse opportunities on the site to find the one that is right for you. Then just click „Apply” to get started. Post a discussion topic if you have questions. Visit our Help Center for more . Listings of US Government Jobs by State and listings of Government Jobs Overseas. | New Jobs | Jobs By State | Job Titles | Jobs By Agency. Full-time. Overtime + 2. Advertisement Closes 10/9/ ( PM EDT) Highway Technician Assistant I Pay Grade 08 Salary $ Hourly Employment Type EXECUTIVE .


USB2 – Reservation system and method – Google Patents


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Claims to provide marketing solutions for authors yet did not deliver as promised. We have appreciated that the amount of interaction between these existing systems and social networking sites is very limited and that the existing interaction does not utilise many of the attractive features of social networking web sites.

The present invention aims to address that problem and to improve the interaction between reservation systems and social networking platforms such as web sites.

Embodiments of the invention have the advantage that functionality of the social networking platform can be accessed and taken advantage of to enhance the reservation process by bringing to the attention of the reserving party reservations made by friends or contacts with whom they are associated on the social networking platform and which have at least one overlapping reservation criteria.

A preferred embodiment of the invention comprises, on sending the subsequent enquiry, sending a request to the social networking platform to retrieve the city of residence of each party in the subsequent user’s list of associated parties; comparing the residences of the list of associated parties with the chosen destination of the subsequent user; and displaying in the subsequent user’s browser, an identification of any party from the list recorded by the social networking platform as resident in the subsequent user’s destination city.

This embodiment has the advantage of drawing the subsequent user’s attention to friends or contacts with whom he is associated who are listed on the social networking platform as living in the destination to which the subsequent user is intending to travel, thus enabling the subsequent user to contact them before travelling. Preferably, the overlapping criterion comprises destination and date. In one preferred embodiment, the reservation system is a travel reservation system and the overlapping criterion comprises the instance of travel being reserved by the subsequent user.

Preferably the instance of travel is one of a flight, rail journey, road journey or water journey. This embodiment has the advantage that the subsequent user can see which of their associated friends or contacts are booked onto a flight, or other form of travel, that they are considering booking.

Preferably, the method further comprises, on receipt of a check-in request message received at the booking engine from the user’s browser, retrieving the identifications of the user’s friends or contacts lists on the social networking platform and comparing the identifications of the friends or contacts lists with other passengers checked in or scheduled to check-in to the same journey as said user; and on finding a matching social networking ID, causing the user’s browser to display the matching ID.

This embodiment of the invention has the advantage of drawing the user’s attention to associated friends or contacts at the time of check-in. In one preferred embodiment, the reservation is a seat reservation and the third party’s social networking ID is displayed together with the seat to which that ID has been allocated where the third party has checked in.

In another preferred embodiment the reservation is a room accommodation and the third party’s social networking ID is displayed together with the room to which that ID has been allocated if the third party has checked-in. These embodiments have the advantage of drawing the attention to the specific location of the third party if they have checked-in already. In one preferred embodiment, the user’s social networking ID is received from the user as part of the reservation request. Alternatively, the ID may be retrieved the database associated with the booking system or from an associated booking system.

This has the advantage of making the system easy to operate and requires a user to enter their social networking ID once after which it is available over a plurality of different platforms. A second aspect of the invention provides a computerised on-line check-in method for check-in into a previously made reservation, comprising the steps of: receiving a check-in request at a computerised booking system from a user computer via a browser; receiving the user’s identification on a social networking platform at the computerised booking system; retrieving a list of social networking identifications SNIDs for that user from the social networking platform, the list comprising a group of one or more other parties registered on the social networking platform with whom the subsequent user is associated; searching, at the computerised booking system, for third party reservations having at least one overlapping criterion and an associated SNID from the subsequent user’s list; and causing the user’s browser to display the SNID of a third party identified by the search together with information regarding the reservation.

This aspect of the invention also provides a computerised on-line check-in system for check-in to a previously made reservation, comprising a computerised booking system configured to: receive a check-in request from a user; receive the user’s identification on a social networking platform; retrieve a list of social networking identifications SNIDs for that user from the social networking platform, the list comprising a group of one or more other parties registered on the social networking platform with whom the subsequent user is associated; the system further comprising a search engine for searching for third party reservations having at least one overlapping criterion and an associated SNID from the subsequent user’s list; the booking system further being configured to send to the user for display, the SNID of a third party identified by the search together with information regarding the reservation.

In one preferred embodiment the reservation is a reservation for travel and the user’s browser is caused to display the associated SNIDs of parties making the same journey.

The booking system may determine whether a third party identified by the search has check-in and, if it has, displays the seat number of the third party in the user’s browser. In another preferred embodiment the reservation is a reservation for accommodation and the user’s browser is caused to display the associated SNIDs or parties having booked the accommodation for an overlapping period.

The booking system may determine whether a third party identified by the search has checked-in, and if it has, display the room number of the third party in the user’s browser. In one embodiment, the social network platform is a web browser. Embodiments of the invention will now be described, by way of example only, with reference to the accompanying drawings in which:. The following embodiments will be described in the context of flight reservation and check-in.

However, it is to be appreciated that the invention is not limited to flight check-in and reservation and applies to any other form of transportation, including but not limited to trains, ships and cars.

It is also applicable to other, non-travel related reservation systems such as events, venues, concerts, theatre, stadia, sports grounds and hotel and motel accommodation. The invention is not limited to systems and methods which handle reservations which require check-in after the reservation has been made.

The air travel embodiment is given as an example only and is not to be construed as limiting. In this specification, the term booking refers to a confirmed order, whereas the term reservation covers not only confirmed orders bookings but also tentative or putative orders that have not yet been confirmed.

The following example uses Facebook www. However, it is also to be understood that the invention is not limited to any particular social networking platform or site and may be used with any suitable site including, but not limited to, Facebook www. It may also be used with social networks which are not hosted on websites, for example enterprise solutions within large companies.

The only requirement of such a site is that users have a list of Friends or contacts, being a group of other users of the website or other platform who have consented to be associated with the user. The booking engine is resident on one or more servers and communicates with a reservation system 12 and a database 14 of booking or reservation data The reservation system may also comprise a dedicated software application running on one or more servers.

Users can communicate with the booking engine via conventional communication links through an Internet browser 16 on their computer which enables them also to communicate with a social networking web site Social networking sites operate by registering users and assigning each registered user an identification.

In embodiments of the present invention, the social networking identification ID of a user making a booking is stored in the database 14 together with other particulars of the booking. These particulars include conventional reservation details such as city, date, class of travel, airline etc and will vary depending on the type of reservation made.

The social networking identification data may be captured from multiple sources including, but not limited to, a call centre booking engine, a mobile booking engine, and an Internet booking engine. When a customer interfaces with a booking system, either via the social networking web site of otherwise, they may be asked to input their social networking identification for future use. The booking system may be a single system into which reservations and bookings may be made from a number of different sources such as on-line, including via a social networking site, via a call centre booking engine and through other interfaces with the system.

The social networking identification data may be stored in separate tables which may be accessed from any part of the system. In FIG. At some point after a booking has been made, a different user will access the booking engine via a social networking platform, in this example a web site.

Rather than booking a specific flight, a user will typically make a search for flight availability to a particular destination on a particular day or around a particular date.

The booking engine performs, in a known manner, an availability search for the airline against the airline reservation system 12 , for example, a standard or other priced search, and returns data to the client browser 16 showing flight options and prices. This is a conventional step made as part of any online booking system. This step is shown by arrow 24 in FIG. In parallel, the client browser 16 initiates an asynchronous enquiry to the booking engine sending a list of the users friends or contacts on the social networking site 18 together with the travel search criteria.

An asynchronous enquiry is a known method of retrieving information from a server in the background without interfering with the display and behaviour of the existing page. The friends or contacts list is common to all social networking sites and will comprise a list of IDs in appropriate format for that social networking site.

The list comprises the IDs of other users of the system who have consented to be associated with the user. As a result of that association the see information about the user posted to the website. The terminology used varies from site to site. Friends is used by Facebook and other personal networking sites, whereas Contacts is used by professional sites such as Linkedin. In this example the reservation and check-in are described as made via a browser, in this case a web browser.

Although this is presently preferred, other options are possible, for example via a mobile phone or kiosk which may not be browser based but still able to access the social network site. In other embodiments the social network may resident within an organisation and accessed via an API. The booking engine 10 then searches the database 14 for other bookings that have already been stored and seeks to retrieve bookings where there is an overlap in the stored destination and dates and the social networking ID of these overlapping bookings is on the list of IDs communicated from the user via their browser.

This overlap may be either be to identify IDs of friends or contacts on the same flights as have been returned by the search, or who will be in the same destination for all or a part of the duration of the trip being booked. Alternatively, both types of overlap may be identified. The social networking ID of the owner of the overlapping booking is then communicated to the user in their client browser together with other flight details.

This process is illustrated by arrow 26 in FIG. As these overlaps relate to users of the social networking site who are also user of the airline reservation system, their social networking Ids will already be stored in the reservation system which does not, therefore, need to communicate with the social networking site to perform the overlap search. Optionally, in parallel, the client browser initiates a further asynchronous enquiry to the social networking system 18 to retrieve the cities in which the friends on the user’s friends list are recorded as living.

If there are any friends who live in the destination city of the user’s booking, the information is displayed alongside the flight options and prices. As this data includes friends or contacts who are not travelling, the search has to be made outside the reservation system. The user has selected a Book Flight tab 30 and details of possible outbound flights are displayed.

In this case the departure is from Miami to Atlanta on 9 Oct. Illustrated at 32 are details of friends who have also flown to the same destination. These are the social networking IDs of friends returned by the search for overlapping destinations and dates. In this example, a single friend is identified by their user name Thomas Puebbloclaro together with an icon. The identification will differ depending on the social networking site being used. Beneath the ID of friends with an overlapping flight and destination is shown, at 34 , a list of friends that the social networking system has indicated to be living in the destination city selected.

In this case the name and icon of Stephane Cheikh is listed. This information may also be shared with other listed friends on the social networking web site. Thus, through storage of social networking identifiers, the system can determine which of a user’s listed friends or contacts on that social networking site has an overlapping booking in terms of destination and dates.

This may be flight specific or identify that they will be in the same place at the same time. Additionally, by interaction with the social networking website, the system can notify the user of any of their friends listed as friends on the social networking site that are recorded by the social networking site as being resident in their chosen destination city. It will be appreciated that the notification of friends in the destination city is not essential and may be omitted.

Alternatively, the notification of friends in the destination city could be used without the notification of friends having overlapping flights and destinations. Another option is for the system to return to the user the IDs of friends or contacts who have travelled to the destination, so that the travelling party may contact them with a view to discussing their journey.

The description above was concerned with the booking or reservation process. It is also applicable to other types of reservation which require check-in for examples hotels and other types of accommodation. It was mentioned above that embodiments of the invention are broadly applicable to a variety of types of travel reservation and to event and accommodation reservation.

It will be appreciated that some of the environments in which the system of FIGS. In that case, the method and system of FIGS. The reservation system 12 is replaced by a Departure Control System 50 which interacts with individual airlines in a known manner.

In practice, the reservation system and the departure control system may be resident on the same mainframe computer and will communicate with one another at a number of levels. A user will check-in after they have already made a reservation. Their social networking ID may already be stored in a check-in database 36 with other details of the flight for which they are checking in. This check-in database may be the same as, or in communication with, the booking database 14 of FIG. If the user did not provide a social networking ID on reservation the user’s social networking ID may be retrieved automatically as the user is logged into the social networking site and the ID is therefore known.

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Our team of ambitious, creative, hard-working people are committed to collaborating on challenging, innovative, and meaningful work for inspiring clients like ESPN, AdCouncil, and the Human Rights Campaign.

CMT Solutions is helping patients get access to care. We work with payors, providers, and labs to process prior authorizations to diagnostic tests. We’re looking for a senior software engineer to build out the team from a recent acquisition: The Root Health Patient Engagement Platform roothealth. We’re working on making the platform even better for participants and reach a larger scale!

A strong design-thinking product focus is a huge plus. Proper is a mission-driven D2C sleep health company. Remote or on-site in Seattle. Benefits: Macbook Pro, iPhone, flexible schedule and vacation policy, k, full healthcare, offsite, equity. Stryd is redesigning how runners run, train and race, bringing together the human desire to move, and the science to do it smarter. Our informative and guiding technologies are integrated into wearables that people are excited and proud to wear.

We are looking for a talented iOS lead Engineer. You will be part of a mobile team that builds the core of the Stryd products, services and APIs in robust fashion. This mobile team works in the fashion of a group of freelancers instead of the traditional company way.

We welcome people of different backgrounds, experiences, abilities, and perspectives. Our work environment is open, supportive, and fast-paced. There is tremendous room for growth. VCMT, a leading commodities trading firm, is looking for senior developers to join our rapidly expanding business. You will help support our existing trading business by maintaining our in-house trading and risk management platform as well as help us to expand by working on greenfield projects to support new markets and business functions.

We do not expect you to know complex financial models or anything about trading , as part of the job will be getting to grips with the intricacies of our industry and our business. In fact, we operate more like a modern SASS cloud business than a finance company tech-wise anyway , and generally prefer candidates who do not have a traditional finance background. A decent understanding of SQL databases, websockets and message buses is highly desirable. Some frontend experience is always a plus, as is experience working with reactive, low latency systems.

About ReadWorks: Engaging over 1. ReadWorks provides compelling reading content, curricular supports, guidance, and digital tools, while simultaneously participating in research that informs the larger education community.

By both expanding our reach and deepening our impact, ReadWorks is helping students reach their highest potential in school and life. We make it possible to share video in the story format on websites, enabling businesses to share more videos and their visitors to make better choices.

Learn more at gobistories. We are looking for the second and third developer, so you will have a lot of impact in product, technology and team decisions.

Creating a great product that provides value to users is top priority. Find your own best way to tackle challenges and projects. We are well-funded, started by second-time entrepreneurs, and still a small team with lots of opportunities to shape the product.

Currently growing our teams! Interested to find out more? If you’re hungry to build an excellent engineering org and world-class product for positive impact, I hope you’ll apply. Thank you! It’s built and managed at the University of Pennsylvania Health System Penn Medicine by our team of developers, implementation specialists, innovation managers, and more. In the next few months we expect to hit a milestone of 1 million patients who have been in Way to Health programs.

We currently have 5 developers on the team, and are looking to hire two more. I’d also love to chat informally with any interested or potentially interested developers directly. Email me at my HN username at gmail. Refinable is looking for Javascript oriented full-stack engineers looking to innovate around NFTs in the Crypto industry. We are a digital agency focusing on technical excellence and human-centred design. We have a pragmatic mindset and great engineering practices.

Creating web applications and apps is our bread and butter. Piran Digital became one of Sydney’s leading Django agencies, until being acquired by Airteam in We offer some great perks too! Regular Sydney team catchups and socials for all crew.

Great work with a focus on technical excellence and UX. Generous allowances to help you work from home and keep learning. Work from anywhere in Australia! We work hard to make hiring an enjoyable and straightforward conversation no coding tests or scary panel interviews here.

We can’t wait to hear from you! Our goal at Pipeline is to help content creators turn their passion into a career. Pipeline was created to provide the best environment for new creators to succeed through premium educational content and a supportive community. Currently servicing thousands of members, the team is moving fast to build out the education and community experience we wish we had when we started our creator journeys.

Integrated Data Services, Inc. Integrated Data Services IDS is a leading provider of custom software products and Government financial management services. Currently IDS has offices supporting customers nationwide. By providing customers with fast, efficient and reliable information systems and support services, IDS has become a preferred provider of financial and programmatic systems, services, and solutions across a wide variety of government agencies.

About us: We consult on a variety of cloud-based projects and plan, architect, and implement world-class solutions. You will have opportunity to work alongside and be mentored by experts with significant real-world experience, including network architects, cloud architects, software developers, and security engineers.

Our team is remote and based in Philly, so you have the option of working in our brand new Philly office. Due to regulatory requirements, only US citizens will be considered for these positions. Strong software engineering backgrounds without cloud experience are welcome, too. DevOps is being reborn as Platform Engineering. We empower platform teams to do more with less.

Our services provide leverage to improve operational excellence and accelerate developer velocity, even as businesses grow faster than platform teams can keep up supporting the rest of the engineering team.

We’re hiring a Head of Product to take the reins of product discovery and drive the go-to-market roadmap. Rubrik is one of the fastest growing companies in Silicon Valley, revolutionizing data protection and management in the emerging multi-cloud world. We are the leader in cloud data management, delivering a single platform to manage and protect data in the cloud, at the edge, and on-premises. Enterprises choose Rubrik to simplify backup and recovery, accelerate cloud adoption, enable automation at scale, and secure against cyberthreats.

TradeBlock is a wholly owned subsidiary of CoinDesk, servicing financial firms with crypto currency trading technology, institutional-grade market data, as well as blockchain data and analytics. We are a technology company focused on building the future of finance by developing robust data infrastructure for blockchain networks and crypto markets. We are looking for candidates excited to shape this future by contributing to the crypto and blockchain industries through an industry-leading firm.

Spin is Ford’s micromobility company, providing scooter and bike rental in an ever-expanding number of markets both in the US and internationally.

My team is hiring a Senior and Staff software engineer to be part of our core team, scaling our rails stack and developing new services to support both the technology and product teams inside Spin. Apply via the jobs links or shoot me an email if you have questions: Nick O’Neill at nick. Pickle is an early stage startup focused on creating a fun, simple, and social polling platform that allows users to source opinions and feedback from targeted groups of people.

The overall goal is to provide a more streamlined approach to conducting effective market research at both the corporate and personal level. Our app is currently live! You can download it through our website www. About us: Gather Town is a video-calling space for offices, conferences, events, and social events that lets multiple people hold separate conversations in parallel, walking in and out of those conversations just as naturally as in real life.

To echo our mission, physical constraints should not dictate the ways we work, socialize, interact, and function as society. We have a few more roles posted on our job board.

Feel free to apply there or if you have any questions, you can reach out to jobs gather. Spiff is on a mission to inspire, enable, and reward peak business performance. Because business performance helps millions of people.

It increases pay. It pushes people to learn and grow, innovate, and build. To help companies and reps to reach their full potential, we take the manual labor and complexity of current commission processes and completely automate them. Please apply directly to the links but feel free to contact Christine Chung, Principal Talent Manager christine fueled. Lumin Digital www.

I work for Lumin Digital as an SRE and we are building a vibrant and sustaining environment where creative people can do meaningful work. We are building online banking software that allows credit unions to connect with their members and compete with the big banks.

Our core values are Trust, Respect, and Boldness. We want to foster an environment where people feel like they are doing meaningful work, are productive, and have the ability to take risks and learn from failure.

We have offices located in San Ramon, however, the majority of our employees work remotely. We are looking for several senior people to help us continue to improve our ability to configure, deploy, and monitor our product in the cloud.

These additional positions have come about due to growth at Lumin, and not turnover of existing employees. We offer a very competitive salary, unlimited vacation, yearly performance bonuses, and a k match.

If you are interested in learning more send an email to careers lumindigital. Eden Health is a nationally recognized medical practice on a mission to create a world where every person has a relationship with a trusted healthcare provider. The Eden Health team is driven by a patient-centric approach, delivering relationship-based collaborative care.

With this model, our clients have healthier workforces, increased productivity, and reduced healthcare costs. We are committed to diversity, equity, and integrity, and our teams reflect this.

Our hope at Eden Health is to create an environment where each person can do the best and most important work in their careers. Nerevu helps organizations uncover the insights hidden in their real-time data.

We improve outcomes by automating manual processes, simplifying business analytics, and integrating data silos. Acapela helps hybrid and remote teams work more productively by replacing unnecessary video meetings with async collaboration. Cobalt helps secure hundreds of leading companies GoDaddy, HubSpot by connecting them with on-demand pentesting experts. Our application brings both sides together to identify, triage and fix vulnerabilities.

Seven years and over 20K commits later, our technology has been battle tested by thousands of users. If you enjoy making an impact, the Cobalt Engineering team is excited to hear from you. Our mission is to design better cities by helping developers and architects respond to rapid global urban migration without sacrificing quality-of-life in increasingly dense cities.

Our software helps architects optimize their site designs for living quality using various techniques including AI, ML, and simulations. We’re looking for a software engineer for our Boston office, where we focus on developing predictive and generative design techniques. Our office consists of a collaborative, cross-functional team of data scientists; you will be the first software engineer.

You will be supported by software engineers in the Oslo office as well as by members of our team, but it is important that you enjoy working autonomously and driving technical decisions. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at boston spacemaker.


jbot2 – International Association of Professional Writers and Editors – Federal Government Employment


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